Gun Control? How About Bolt-gun Control?

2nd Amendment

5,000 Times More Bolt-gun Victims than Gun Victims!

Most gun control advocates and those opposing gun violence are unconcerned with bolt-gun violence.

Gun violence claims 30,000 American lives per year

Bolt-gun violence claims 150,000,000 lives each year.

Half of all gun violence victims are suicides. None of the bolt-gun victims are.

Most gun violence is illegal. All bolt-gun violence is perfectly legal.

It is illegal for criminals or psychopaths to own or use guns. But criminals and psychopaths are paid to commit violence with bolt-guns.

And those criminals and psychopaths commit bolt-gun violence upon as many victims in two hours as gun violence claims in a whole year.

Where is the outrage? Where is the political drama? Where are all the politically correct liberals?

Likely eating a victim of bolt-gun violence with an order of fries.



Author’s Notes:

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4 thoughts on “Gun Control? How About Bolt-gun Control?

  1. I would like to be a vegetarian or even vegan – but I can’t. It’s too late for me. I was born in 1957. I am an omnivore, but more influenced by carnivorous cravings than any other. Raise your children to have better habits, sure. But FORGET about getting baby boomers to give up meat. You’d have better luck getting their guns. Not being mean, just sharing truth.


    • “But I can’t”?

      Please explain why!

      Also, it seems as if you are saying your conscience is beyond reform or modification or greater understanding. My conscience isn’t settled in regard to all matters of right and wrong. Each day, I expose myself to the realities of life and, thus, further inform my conscience about what I ought to believe and how I ought to behave.

      Liked by 1 person

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