How Many Calves and Lambs Must Die?

howmanyHow many innocent animals must die before we recognize that what we are doing is not stopping, or even reducing, the Animal Holocaust?

Baby calves, lambs, piglets, are murdered every hour of every day. They are born into slavery, torn from their mothers, abused, tortured, terrified, and slaughtered.

We object, we commiserate, we try to recruit vegans, we educate, we share memes, we post, donate, email, and sign petitions.

Nothing changes. And nothing can change as long as the law permits animal ownership and exploitation. Nothing can change as long as the government protects, enables, and subsidizes the slaughter industries.

Nothing can change so long as Wall Street owns most members of Congress, controls most government departments and regulatory agencies, and whose lobbyists write most of the laws.

The very system under which we live is the enemy of animals. The enemy of change, the enemy of activists in general, and of animal activists in particular.

We have no strategies, no goals, no plans. We react to one crisis after another. One horror at a time. We save those animals we can, but all we save a but a drop in the sea. For most animal victims of human cruelty, the animal movement does not even exist.

If we really want to save animals, if we want to end or substantially reduce the number of animals murdered each year in the food system, if we believe animals have as much right to live as humans do, we have only one course of action as a movement.

Short term we must inflict as much damage to the status quo as possible. Politically that means defeating anyone who supports the status quo. It means fighting the political establishment. It means participating in Sanders’ political “revolution.” It means fighting Wall Street, corporatism, corporate welfare, private financing of political campaigns. While none of that will directly help animals, it will allow us to recruit political radicals and it will weaken the stranglehold the oligarchs have on the US government.

Long term we must engage in rebellion. We must bring down government, end capitalism, take up arms against the murderers, wage revolution.

Revolution won’t happen soon, it may not happen for decades. But it will never happen unless we recognize the imperative for revolution.

Revolution, vigilantism, direct action, hacktivism should all be on our agenda.

Billions upon billions of animals lives depend on us.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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7 thoughts on “How Many Calves and Lambs Must Die?

  1. In roaming many articles and blogs on animal issues, I see many comments similar to that of Bob Evans. The comments may simply reveal lack of cognitive and linguistic skills with little desire on the part of the author to acquire them. They also display a total lack of empathy. The problem is that Mr. Evans probably represents the majority of our species, the ones that prides itself on its superiority to every other species on the planet and unfortunately exercises control over all of them. If that belief in human supremacy didn’t have such tragic consequences for the animals, it would be merely pathetic exercise in arrogance and over-estimation of self-worth.

    In the meantime, the holocaust continues, and we have shown ourselves outdone by the Bob Evans of the world. I only hope all animal advocates refuse to give up, do what they can to help and save animals, and participate as little as much as possible in this culture of greed and brutality.


  2. Cruelty to Animals is unacceptable.
    Eating Animals, hunting, wearing fur, fighting Animals, vivisection, puppy mills, etc….are ALL unacceptable. We as humans must be compassionate towards ALL beings.

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  3. Reblogged this on Alafair and commented:
    animal ownership and exploitation must be seen the same way slavery of blacks are looked back on, it is the same, all life is equal and deserves the same respect, thought, love, courtesy, rights, #alllivesmatter

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      • Your ability to carefully analyze, discern, and eloquently state your position is exceeded only by your command of the Mother Tongue. How we have manged to discuss issues without the transformative impact of your intellect is a mystery to all of us.

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      • I just read your elegant, thoughtful, and articulate comment. Fortunately, it didn’t take long. In case you didn’t recognize it, my response is an exercise in the rhetorical trope of irony.


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