Thought Of The Day. January 27, 2016

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Today’s Thought:

You say you love animals?
Then why are you killing baby calves?
That’s what you hire others to do when you put cream in your coffee.
Why are you grinding up baby chicks alive?
That’s what you are doing when you buy eggs.
How can you cut the throat of a gentle, feeling cow, who just wants to live?
That’s what you are responsible for each time you eat a burger.
You say you love animals, but your actions say you love how they taste.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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8 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day. January 27, 2016

  1. Great example. In fact, it can be extended even further. In my years as an activist, I’ve heard many people declare their “love” for animals. I came to realize that the two main words, “love” and “animals” mean different things to different people. For some, “animals” mean pets, as in cats and dogs, or “cute” animals, such as rabbits, or charismatic animals, such as pandas. Cows, raccoon, baboons, and turkeys aren’t on their radar. I noticed that animal shelters often raised money by having barbecues! Thus they tried to help dogs and cats by participating in the suffering and death of other animals. Some avoided even discussing farm animals lest they alienate shelter members. Now at least some fund raisers are going vegetarian/vegan or last least offering that option.

    “Love” also varies in its intensity and inclusiveness. Some people love their pets enough to spay/neuter, vaccinate, microchip, and provide lifelong veterinary care and safe shelter. Others who “love animals” leave their dogs in the backyard without shelter in winter or let their cats loose to face death from fights, cars, and sadistic people. For them, veterinary care is not considered necessary and another pet can be acquired easily at their local overburdened shelter.

    “Love” can also mean different things to those who voice concern about farm animals and wild animals. They can condemn animal cruelty in comments and sign petitions (both good things!) but stop there. Others can make activism a vocation by writing, protesting, changing diet, shopping compassionately, and donating. Gloria Steinem once said, “We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.”

    Real love is inclusive and involves life-changing decisions, sacrifice, and work.


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