Which Would Be the More Historic, Electing a Woman or Electing an Agnostic Jewish Socialist?


Hillary supporters and the TV talking heads make much of the prospect of our first women president. Women comprise over half the population, other nations have elected female presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors, and the novelty that we are closest to date with Clinton is constantly ballyhooed as reason enough to support her.

In actuality, however, the far more novel and historic is possible with the election of Bernie Sanders. Jews make up a tiny fraction of the US population. Socialists and atheists (including agnostics) are the least popular demographics in America, ranking below Muslims and Members of Congress in popularity.

Bernie is a Jew (by birth and culture), a socialist, and is admittedly non-religious.

Were Sanders to be elected it would be an Earth shaking political event, making the election of a women seem almost pedestrian in contrast

Those wishing to make history with their votes would rock the history books off the shelves with the election of Bernie Sanders.

But of much greater concern than whether a candidate has ovaries or testicles is what they believe and what they wish to do.

There is a stark and dramatic difference between Bernie and Hillary, as evidenced by their positions on issues over the years. Bernie has been a consistent critic of Wall Street and the pernicious effect of corporate influence in politics and government. Hillary has been a participant in the corporate bribery of politicians and can accurately be described as a Wall Street Democrat, accepting largesse from Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, etc.

The surprising success of Sanders’ insurgent campaign has forced Clinton to embrace positions that resonate with the progressive wing of the party. Clinton and the Democratic establishment had expected to be able to continue to steer a course plotted by Wall Street and their lobbyists, and the progressives were thought to have no choice but to stay onboard.

Sanders changed all that, and has forced Clinton to sound more like a progressive. The $64,000 question is whether she remains committed to those leftist positions she has adopted, or whether she again shifts in the political winds as expediency dictates.

Her position on the Tran Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be the most telling. She was instrumental in the initial planning stages of TPP, enthusiastically endorsed it during the years she was Secretary of State, and now has rejected it in the face of outrage from progressives and labor.

TPP will come to a vote in the House and Senate before Obama leaves office,

Will Hillary Clinton use her influence and political clout to help progressives defeat TPP, or will she vacillate and cave to Wall Street and the multinational corporations which stand to make billions if it passes?

Every president since Teddy Roosevelt has been a conservative Republican or a Wall Street Democrat.

We can continue the tradition with Hillary Clinton, or we can make history with Bernie Sanders.



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