Vote From The Roof Tops


Unjust laws and unjust governments can be made to change through the political process or through rebellion. Most who advance complaints about laws or government are too few to succeed at rebellion. Government is a formidible enemy, and those who wish to prosecute rebellion must be prepared to die in the effort.

Our current corrupt political system of two political parties, is, for all practical purposes, owned by special interests, Wall Street, and the military-industrial complex, is not only unjust as a matter of course, but is actually evil by any objective standard.

Our government presides over child poverty, millions of people without healthcare, corporate welfare on the backs of taxpayers, military adventurism, war crimes against civilians in foreign lands, institutional racism and bigotry, local police forces which commit murder upon citizens of color.

The Democratic party is controlled by Wall Street and special interests, just as is the Republican party. On matters of foreign policy; foreign aid; corporate welfare; agricultural, oil and bank subsidies; monetary policy; the appointment of industry executives to regulatory agencies which oversee their very industries; trade policy; military interventionism; using drones to murder foreign civilians; etc, there is no appreciable difference between the parties.

On social matters which do not impact Wall Street profits, the parties are free to pander to their constituencies. Republicans rile up their base against abortion, immigration, and gay marriage. Democrats fight for choice, for tolerance, and expanding social services.

In the present election cycle, Bernie Sanders is advocating for political revolution at the ballot box. Sanders is a democratic socialist running as a progressive Democrat.

The last progressive president left office in 1909, when Teddy Roosevelt finished his term. Since then, every president has been either a conservative Republican or a Wall Street Democrat.

Corporate control of the political parties has been accomplished through bribery. Special interests invest in candidates and officeholders. The very people receiving the bribes are the ones with the power to write the laws which make the bribery legal.

The result of bribery is that legislators vote for the interests of their donors rather than in the interest of the people who elected them to office. Lobbyists write laws for legislators to introduce or rubber-stamp. Presidents and governors appoint lobbyists, industry executives, and trade association hacks to regulatory agencies and cabinet departments.

The country is an oligarchy, controlled by the rich and powerful, and carried out by bought-and-paid-for politicians.

Sanders, to his credit, is taking on the economic and political establishment that owns the US government.

His call for a political revolution is resonating with youth and the poor. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, is demonstrably a Wall Street politico with ties to Big Oil, Monsanto, the private prison industry, the healthcare lobby, and Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street banks.

Many progressives decry Sanders’ support of Israel, his vote to immunize gun manufacturers, his support of hunting and farming, etc, as being antithetical to a progressive foreign policy, animal rights, and the environment, criticisms I also share.

If Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, many on the political left will cast their votes for Jill Stein of the Green party, or Clifton Roberts, who heads the Humane party. Some will opt out of the political process all together. There are even a few who hold the absurd view that they accomplish something by boycotting elections.

My view is that if you are not prepared to vote from the rooftops, you are compelled by a moral imperative to fight the system from within it.

This admonition comes from a Sanders supporter who would, if possible, engage in social revolution. As that is not presently possible, I engage in political revolution.

Some small good may come of it, but the far more important goal for me is to recruit radicals and future revolutionaries.

At some point, we will be able to change our laws and our government. If we cannot do so from the ballot boxes, we will have to do so from the rooftops.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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3 thoughts on “Vote From The Roof Tops

  1. While I agree that Sanders’ agenda is the least antithetical to the cause of animal rights and environmental protection of any of the major party candidates, what makes you think that he would have a snowball’s-chance-in-hell of pushing his program through a Republican dominated, obstructionist Congress even if he could achieve election? There are many of us old enough to remember and be scarred by the McGovern debacle, the last time the Democratic Party nominated a left-of-center “idealist” (idealist only in terms of foreign policy, not animals or the environment). A Republican victory in November will insure a reactionary lock on the Supreme Court for the next 40 years. Would any “progressive” legislative initiatives survive that morass? In that event, better start sandbagging the rooftop!

    Politics is all about making hard choices. Do you honestly think loosing with Sanders is preferable to winning with Hillary? If so, why?

    As far as who controls what, while our country may well be an economic oligarchy it is still a nominal political democracy. In theory, the voting public could elect whomever they want and institute whatever reforms they fancy. The fact that they haven’t and won’t is testimony to how easily “the masses” can be (mis)lead. A smattering of pop psychology combined with a ton of money can convince them of anything, that white is black, that plutocracy is good. The modern public is as discriminating of charlatans and as attuned to bread and circuses as they were in Roman times. The mantra “all power to the people”, standard socialist cant, is more a call to license and excess than a roadmap for reform. Personally, I’d put more faith in the ability of the Barrett 50 caliber illustrated above to make friends and influence people.

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    • I have no expectations that Bernie Sanders will be able to achieve those legislative goals he promotes. Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives even if the Democrats re-take the Senate. My support of the Senator is not predicated on the prospect of any legislative change whatsoever, rather, my support is in contemplation of sowing the seeds of political revolution.

      Political upheaval is just the first step toward substantive political changes. A political revolution requires broad public support and an enthusiastically driven core. The first wave of such an effort might not even yield any political victories beyond the primaries. Sanders’ political revolution might instead require several election cycles to achieve its goals.

      For socialists, political radicals, animal rights advocates, and other warriors for social justice, Sanders has already opened the floodgates of possibilities for education, recruitment, and public reception.


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