When the Animal Movement Finally Gets It’s Sh*t Together!


Since the Armory launched in 2014 it has been a personal project of mine. The Armory grew out of my Facebook Notes. Once I reached 500 articles on Facebook I began publishing all my writings on the Armory of the Revolution blog. The total number of posts is now over 1,100.

The Armory is the most radical Animal Rights blog in the world. It’s mission is to radicalize the animal movement. We advocate for universal rights, for the end of capitalism, for the environment, for atheism. Our articles cover philosophy, politics, religion, history, veganism, revolutionary theory, direct action, and social activism.

I am unaware of any blog like it on Earth. If you know of any other Animal Rights blog also calling for the destruction of capitalism, please leave me a link as a comment

Since launch we have averaged some 15,000 hits per month. We are publishing over ten articles each week.

In my humble opinion, the future of the animal movement and the lives of untold billions of animals are dependent upon the radicalization of the movement.

The animal movement has been, on balance, a complete and utter failure.

We save a few lucky animals here and there. But all we save amount to a drop in the ocean of those we do not save.

All the animals saved by the animal movement over the past 50 years are fewer than the number of animals who will be murdered in slaughterhouses in the next eight hour work shift.

The Animal Holocaust is the worst horror in history. Most humans are complicit in it. Every government on Earth supports it. Every major religion condones it, as do most minor ones.

The Animal Holocaust claims the lives of upwards of 60 BILLION land animals each year and two and a half TRILLION sea creatures.

And the numbers are growing. Exponentially.

Nothing we are doing as a movement is working. Not only are we powerless to stop the Animal Holocaust, we aren’t even slowing it down.

We must change our courses of action. We must develop plans and strategies to address the industries which profit on the killing and on the governments which reward and protect the killers.

No organizations or blogs are focusing on these terrible truths, let alone working to educate activists about them or to propose possible avenues of action.

And that is where the Armory of the Revolution comes in. We are doing just that. We are educating animal activists, recruiting political and social radicals, and organizing advocates for human rights, social justice, and animal liberation.

This mission is much greater than myself and my volunteer staff. It means growing the Armory, adding writers, researchers, a technician, advertising, mailing lists, and social media experts.

The Armory needs to become an army.

And to grow into that army, the Armory cannot be a one man band. It must become the mother of all orchestras!

I need your help!

If you share my dream of bringing down those who torture and murder animals, there is no voice for them like the Armory of the Revolution.

Would you commit to donating a few dollars each month to our capital campaign? Even $3 per month will mean we are on our way. Please donate whatever you can.

If you cannot donate, you can still help. Please browse the blog and share whichever articles you find compelling, Be sure to Follow the Armory and to urge your friends and comrades to do so as well!

Thank you so much.

If you support the Amory’s work and mission, please help us grow.

Just $3 per month will allow us to advertise!




5 thoughts on “When the Animal Movement Finally Gets It’s Sh*t Together!

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  2. Hi Roland.   LOVE reading your articles!!!  I want to help.  I’ve signed a gazillion online petitions and purchased a bunch of “statement” tshirts for the animal welfare cause, but feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.  I want to do more!  I’m sure you’ve heard all this before, but my dream would be to establish and maintain numerous animal rescue sanctuaries around the world.    Sadly, I don’t have a lot of money  … but I still want to do something worthwhile!  I’m currently a 52-year old legal assistant with about 30 years experience.  Is there ANYTHING I could do to help the Armory … perhaps remotely proof-reading or even writing? 

    Thanks kindly for your time! Jacky Zalopski Regina, SK  CANADA

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