Bernin’ Down the House!

berningEstablishment Politics: The Entertainment Division of the Military-Industrial Complex.

We need to rebuild the Democratic party from the ground up..

Wall Street Democrats control the Democratic Party. From Obama on down, almost the entire Democratic leadership is bought and paid for by corporate interests, just as is the Republican leadership. Control of both parties has been brought about by legally bribing candidates and elected officials with campaign donations.

It is almost impossible to distinguish between the parties on foreign affairs, on military interventionism, on corporate campaign donations, on trade agreements, on appointing industry executives to agencies that regulate them.

To obscure the similarities on all these issues, the party leaders focus on social issues that do not affect Wall Street profits.

Republicans scream about immigration and gay marriage, abortion and Obamacare. Democrats complain about gun violence and Republican obstructionism, voter suppression and poisoned children in Flint.

Two candidates threaten to blow up the political norm.

Populists in the Republican party are turning to Trump, and populists in the Democratic party are embracing Bernie Sanders.

The panic felt by the Democratic establishment is palpable. Hillary is marching out every political hack, every bought and paid for politician, every lobbyist, calling in every favor and political debt, every talking head sycophant she can muster.

The Republicans are similarly panicked by Trump’s candidacy.

If Sanders or Trump is nominated, the American people will have the opportunity to substantially wound the political establishment and to repudiate the oligarchs that virtually own both parties.

If establishment candidates like Hillary or Marco Rubio are nominated, it will be politics as usual.

And politics as usual are, in the immortal words of Frank Zappa, “the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”



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