The Racists in Your Wallet

WHITEWASHLook at the bills in your wallet and the change in your pocket. There are slaveholders on the $1 bill, the nickel, and the quarter; a genocidal murderer on the $20, a racist on the dime. Even the Great Emancipator, on the penny and the $5, wanted to send freed African Americans back to Africa.

Our history is a disgrace, because humans are a disgrace.

Our last great president was Teddy Roosevelt, a progressive Republican who tried to ban corporate influence from politics. Every president since TR has been either a Wall Street Democrat or a conservative Republican.

Liberals invoke FDR as the great progressive of the 20th Century, but the liberal programs he instituted were done for the purpose of defusing potential discontent in the streets. FDR’s goal was to preserve capitalism and avoid a Bolshevik revolution in America.

Liberals also whitewash FDR’s racist policies, the incarceration of Japanese Americans, and his silence on segregation. Harry Truman may have been more socially liberal, but he committed the worst war crimes in American history.

Democrats continue to extol a slaveholder, Jefferson, and a homicidal maniac, Andrew Jackson. More recent objects of hero worship are Bill Clinton, who effectively sold the party to Wall Street and Big Business during his administration, and Barack Obama, who engineered the most lucrative trade deal for multinational corporations in history.

It is time for a president of whom we can be proud. One who reflects our values and our aspirations.

One who is neither an apologist for the criminals of the past, nor willing to be a criminal in the future.

We need Bernie Sanders.

If elected he will be the first progressive president sworn in since the assassination of William McKinley. He will don the mantle of progressive politics last carried by Teddy Roosevelt. He will end the occupation of the White House by Wall Street Democrats and conservative Republicans.



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