Why Hillary Should Never Be President


The Republican political establishment would love to see Donald Trump hit by a bus. His candidacy threatens the jobs and influence of party leaders and elected officials.

Similar sentiments are likely present among Democratic leaders with respect to Bernie Sanders.

My first presidential campaign was in 1960, when I headed Students for Kennedy at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn. I have been involved in every presidential campaign since. Fifteen in all, including the present 2016 race.

In those 56 years I never witnessed such obsequiousness as displayed by almost all Democratic elected officials, falling over themselves to jump on the Hillary bandwagon. While I expected Wall Street Democrats like Feinstein, Shumer, and Pelosi to suck up to Hillary, erstwhile liberals like Howard Dean, Jennifer Granholm, Al Franken, and Sherrod Brown have demonstrated that they are political whores before they are principled leaders.

Now that Bernie Sanders is surging in popularity and his message is beginning to resonate with rank and file Democrats, the sellouts like Dean are being marched in front of the cameras to mouth the Hillary party line.

If there were ever the need to clean house in the Democratic party since the Viet Nam war, now is the time.

The current Democratic party is a party of the oligarchs and multinational corporations, differing from the Republicans only in the veneers of social issues. Both parties support military interventionism, corporate welfare, industry subsidies, the appointment of lobbyists and industry executives to departments and regulatory agencies that oversee their very industries, support private funding of political campaigns and gifts to public officials, and are funded by Wall Street banks, Wall Street lobbyists, Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Coal, and the insurance industry, both support international trade agreements drafted by lobbyists, lawyers for multinational corporations and stateless offshore businesses.

This election cycle promises to be as exciting as any I have seen. And could be the most consequential.

For 108 years, since progressive president Teddy Roosevelt left office, the US has been led by either a Wall Street Democrat or a conservative Republican president.

This year, all that could change. Bernie Sanders would be a democratic socialist president.

Wall Street and the multinationals are in panic mode. Sanders might win both Iowa and New Hampshire. And even if he does not, Sanders voters are going to be a hard sell if Clinton is nominated.

Hillary attacking Bernie as an NRA supporter who would rip up Obamacare is almost a caricature of political desperation.

Sanders may not win the Democratic nomination. But if he does, he will have changed the political landscape forever. He is rehabilitating the word “socialist.” If he does not win the nomination, the Democrats will lose to the Republican. The Wall Street Democrats will lose their choke-hold on the party, and the heart and soul of the party will be contested by socialists at all levels of office.

That prospect alone is sufficient motivation for many Democrats to vote against Hillary Clinton.



Author’s Notes:

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