The Animal Movement Needs Cyber Warriors

cyber war

Anonymous, We Need you!

In 1981 I took delivery of the third IBM PC sold in Los Angeles. It was a 12 bit machine that ran an Intel 8088 processor. It had 56k of RAM. It had a floppy and a casette drive! No native software yet existed for it, so 8 bit programs were utilized in the interim. I also bought a Diablo daisy wheel printer, dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, and WordStar, all command driven programs, as no graphic user interface would be available for DOS machines until Windows 95. It all cost me more than a new Posche!

I became quite proficient in WordStar, and mastered dBase and Lotus well enough to teach classes in all three programs. I was even hired by Xerox to teach Lotus and DOS to their sales force.

I started law school the following year. Mine was the only computer on campus, although the law library had dumb terminals to access the Lexis legal database. The database was dialed up on a phone line, so it didn’t take too much ingenuity to hack into it from my computer.

While at Whittier Law School I headed the International Law Society and published and edited the first online law journal in the US, the Whittier International Law Review.

While I was relatively accomplished with the DOS operating system, the programming language BASIC, and the aforementioned applications programs, I was left in the dust when Windows 95 was introduced.

I took the course to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, but never used a bit of the info learned, and which I have now mostly forgotten.

I mention all this to show how completely out of touch I am with most technology of the past 20 years!

Today, most of my readers (and most middle school students), are undoubtedly more competent in computer science than am I.

Which leads me to the point of this article: The animal movement needs cyber warriors. And I am not one of them!

I frequently call for direct action, vigilantism, and revolution, as all our current and previous courses of action have done little for the animals in general, and for those trapped in the food system, in particular.

But cyber attacks on animal abusers, the slaughter industries, Big Ag, could be even more effective than any direct action.

Can you imagine the chaos and havoc we could wreak? Slaughterhouse employees laid off, vendors fired, orders cancelled, plants closed!

I am reminded of the flick ”Sneakers” (starring Robert Redford) in which his team of hackers depleted the bank account of the Republican National Committee and made anonymous deposits to environmental organizations with the loot!

Such computer expertise is beyond my capabilities. I wish I knew some of the people at Anonymous! They are my heroes! They have been doing great work for the political left. I hope this article reaches some who would be interested in fighting the Animal Holocaust.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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10 thoughts on “The Animal Movement Needs Cyber Warriors

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  2. Cyber hacktivists save millions of animals! This is a great and timely idea.

    As noted in previous blogs, animal rights activists have not made enough progress using other means. The big organizations in this country and abroad have decried animal abuse for years, and the Internet has disseminated their information. YouTube videos reveal levels of human cruelty to animals that is sickening and could never be adequately conveyed in the written word.

    PETA, founded in 1980, emphasized animal rights over welfare and asserted that animals are not ours to exploit. HSUS added more rights messages to its previous welfare orientation. The most neglected and abused animals of all–farm animals–finally got more notice: Farm Animal Reform Movement was founded in 1981, Farm Sanctuary in 1986, Compassion Over Killing in 1995, Mercy for Animals in 1999. The list continues to grow and includes sanctuaries and shelters for domestic and wild animals.

    So advocates dispensed leaflets, wrote letters, promoted veganism, protested, and rescued. The Animal Liberation Front’s dedicated activists went further and broke the law in their raids to free animals and destroy equipment and records, ruining months, perhaps years, of research data. However, they had to work fast to avoid being caught. They were often limited by terrain, security measures, and escape routes. When apprehended, they went to prison.

    What have we to show for it all? We have shelters still filling with doomed kittens and abandoned grey-muzzled dogs; sanctuaries agonizing over which desperate horse or tiger they can afford to save; transport trucks with their cargo of misery pulling onto freeways every day; slaughterhouse workers prodding billions of terrified victims to the hell of the kill floor; bureaucrats deciding which wild animals will live or die.

    So cyber terrorism should be the step. Hackers could target the companies and individuals who deserve to be punished the most, such as the Big-Ag complex. They could destroy account information, delete payrolls, put embarrassing interoffice memos on the Internet, and perhaps shut down assembly lines. Profits would fall and jobs would be lost. The pain would fall on CEO and worker alike, as all are complicit in the abuse.

    Hackers could conduct attacks from virtually anywhere in the world. They would have no fear of security guards or cameras. They would not have to watch the clock or worry if they could run fast enough. They could throw their laptops and flash drives into bags and escape from one country to another as the need arose.

    The hackers could also take a lesson from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty). This group conducted protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a large business who sold animals for experimentation. SHAC targeted employees and family, but they also aimed at secondary targets, as well, such as business partners, insurers, even caterers and cleaners. When those companies tired of the protests and severed ties with Huntingdon, its stock tumbled. Do we see possibilities here? Lots of opportunities?

    Hacktivists could bring animal rights into the modern era.

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