I Am Supporting Animal Cruelty. And So Are You.


For all those animals trapped in the food system, the animal movement does not exist.

They are born, enslaved, tortured, and murdered.

Almost 200 million are born each day. And almost 200 million are murdered each day.

The animal movement does not exist for those victims. We preach veganism, we recruit animal activists, we try to persuade our families, friends, and neighbors to adopt cruelty free lifestyles.

We fail miserably.

We fail because of indifference, because of cowardice, because of greed, because of capitalist propaganda.

And we fail because carnists are reproducing faster than we are convincing people to become vegan.

But most of all, we fail because we do not know what we are doing.

So, we must ask ourselves the unthinkable question: How many animals are we willing to let be murdered before we acknowledge that what we are doing is not working?

Right now that number is more than two an a half trillion. That is how many land and sea creatures are murdered each and every year. And that seems not to be sufficient to raise our consciousness.

In fact, by choosing to continue what we are doing is tantamount to approving of those two and a half trillion murders each year.

We are pissing into the wind. We are trying to turn the tide with teacups. We are blind to our ineffectiveness, we retreat into fantasy, we refuse to look at the harsh reality of an animal movement which exists in name only.

Do you love animals? I am sure you do. Do you rescue, adopt, transport, donate? I would be surprised if you did not.

But you and I and the thousands of animal activists around the world who have been active over the last 50 years have rescued FEWER CREATURES THAN WILL BE MURDERED IN SLAUGHTERHOUSES IN THE NEXT 8 HOURS!

For us to continue as we have been is nothing less than criminal negligence on all of our parts.

We are horrified at animal abuse and cruelty, but our refusal to recognize that we are causing murders by our inaction makes us no better than the monsters we are supposed to be fighting.

The Animal Holocaust claims over 60 billion victims each year in slaughterhouses. Which is equivalent to a Nazi Holocaust every hour of every day, year in and year out.

We know who does the killing. We know where they do the killing. We know the names of the slaughterhouse owners, the names of the corporate boards of directors, the thugs they hire to wield the knives and the bone saws.

We know how to stop them.

But we don’t.

That has to change. We must take the fight to the killers. To the profiteers. To the capitalists.

Such direct action might lead to social revolution. Maybe it won’t. Even if our direct action had no effect other than dissuading others from becoming animal killers, it would be a resounding success in comparison to the utter failure of our present courses of action.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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20 thoughts on “I Am Supporting Animal Cruelty. And So Are You.

  1. I love what I just read. What a great find! I have the same sentiments and lose sleep over this very issue. I totally agree with what was said regarding the fact that not enough is being done to stop the animal farming madness. I obsess over it all of the time. I get sick to my stomach when I see animal transport trucks on the highway. I’ve told off drivers and called them killers. One of them tried to run me off the road for it but I keep doing it. What can be done to stop the madness? To stop businesses from making money at the expense of animals for meat? How do you get people to stop conditioning their kids to eat meat? How do you get people to listen to the reality about slaughtering animals and what goes on in slaughter houses? How do you convince people that pigs, cows, goats, lambs etc are not “meat to be raised for human consumption”? How do you get people to have compassion toward these animals? Society brainwashes the public into ignoring the reality of the meat industry and that they
    are eating sentient beings that have thoughts, feelings, and emotions and want to live just as much as they do? How do you change the human mindset about this? How do you convince people not to like eating meat? I’ve tried and they say they like their meat and would miss it, or they need it for protein ? They make excuses stating there wouldn’t be much else to eat and they’d starve. They don’t want to change and they don’t care about the terrified and suffering animals. They’re indifferent. I wish I could wave a magic wand and change everyone’s mind about the way they think of animals. There’s also the hunters out there by the thousands that are wiping out the wildlife to be concerned with. They have no regard for the animals they torture and kill either. We live in a very warped world. I hate what goes on everyday regarding the abuse of animals and write letters and sign petitions for hours but those are only tiny dents in the problem. I feel totally frustrated because I can’t change it all because it’s all so wrong. I really don’t know what tangible and truly effective things I can do to stop it. If you do know, please tell me.


    • Welcome to my world, and that of most Animal Rights activists. Like you, we all struggle with the enormity of the horrors being committed and the little that we can do.

      The problem is capitalism and those who defend it. It is the legal system that allows the ownership of animals and considers them mere property. It is the world’s religions which teach that animals are here for human exploitation and that animals have no souls.

      Quite an array of enemies! All the world’s governments and most of the world’s people! Ten thousand animals are murdered every second, with no end in sight.

      Our first task is to recognize that what we have been doing for 50 years is not working. That is because we have been trying to work within the system that is causing all the horrors and deaths. We must work for political and social revolution. For an end to the status quo. For the beginning of an era of socialism.

      Please browse this blog. There are hundreds of articles on Animal Rights, political and direct action, activism, socialism, revolutionary theory, and animal protection. Take some time to review them. Leave questions and thoughts as comments on each.


  2. A very warm “Thank You” to Marina Per for translating this article into Greek!

    I Am Supporting Animal Cruelty. And So Are You.

    Για όλα αυτά τα ζώα που είναι παγιδευμένα στο σύστημα τροφίμων, το κίνημα για τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων δεν υπάρχει.

    Γεννιούνται υποδουλωμένα, βασανίζονται και δολοφονούνται.

    Σχεδόν 200 εκατομμύρια γεννιούνται κάθε μέρα. Και σχεδόν 200 εκατομμύρια δολοφονούνται κάθε μέρα.

    Το κίνημα για τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων είναι ανύπαρκτο για τα θύματα. Κηρύττουμε τον βιγκανισμό, προσπαθούμε να πείσουμε τις οικογένειές μας, τους φίλους και τους γείτονες να υιοθετήσουν έναν cruelty-free τρόπο ζωής.


    Έχουμε αποτύχει εξαιτίας της αδιαφορίας, της δειλίας, της απληστίας, της καπιταλιστικής προπαγάνδας.

    Και έχουμε αποτύχει επειδή οι κρεοφάγοι αναπαράγονται γρηγορότερα από ό, τι πείθουμε τους ανθρώπους να γίνουν vegan.


    Έτσι, πρέπει να αναρωτηθούμε το αδιανόητο ερώτημα:

    Αυτή τη στιγμή τα ζώα που δολοφονούνται είναι περισσότερα από δύομιση τρισσεκατομμύρια. Αυτός είναι ο αριθμός των χερσαίων και θαλάσσιων ζώων που δολοφονούνται κάθε χρόνο. Και όμως αυτός ο αριθμός δεν φαίνεται να είναι αρκετός για να ξυπνήσει τη συνείδηση μας.

    Στην πραγματικότητα, η επιλογή μας να συνεχίσουμε αυτό που κάνουμε, ισοδυναμεί με το να δίνουμε την έγκριση μας για τη δολοφονία των δυόμιση τρισεκατομμυρίων ζώων κάθε χρόνο.

    Κάνουμε μια τρύπα στο νερό. Προσπαθούμε να αντιστρέψουμε την παλίρροια με φλιτζάνια. Είμαστε τυφλοί στην αναποτελεσματικότητα μας, χανόμαστε μέσα στη φαντασία, αρνούμαστε να δούμε τη σκληρή πραγματικότητα πως το κινημα για τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων υπάρχει μόνο στα λόγια.

    Αγαπάς τα ζώα; Είμαι βέβαιη ότι το κάνεις. Διασώζεις, υιοθετείς,μεταφέρεις, δωρίζεις λεφτά; Θα μου προκαλλούσε έκπληξη αν δεν το έκανες.

    ΑΛΛΑ εσύ και εγώ και οι χιλιάδες ακτιβιστές των ζώων σε όλο τον κόσμο που υπήρξαν ενεργοί τα τελευταία 50 χρόνια έχουμε διασωσεί ΛΙΓΟΤΕΡΑ ζώα από όσα θα δολοφονηθούν στα σφαγεία τις επόμενες 8 ώρες!

    Αν συνεχίσουμε να κινούμαστε σε αυτόν το δρόμο, τότε μιλάμε για εγκληματική αμέλεια από μέρους μας.

    Τρομοκρατούμαστε μπροστά στην κακοποίηση των ζώων και τη σκληρότητα που δέχονται (και τις δολοφονίες), αλλά η άρνησή μας να παραδεχτούμε ότι με την αδράνειά μας προκαλλούμε αυτές τις δολοφονίες δεν μας κάνει καλύτερους από τα τέρατα που υποτίθεται ότι πολεμάμε.

    Το Ολοκαύτωμα των Ζώων έχει πάνω από 60 δισεκατομμύρια θύματα κάθε χρόνο στα σφαγεία. Το οποίο είναι ισοδύναμο με ένα ναζιστικό Ολοκαύτωμα που όμως συμβαίνει κάθε ώρα κάθε μέρα, χρόνο με το χρόνο.

    Ξέρουμε ποιος κάνει τις δολοφονίες. Ξέρουμε πού συμβαίνουν οι δολοφονίες. Γνωρίζουμε τα ονόματα των ιδιοκτητών των σφαγείων, τα ονόματα των διοικητικών συμβούλων, τους κακοποιούς που προσλάμβάνουν για να χειριστούν τα μαχαίρια και τα πριόνια.

    Ξέρουμε πώς να τους σταματήσουμε.

    Αλλά δεν το κάνουμε.

    Αυτό πρέπει να αλλάξει. Πρέπει να στοχέυσουμε τους δολοφόνους. Τους κερδοσκόπους. Τους καπιταλιστές. ***

    Ίσως μια τέτοια άμεση δράση οδηγήσει σε κοινωνική επανάσταση. Ίσως και όχι. Ακόμη όμως και αν η άμεση δράση δεν φέρει άλλο αποτέλεσμα εκτός από το να αποθαρρύνει άλλους από το να γίνουν δολοφόνοι ζώων, ακόμα και τότε θα είναι μια μεγάλη επιτυχία σε σύγκριση με την πλήρη αποτυχία των σημερινών πρακτικών μας.

    [ARMORY OF REVOLUTION https://armoryoftherevolution.wordpress.com/…/i-am-support…/%5D

    *** Το μόνο που θα πρόσθετα στο παραπάνω κείμενο είναι πως στόχος μας δεν θα πρέπει να είναι μόνο όσοι παράγουν τον πόνο αλλά και όσοι τον καταναλώνουν. Οι ηθικοί αυτουργοί του εγκλήματος είναι εξίσου ένοχοι.


  3. I agree, and it is something I never quit thinking about. I just have problems believing it can happen. The evils of capitalism, the willingness to exploit, the lack of morality, fit so well with the defects of human nature–particularly greed and egotism. Even if capitalism as an economic system were abolished, I find it hard to believe that people would be less greedy and pleasure-seeking. They would still be consumers, including animal products. I find it hard to believe that animals would no longer be commodities and slaves in some system of exploitation. To put a stop to the slaughterhouses would require a mass insurrection that would continue long-term despite all the forces of the state. It would also require human beings to establish a different relationship with animals rather than as property. Maybe I lack the gift of vision, but I just cannot imagine accomplishing such a feat, although it mightily wish it could happen.

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    • Advanced genetic engineering, with bio-enhancements, will usher in a different romance between people and their pet animals. As long as you provide food to an animal you didn’t need to own, it will always be your property, regardless of what you call it (him or her) or yourself.

      If a non-human animal, who relies on you for sustenance, sleeps in your house, you own him. Humans of the future will create different (unnatural) lifeforms for ownership. Determining the future genetics of any species which isn’t human is owning that species. The survival of particular domesticated species seems to be defended by some who say they–particular species–would perish in the wild. Well, this is an example of species ownership.


      • I’ve discussed the distinction between ownership and conservatorship. The latter being enforceable at law for the best interests of the animal.

        Advances in bio-engineering may one day impact the animals themselves that are our companions, but I suspect that long before we are engineering pets we will be engineering alternatives to meat and dairy.


      • “For the best interests of the animal.”

        The best interests of an animal is human-determined. Recently, an eagle with a broken wing was nursed back to health (?) by a human conservator who delighted in feeding mice to the endangered eagle.

        What did the mice have to say about this?

        “Who’s endangered now!”


      • You already know my thoughts on captive carnivores. As for the “best interests of the animal” standard under conservatorship, it is the same as it is for a human child.


      • Yes, I am aware of your position, which is shared by the masses. I suspect you are tired of hearing my position, but I have a few more comments to make in reference to your claim we need to take care of particular species because they can’t survive in the wild. Well, my comments are these: Why are we propagating abominated species unable to survive on their own? See, we don’t intentionally propagate disabled human children, but we seem to intentionally propagate disabled canines. I’ve come across so many different canines that seem to exist for the purpose of barking at passersby while confined behind a fence. From my perspective, the canine, as it presently exists in the hands of most people in this country, is a pointless animal, but if you tell me it isn’t a pointless animal, you will likely tell me that it is serving a human purpose.


      • My position is that any animal brought into the world as a companion animal is the responsibility of human society. That creature has as much right to live as do you or I. I also believe we should ban animal breeding. All breeding.


      • The problem with your position is the exclusion, from the conversation, of the animals killed to feed those intentionally bred for our companionship. If you talk about animal shelters and your advocacy for no-kill, it ought to include what we are doing to particular species who are ultimately packed in tin cans. This conversation is entirely excluded from most of your posts about animal shelters and advocacy for no-kills. In fact, this conversation is excluded by most animal liberators and activists. I don’t think I have ever read a post by you which focuses on this heinous arrangement. The consequences of this arrangement are incredibly prejudicial to all other lifeforms.


    • I’ve read this essay before. The canine is conveniently omitted from the conversation.

      Also, does this formula about the supposed workings of nature hold true if man is eliminated from the face of the earth:

      “Carnivores keep populations in check, and the elimination of them to reduce the suffering of prey ignores the suffering of prey due to overpopulation, starvation, and disease, which are minimized by predation.”

      Haven’t humans been keeping all kinds of populations in “check”? This cycle you depict is really just conjecture. It posits a mythical “balance” in nature which may not exist.


      • Yes, the billion canines owned by non-vegans all over the world can thrive on a vegan-imposed diet, while natural habitat is destroyed for the purpose of raising crops to feed this parasitic species. You and I know the human of tomorrow will insist on owning not just one or two or three canines, but more. If you think about it, there had to be at least one or two species we could take control of because of their potential docility and mutability (I almost feel as if I am describing a house slave). I don’t operate with the myth embraced by no-kill advocates like Mr. Fry and Mr. Winograd who have elevated the status of the canine so they can take distorted pride in believing they have some sort of affinity with nature. Their exclusionary metaphysics is damaging to other lifeforms, but they don’t want to see this reality. We now live in a world where the carbon footprint of a canine may exceed that of a human, but, hey, we love to love our canines.

        Remember, the carnist believes he needs animal flesh to survive, and even if he doesn’t believe this myth, he believes in his interpretation of “survival of the fittest;” yet, if he can’t rely on this myth, he can rely on the myth of his dominion over the earth granted him by his lord,

        Right now, I hear birds chirping outside, but I leave the birds alone. I leave the neighborhood felines alone. I leave animals alone, unless they are a threat to my existence. See, I value my life and I will kill another species to survive. I won’t harbor any animal because I think it is deserving of my care. The moment I go out of my way to help one, I must help them all, but the computer I am using to express my thoughts was made possible by a human. The food in my refrigerator was made possible by a human. The bicycle I enjoy riding was made possible by a human. I won’t ever support animal shelters, because I believe we ought to leave animals alone. All animals.


  4. Can you be more specific? Can you make a list of these people and organizations that you say “we” know who they are, because I don’t know who they are or where they are. What exactly are you proposing, in concrete terms? Where does your figure of 200,000,000 per day come from? And if that is the case, it is not 2.5 trillion per year, it is 7.3 trillion, although these figures do not coincide with figures on Cowspiracy, so it would be good to know what sources you are pulling this information from. Thank you.


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