Bill Clinton. The Reason Wall Street Owns the Democratic Party


If we are going to criticize Bill Clinton, let’s criticize him on policy rather than on the number of blowjobs he received, or the number of women he bedded.

Bill Clinton led the Democratic Party into a rat hole. The Democratic Leadership Council, which Clinton headed, was nothing more than a clearinghouse for political bribes and influence which put the party on a fast track to Wall Street domination and a rejection of liberal and progressive values. The result was a presidency that supported the War on Drugs, mandatory minimum sentences which incarcerated an entire generation of black Americans, The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which effectively banned gay marriage, NAFTA (a give away to multinational corporations and a drain on US manufacturing jobs and plants).

Under Clinton, the Democratic party and the Republican party became mirror images, distinguishable only on social issues.

Progressives thought they had wrested control form Wall Street with the election of Barack Obama, only to see a continuation of industry lobbyists and political hacks appointed to positions in the administration, overseeing the very industries they represented.

We got trade deals written by multinational interests, continued military adventurism, drone warfare against women and children, no end in sight to corporate welfare, increased private funding of political campaigns and gifts to public officials.

The current Democratic party is a party of the oligarchs and multinational corporations, differing from the Republicans only in the veneers of social issues. Both parties support military interventionism, corporate welfare, industry subsidies, the appointment of lobbyists and industry executives to departments and regulatory agencies that oversee their very industries, support private funding of political campaigns and gifts to public officials, and are funded by Wall Street banks, Wall Street lobbyists, Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Coal, and the insurance industry, both support international trade agreements drafted by lobbyists, lawyers for multinational corporations and stateless offshore businesses.

Yes, we have much to thank Bill Clinton for.

And electing Hillary will continue the sale of influence to, and control of government by, the billionaires and Wall Street cronies that Bill Clinton has cultivated and pandered to.

This election cycle the progressives in the Democratic party have the opportunity to make profound changes in out leadership and in the future of the party.

For 108 years our presidents have been either Wall Street Democrats or conservative Republicans,

This year we can elect a democratic socialist. And put the Democratic party onto the road to becoming a democratic socialist party rather than a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.



Author’s Notes:

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