Republican Animal Exploiters vs Democrat Animal Exploiters


In any contested election between a Republican animal exploiter and a Democrat animal exploiter, an animal exploiter wins. And the animals lose.

Of course no Republicans or Democrats identify themselves as supporters of animal exploitation.

They say they are capitalists.
They say they are for freedom.
They say that they are for economic growth.
They say they are for jobs.
They say they oppose bureaucratic red tape.
They say they are opposed to over-regulation.
They say they are opposed to laws that kill jobs.

What they mean is that they are mouthpieces for Big Business, for Wall Street, for Big Oil, for Big Ag, for Big Pharma, for Big Banks.

They mean they are open to being bribed.
They mean their votes are for sale.
And their souls.

Republican animal exploiters call themselves conservative Republicans. Democrat animal exploiters call themselves Hillary supporters. They are the Wall Street, corporatist, Democrats who control the party and are beholden to Wall Street, Big Oil. Big Pharma, Big Ag, etc.

The only Democrats who are working to end animal exploitation are those like Bernie Sanders, who has a 100% pro-animal voting record.

As far as animals are concerned, it makes no difference if a Republican or Hillary Clinton is elected president. The government policies will not change because the same people will control the government. Lobbyists and industry executives will still be appointed to Departments and regulatory agencies which are supposed to oversee the very industries the appointees come from. Bankers will be appointed to the Department of the Treasury, Big Oil insiders will go to Energy, Interior, and Commerce, Big Pharma hacks to the Food and Drug Administration, Big Ag operatives will be placed in Agriculture and Interior.

No matter which conservative Republican or Hillary wins, corporatists will run the government.

No matter which conservative Republican or Hillary wins, the animals lose.

As Eugene Debs, the great socialist leader, declared: “I would rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I do not want, and get it.”

Not since the 1930s, when Huey Long was challenging FDR has there been such an opportunity to re-invent the Democratic Party.

Sanders presents us with a once in a lifetime choice between the corporate status quo and a populist political revolution.

Never has a democratic socialist seriously contended for the Democratic nomination.

Even if Sanders loses, he has already changed the political landscape by rehabilitating the word “socialist,” and has introduced socialism as an alternative possibility for the American public to consider.

And it is upon that success that the future Democratic party can be built.

But the future will be better served if we do not have to contend with a Wall Street Democrat in the White house, undermining all we will try to build. In fact, the more outrageously right wing a Republican president might be, the greater the opportunity to build a powerful, new, democratic socialist Democratic Party out of the ashes of the 2016 Hillary campaign.

Conservative Republicans or Wall Street Democrats have controlled the White House since Teddy Roosevelt left office in 1908.

Teddy Roosevelt was the last progressive president. Bernie Sanders can be our next. In between the two has been a series of presidential campaigns that capitalists never lost, as all the contenders of the major parties were animal exploiting capitalists. They disagreed on social issues, but were in lock-step with Wall Street. On matters in which corporate America has no financial stake, the Republicans are free to be bigots, xenophobes, and religious zealots. Democrats are free to promote equality and social safety nets.

But the near unanimity of Republican and Democratic nominees on issues of interest to Wall Street results in nearly identical policies of each administration on corporate welfare, agriculture subsidies, appointees, monetary policy, foreign aid, taxes, economic stimulation, regulation, and oversight.

Taking a stand against Wall Street control of the government is the first step toward improving the lot of animals.

Wall Street is our enemy. Far more so than are ignorant racists, Tea Partiers, gun nuts, pro-birth crazies, and anti-abortion zealots. Wall Street lobbyists hope we are so distracted by all the social issue hysteria that we won’t notice that almost all serious candidates for office are being bribed.

The only way to extricate ourselves from corporatist control of government, short of social upheaval and revolution, is to win elections. But first we need a party. It would be far easier to take over the Democratic Party than it would be to build a third party from scratch.

And it will be much easier to win control of the of the Democratic party if the nominee were a socialist (as is Bernie Sanders! We are on our way!) than were the nominee a Wall Street Democrat (Hillary).



Author’s Notes:

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7 thoughts on “Republican Animal Exploiters vs Democrat Animal Exploiters

  1. Right now I can’t imagine a presidential candidate who would risk offending the animal-exploiting industries and take a chance on losing campaign contributions and votes.


  2. I’ve been vegan and an animal rights activist for 28 years now. I do not think you are correct in your opinion that Bernie sanders is a better choice. At all, sorry. My number one reason: animal rights and women’s rights are highly connected. Finally having a woman President would be an important goal of the Democratic Party, as well as be a tremendous example for women in this country who have ALWAYS been ruled by men. I understand you may agree more with Sanders, but do take into account what it would mean for women and girls of this country to see a strong woman leading.
    My second reason: Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has voted to cap agricultural subsidies, yes, the ones that keep animals in factory farms. Bernie sanders is quite tied to dairy subsidies. This is a deal killer for me.
    While I think it’s great you vote for who you like, you might consider my two points which seem to have been unconsidered by the liberal left. I realize you want a revolution but that isn’t going to happen with this guy. A real revolution would be to have a woman running this country.

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    • Sanders supports small family farms and is opposed to Big Ag. More importantly, he opposes the entire system of corporate political influence in politics, the primary reason that industries are in charge of the agencies that are supposed to regulate them. Private campaign financing is the reason we have a fascist state run by a handful of oligarchs.

      As for the desirability of a woman in office, I would entirely agree, provided that woman represented progressive values and supported both human and animal rights, or at the very least, did not support corporate control of the government.

      A similar argument was made that a black man in the White House would make historic changes in government. Instead we got drone strikes, the TPP, bankers in charge of Treasury, Big Ag running the Departments of Agriculture and Interior, Big Oil and Big Coal in charge of Energy, animals still being murdered for the cattle industry by Wildlife Services, the Mustangs are still being rounded up and sent to slaughter.

      Instead of focusing on whether a candidate has a penis or a vagina, or an excess of melanin, we should focus on their policies and their promises.

      Hillary offers the animals nothing.

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      • Wow! I’m not focusing on only whether a candidate has a penis or a vagina (and you only hear that kind of unthinking comment from a man who has never had a problem being represented in the world). She’s a good candidate, has pull in Congress and can make the incremental steps forward. It’s not like she’s running JUST because she’s a woman. Obviously she is qualified, has experience and wouldn’t be up there if she wasn’t. I’m disappointed at your lack of consideration of this point, and throwing your ridiculous comment at it. Boo on you.

        Here’s an article for your reading that is related to my comments. Perhaps she makes the point better.

        If you are for human rights, you need to consider women are half of these humans. Bernie Sanders and his “Rape-fantasy” essay, whether satirical or not, is not someone I want in charge of our country. He has poor taste to ever, no matter what age, write and publish something like that.

        I am absolutely against agricultural subsidies, family farm or not. These are what allows the price of animal products to be ridiculously low. If animal products were priced accordingly, I can assure you that people would eat a lot less of them. This “family farm” idea is nice, but it still results in slaughtered animals often in terrible conditions. Additionally, family farm does not mean small farm, and can still be an animal feeding operation with animals having a lack of grass and/or fresh air, and being detrimental to the environment. For me, there’s no budging on this idea of agricultural subsidies.

        While not my favorite President, Obama did make incremental positive changes. It’s very difficult to make big movements in Congress. The system was designed NOT to be able to have someone come in and make sweeping changes, for good reason. You will not have a revolution with one presidential candidate, unfortunately. Especially not this one.

        Anyway, clearly we won’t change each other’s mind, but I hope you can take either of the points into consideration before throwing Sanders out there as the correct choice for people who care for animals. He is certainly not my choice.

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      • Here are a few articles on point that explore Clinton and why I do not support her:

        I Used To Love Hillary Clinton

        Why Hillary Should Never Be President

        Hillary Clinton. The Answer Is Blowin’ In The Wind.

        Why Hillary’s Election Would Help The Republicans

        Hillary Rodham Chameleon

        Hillary and Bernie. Night and Day.

        The long and short of my position is that the animals will fare no better under Clinton than they would under any of the Republicans running. There is no appreciable difference between Hillary and any of the Republicans on agriculture, monetary policy, campaign financing, the military, or foreign policy. Clinton is a political windsock who has never taken a courageous stand on anything.

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