When Saudi Arabia Murders People It’s OK, When ISIS Murders People It’s Not OK


Sharia law, the barbaric Islamic ecclesiastical code from the Eight Century, is the guiding dogma of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists. Sharia law is also the dogma of US ally Saudi Arabia.

Sharia law prohibits homosexuality, drinking, pre-marital sex, as well such offenses as murder, theft, adultery, dissing one’s parents, etc. It generally follows the Abrahamic prohibitions of the Ten Commandments. And like the Old Testament, Sharia law provides punishments of the death penalty, stoning of women, killing infidels, cutting off hands, poking out eyes, whipping rape victims, murdering converts to Christianity, etc.

One can hardly hold the excesses and barbarity of Sharia law against Muslims who do not subscribe to it, any more than we would condemn Jews for biblical requirements that people be stoned to death for gathering sticks on the Sabbath.

But logic would dictate that any Islamic nation which employs Sharia law is as barbaric as is the ISIS caliphate.

Why aren’t we bombing Saudi Arabia for beheading Yemenis? For sentencing to death Muslim converts to other faiths? Why is Sharia law tolerable when employed by our allies and intolerable when employed by ISIS?

Could it be that we have no moral compass whatsoever?

We seem to pick and choose our allies based upon the moral question of whether or not Big Oil and defense contractors can make money on the alliance.

The US maintains 900 military bases around the world, in 156 countries.

By any analysis, we are occupying the rest of the world.

Our foreign policy is based on empire, not on morality.

I wrote this on January 1st, the day before Saudi Arabia executed 47 dissidents, including a prominent Shia cleric. You will recall that we did not send in drones nor bomb the Saudi capital. Our response was a tersely written note from an underling at State, stating that escalating tensions between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran was not a good idea.




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9 thoughts on “When Saudi Arabia Murders People It’s OK, When ISIS Murders People It’s Not OK

  1. How tragic that you make such blanket statements comparing hunting to Kosher Halal slaughter. Unfortunately, you apparently know as little about Muslims as you do about the cruel, barbaric activity of hunting. The despicable human activity of hunting is not merely about another species. Hunting destroys not only animal lives, but their families as well, meaning that in the act of hunting, many family members are left orphans, their family lives totally disrupted, along with their habitat, creating terrible stress and anxiety upon those animals who are left. If you really knew anything about the horrors of hunting, you would be aware of the Blood Trail, a common term used in the hunting industry.This trail of blood that some hunters, may follow, (most are too lazy or drunk ), may involve miles of travel by the terribly wounded and suffering animal. The hunter may or may not “dispatch” the poor terrorized animal. Most of the wounded animals just crawl off and die, perhaps in hours, or in many cases days.

    I wonder just where you get your ideas from. Making such make statements, without the actual facts really degrades the integrity of a blog.


    • I do not compare hunting to halal or kosher slaughter, both of which are immeasurably more cruel. Hunted animals can escape. They are not imprisoned for the totality of their lives, their families are not ripped from them, their babies are not murdered as well. Understand that I do not approve of any murder of animals. I believe I would e morally justified in shooting a hunter about to kill an animal just as I believe I would be morally justified in shooting a slaughterhouse worker about to slit a calf’s throat.

      This blog advocates the use of force to protect animals. It argues for vigilantism in pursuit of animal liberation and social revolution to overthrow the capitalist state. Our goal should be to throw the dice for chaos and confusion, as the well oiled animal slaughter industries would be severely crippled in the process.


  2. Actually, Sharia is not barbaric, its how some interpret it. Islamic law gave rights to women that euro/american women didn’t have til like 200 years ago or less. Such as the right to own property and the right to divorce. The right to keep her own income. When a Muslim woman gets married she gets a dowry from her husband not the other way around or the father getting it. Which she has full control over. Islamic law also protects orphans too. so I don’t get how you’re calling it barbaric. Saudi Arabia does not follow Islamic law but kingdom law set by kingdom appointed religious leaders who are corrupt. One should check out the non Islamic countries laws and see how they are. Such as for spies many times its a death sentence, whats the difference if its hanging, the chair, head cuts, firing squad or what. The only ones who should fear sharia is thieves, rapists, sex addicts and any who spread corruption in the land by heinous crimes. just sayin’. So you’re saying thieves, rapists ,sex fiends and other debauchery is a good thing and shouldn’t be discouraged? Your accusations are not fully correct, there no poking out of eyes, no whipping rape victims, the stoning isn’t in the Quran but some believe in stoning for married adulterers MEN and women not only women. In the Quran it doesn’t say to stone as a punishment, it says whipping and for the women she has to stay in her home, this is to stop the spread of diseases. Also it takes FOUR witnesses of the act for her to be in trouble for adultery. you really don’t know about it to be saying its a bad thing, because of some misguided Muslims There is no death for leaving Islam in the Quran. Islamic state is in the middle of a war, the things they do are not widely known for the full reasons. I find it interesting how NO ONE seems to be looking at what the Shia are doing which is pure evil also the tyrant Assad and his nasty army. You want to know about bad Islam? look to the Shia and alawites (assad). They are a deviant sect of Islam. Allah in the Quran said don’t be divided into sects. The Sunni’s follow the prophet Muhammad, what Allah said to do in the way of following the Quran. The shia follow Ali, the prophet’s companion( and some worship 12 imams). This is the worst sin possible to worship men. Forgive the length of this lol I enjoy discussing religion. You are aware that the french when they invaded Algeria cut off countless heads, (they even have a stamp with the photo) right? Also paraded the innocent women around naked and took pics and other atrocities. Peace 🙂


  3. The magnetic field of our moral compass seems to shift to accommodate nationalism, corporate interests, and greed. With Saudia Arabia, we avoided confrontation about their internal affairs and possible human rights violations because we needed the oil, being the energy gluttons we are. We aren’t informed of the deals Big Business and politicians make that require moral compliance.

    Calling what would be criminal behavior in some cultures as religious observance in other cultures makes defining morality more difficult. That means dealing with freedom of religion (even when enforcing sharia law and Old Testament punishments), diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness.

    When it comes to the abuse and killing of nonhumans, the answers gets easier and uglier. Animals have virtually no moral standing in most religions. Their legal standing is often based on their value as property rather than the suffering they are made to undergo. The same problems of religion and diversity arise here too. If we condemn Saudi Arabia or other countries of their own specific brand of animal abuse, it is met with outcries of “hypocrisy” because all countries and cultures are guilty. There were approximately 2.5 million animals sold in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj in 2014. Most were killed in sacrifice, and apparently the slaughter process had to be “streamlined” because of the numbers. What can the rest of the world say when 3000 animals a second are killed in slaughterhouses every day? Would it matter to the innocents having their throats slit whether their death pleases Allah or the palate?


    • Gruesome as all killing is, some killing is far more cruel than others. The barbaric practices of Halal and Kosher slaughter make conventional US slaughterhouses seem almost humane. And hunting, that practice universally despised by animal activists, is the most humane of all types of murder. As vegans and animal activists we should militate against all abuse and cruelty, whether directed at animals or people. And I believe we have the moral authority (if not the legal authority) to use whatever force is necessary to protect others from harm. The natural extension of that proposition is that we have the moral imperative to take up arms for the oppressed, and to bring down institutions and governments which exploit and abuse animals or people.


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