Trump Won’t Build a Wall or Roundup Illegals

noprogressEven if elected president, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Donald Trump will be able to implement plans to build a border wall or to deport 11 million undocumented aliens.

Just as there is no possibility of a President Sanders getting Medicare For All implemented.

To enact sweeping legislative agendas requires control of Congress. And not just a numerical majority by party, but a majority of pro-administration votes.

Not going to happen during the next presidential term. Impossible to happen. No matter whom is president.

The Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives, and the Democrats will win back the US Senate.

No matter whom is president there will be political and legislative gridlock.

Republicans control the House because they were successful in winning enough statehouses to control redistricting after the 2010 Census. The next opportunity to redistrict will be after the 2020 Census. Control of the House of Representatives through 2030 will depend on state legislative races in 2018 and 2020.

Democrats must focus on how to best win state legislatures and governors’ offices.

Consider: If the president is Hillary Clinton in 2018 and 2020, Democrats will likely be defending an unpopular and ineffective president with negligible political coattails. Republican gains are almost guaranteed.

If Donald Trump, or any Republican, is the incumbent, he will be just as unpopular and ineffective, and the political fallout would be dramatic. We would see Democratic gains at the state levels, greatly enhancing the chances of preventing Republican gerrymandering in 2020.

The irony of the 2016 election cycle is that each party would be better off were the other party to win the White House. The long term consequences are submerged in personalities, myopia, and political ambitions.

An interesting analysis is the possibilities with a Sanders’ presidency. While Bernie would likely accomplish no more than would Hillary, the dynamics of the political revolution which will have elected him will continue to unfold. If Sanders is elected, it will be the result of unprecedented political participation and voter involvement. Sanders will continue his fight against Wall Street and the oligarchy by confronting Congress and reaching beyond them to the people who elect them. Most Members accept campaign bribes and vote in their donors’ interests rather than in the interests of their constituents. Sanders would be able to ride the conflict into 2018 and 2020, growing the Democratic base and energizing the progressives in the party.

The best case scenario for Democrats would be a Sanders political revolution.

Should Bernie fail to win the nomination, a Clinton presidency is the least attractive option if Democrats wish to control the House after 2020.



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3 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Build a Wall or Roundup Illegals

  1. Oddly, I was just saying this on another thread on fb, and I it applies here too: that even with a less than ideal congress, Bernie Sanders has just enough admiration from the right and from moderates that it could in fact get the work of Congress moving along much better. They cannot use the excuse of a women, especially a woman the right mostly hates, as their obstructionism motivation, nor can they use the excuse that the president is black or some other minority. At worst they could be jerks about Bernie’s Jewish background, but Sanders carefully avoids that topic as he knows that being Jewish, black, or a woman should not be relevant to the work of Congress. Hatred is the root of our current administration’s problems, as we all know. That said, as much as it is heartening to some of us when an “underdog” gets their chance to govern this nation, I am not voting for gender or anything but integrity and honesty. That is why Sanders is the only sane choice.

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  2. I think Sanders would be the best possibility. But I wonder . . . The Republicans were against President Obama and wanted him to fail. So if his legacy is not judged successful, will it be attributed to the opposition or to his being the first black president? Maybe that evaluation, like most political assessments, will be in the eye of the beholders. The same question could be asked about Clinton if she is the first female president and of Sanders if he is the first Democratic Socialist. The whole thing seems like a crap shoot anymore.

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    • The legacy of a president is more accurately assessed at a distance. I think history will agree that Obama was a center-right president credited with rescuing the economy, but one accomplishing little else. His positions are not materially different than were Reagan’s, and will be seen as much closer to Reagan than was W or any of the current crop of Republican aspirants. Current political adversaries invoke or demonize whoever it is in there interests to do.

      Which is the reason that whomever is president in 2018 will be a liability to efforts to win statehouses prior to the 2020 Census.


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