Fire burned about 130 acres to conceal poaching

In response to the arsonists receiving additional jail time, a band of right wingnut militiamen has taken over a wildlife preserve, One of the ringleaders is the son of Cliven Bundy, the deadbeat Nevada welfare rancher who refuses to pay the federal government for using public lands to raise cattle,

The federal government refused to arrest Cliven and his gun wielding for assaulting federal officers and ignoring a court order. I have every expectation that the Obama administration will let these thugs continue to occupy the national park without intervening.

Seems the government is only capable of using force against unarmed black men and children. Unless it can bomb people.

Exposing the Big Game

The prosecutor said witnesses saw the Hammonds illegally slaughter a herd of deer on public land.

“At least seven deer were shot with others limping or running from the scene,” Williams wrote.

He said a teenage relative of the Hammonds testified that Steven Hammond gave him a box of matches and told him to start the blaze. “The fires destroyed evidence of the deer slaughter and took about 130 acres of public land…

           Meanwhile, other terrorists make their statement…


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5 thoughts on “Fire burned about 130 acres to conceal poaching

  1. If the administration of Barack “Big Puss” Obama had responded in the way it should have to the Cliven Bundy stand-off in Nevada (i.e., with an Abrams tank and some flame throwers), these ass-clowns wouldn’t have felt emboldened to do what they are currently engaged in. Backing down to armed bullies never works in the long-run. Obama is so afraid of being tarred with the old “war on the west” BS that he caves to vermin like these and treats ongoing crimes against nature and the environment as too trivial to pursue. How else to explain the rogues gallery of non-entities and environmental criminals he has tolerated and even elevated to leadership roles in the Department of the Interior? The current administration lead by our cool, hip, dear-to-the-heart-of-‘progressives’ president, ever sensitive to even the most trivial human rights violations anywhere, has been notably lacking in any demonstrable compassion for wild or domestic animals.

    Wonder what the government’s response would have been to a group of armed black men taking over the Post Office building in Ferguson or Baltimore?


    • Bundy and his troops may one day serve a purpose in widespread armed revolt, but for now, he and his welfare ranching friends are trying to possess public land so they can rape it and kill animals on it.


  2. If these outlaws were members of the ELF or ALF, they would probably be in jail by now. They got by with the stand-off in Nevada. I hope they can’t bully their way into controlling this land. I would like them to get big time in prison for arson and poaching.


  3. so the KKK are running a muck again in the USA… are you surprised? why same old, same old differences just different places and times. ignorance verses ignorance an equal match with red necks on both sides of the formula


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