Thought Police

thought police

Kicked out of an Animal Rights Facebook group? Blocked by some AR person because you dared to express a politically incorrect viewpoint?

You may know of whom I speak, or you may have had similar experiences. I recently shared my article, Let’s Start Shooting Those Who Murder Animals to a number of Facebook groups of which I am a member.

An admin at Animal Rights Zone deleted my post. I was advised by private message that it violated their policy of opposing violence.

Most vegans and AR activists oppose violence, especially when inflicted upon the weak and defenseless.

But there are times when violence and force are appropriate.

Self defense. In defense of one’s family. In defense of others. Doctrines condoning violence in such cases exist in human legal systems around the world.

None of those legal systems extend the right to use violence in defense of animals. The very people who should be the most interested in protecting animals are petrified with fear lest they appear to be challenging the politically correct status quo.

Cloaking themselves in the mantra of ahimsa and non-violence, these sunshine soldiers for animals are willing for animals to suffer unimaginable fear, pain, and horrors, so long as they are not confused with those pesky liberationists who would dare to act outside the law.

I would love to question those politically correct drones with several queries: Would you use force to protect your loved ones? Yourself? Your pets? And if so, what makes you, your family, or your pets, more worthy of life and freedom from abuse than any other creature?

It is difficult for many to come to terms with the fact that their efforts on behalf of animals has been a failure.

Sure, we save a few animals here and there. Those fortunate few we do save justify all our efforts. But for the overwhelming majority of animals in the world, it is as though animal activists, and the animal movement itself, does not exist.

Even with all our efforts,160,000,000 animals are murdered every day. Ten thousand per second! The numbers are mind boggling!

All the dogs and cats ever saved by animal activists and rescuers is fewer than the number of creatures who will be killed in slaughterhouses in the next 8 hours!

Pointing out this gruesome statistic is upsetting to many who are invested in continuing on as usual, advocating for veganism or crossposting or interviewing “leaders” of the animal movement. They are oblivious to the truth that what they are doing is almost meaningless in the scheme of things.

For every dog or cat saved by rescuers and animal activists, a million animals are murdered. For every vegan we recruit, several dozen carnists are born.

What we are doing does not work for the simple reason that it cannot work.

To change the odds for animals we must change the system that exploits and murders them.

We must come to terms with the fact that law is the enemy of animals. That something is legal means nothing except that the powers that be wish it to be legal. And if something is legal, it most likely means profits to some interest in power.

The massacre of Native Americans was legal. Slavery was legal. The Nazi Holocaust was legal.

I am unimpressed when something is legal or declared illegal. The Animal Holocaust is legal. Freeing animals trapped in the food system is terrorism. The Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act (AETA) was made law at the direction of Big Ag lobbyists).

Just as I am unimpressed with government trying to stigmatize and control animal activists, I am also unimpressed by those in the animal movement who buy into the government’s propaganda, either out of ignorance or because of cowardice.

Many in the movement are invested in their own self-importance, their influence, their niches and turfs. They are jealous of their influence, their reputations, and credit they feel is their due. Many are part of organizations that run on public support and public funding. They worry their fundraising could be impacted if they seem to be too radical, So they eschew any suggestions that the boat needs to be rocked, that the movement is a failure, that there are other avenues we should be pursuing.

Sorry, but animals are more important to me than your job, your influence, your recognition, or your myopic view of the world.

The simple, unvarnished, unwelcome truth, is that the animals are losing. That the only possible hope they have is the destruction of the political, economic, and legal systems that control us and the animals.

Political correctness be damned! The animals need to be free, to be at peace, to be unafraid, to not be abused, exploited, or murdered.

It is up to us. I hope those with their own agendas will put the animals first.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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5 thoughts on “Thought Police

  1. Personal actions, as they influence others view of a movement, remain the responsibility of the individual. Despite personal interpretation. As with the Muslim belief system, radical thoughts and actions can redirect it’s purpose and intent.
    Love, as I see it, is the foundation of our actions. Violence is incongruous to love. Nonviolence is just that. What good can one do in protecting animal rights if in prison over violent acts.
    We are a violent species. Aspiring to shed our own inate character is not an easy undertaking. For a group of similar minded, it becomes more difficult to not become altered or removed from the goal or task. The war like nature is strong and overtakes the perceived softness of nonviolent resistance, or personal commitment to harmless lifestyles.
    We have the responsibility to police our movement in the sense that we remain vigilant to gard against being taken over by radical, violent intentions, which paint all of us with the same violent brush. Decades of practice, rituals, and lifestyles can not be changed by violent acts. The world today seems it will never fully admonish the brutalities that have been acceptable for so long.
    But, we can make our individual choice. We can show that these choices lead to positive results. It will remain a truth that we pay with our personal health and lives for the pain and suffering we inflict. As a group or society, we surely pay as well. We become responsible for others actions. I personally don’t think I have a right to tell the violent activists to stop, but I choose to attempt to dissuade those youths who may listen to and act upon voices proclaiming violence as being a precept of this movement. We have the choice to remove ourselves from situations or groups proclaiming violent acts, or we become complicit in condoning those acts.
    Love is the answer. Ethically challenged individuals need love too, maybe more, and we all are challenged.


    • Many would allow cruelty to exist lest we become cruel ourselves. I reject the premise as ensuring the continued exploitation and murders of our animal brothers and sisters. Human violence is in our DNA. And even if it were learned behavior, it would take generations to unlearn. Meanwhile the carnage will continue unchallenged, unabated, and piously excused.

      The standard I apply to the treatment of others is whether we would want it done to ourselves and our loved ones. The same standard should apply to animals as well. If you would violently defend your child or your partner you must morally defend any creature from abuse and murder. Non-violence is what the state demands of us, what the abusers hope we continue to practice, what those who harm animals depend upon.


  2. “Many in the movement are invested in their own self-importance, their influence, their niches and turfs.” This is one of the biggest problems as I see it among AR activists. Too many puffed up personalities hiding under the guise of activism but in truth just looking for a way to feel self important. I’ve had to literally block members of the kumbya sect that followed me around where I posted and commented on FB so that they could attempt to weaken my words and intent. No thanks. Buh-bye.

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  3. A few thoughts:

    Political correctness is a form of bullying that I believe is a danger to free speech. It seeks to enforce thought conformity and to shut down conversations by shaming and threats such as job loss. Trump’s attack on political correctness may be his contribution to this election cycle.

    This me realize that not all of us define “ahimsa” in the same way. While ahimsa can be defined to include human beings, many of us think of it in the same way the Jains and Buddhists did as a vow to do no harm to living creatures, i.e., animal life. Personally I see nothing wrong with violence toward people who are harming animals. The legal system provides no justice.

    Another thought, albeit unrealistic: Animal activism should be a vocation. It should be like the sacrifice demanded of the religious orders that ban marriage and family and ordinary careers in order to concentrate all energy on the spiritual life. If activists decided to work for animals in a single-minded way, unimpeded by the usual worries of child care, dealing with a spouse, conforming to demands of the workplace for advancement (unless increasing pay to donate), we could accomplish more. Living such a lifestyle would also allow the choice for various illegal activities (releasing leghold traps in the woods, confiscating abused dogs, etc.) because jail time would not interfere with family responsibilities. This would allow activists to spend the majority of their time on the cause and not worry about the hardships or dangers of it (escaping Paine’s contempt!)

    Unfortunately, the problem is that we would have fewer activists than we already have. There don’t seem to be many answers for our gross misuse of power on this earth.


  4. Totally, totally agree with you. But can an individual vegan do even if they fully believe in animal liberation? That too in a country like mine where vegans constitute maybe .001% of the population 😦 ?


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