Dancing with the Devil to Save the Animals

dancing with the devil2

For years animal activists have attempted to impact politics. We manage to make progress with individual legislators now and then, but the political establishment Is deaf to the concerns of animals.

The reason is simple. Animals don’t vote. And people who care about animals do not vote in a bloc. Animal activists are spread across the political spectrum from libertarians to state socialists.

Many animal activists do not have animals as their primary concern when they vote. Guns, gays, abortion, immigration, taxes, and national security occupy most political rhetoric and flood the media. Relatively obscure political concerns are never explored or covered in the press. And many animal activists fall in with their political prejudices as though animal issues are beyond the reaches of politics.

Animal rights activists, thoroughly disgusted with our inability to impact public policy, recently launched the Humane Party, more out of frustration than not. Unfortunately, the Humane Party is doomed to failure. The American political system makes third parties almost impossible to exist, let alone to thrive and to succeed.

The problem is compounded by a lack of political expertise within the movement, and a general, understandable, antithesis toward politicians and politics.

The Democrats and the Republicans are both hostile to animal interests and oblivious to animal issues. Animal activists are too few and far between to be noticed, never mind accommodated, in modern American political dynamics.

This year could change that.

Hillary Clinton, and whoever is the Republican nominee, can be counted upon to continue the Obama administration’s anti-animal policies.

From the de-listing of wolves by the Environmental Protection Agency, to the killing of whales and dolphins by the Navy, to the roundups of wild Mustangs by the Bureau of Land Management, to the killing of millions of animals for the cattle industry by the Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, to allowing Big Ag to engage in the most diabolically cruel practices in pursuit of profit, animals will continue to suffer and die under Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or whomever the Republicans nominate.

The prospects improve for animals if Bernie Sanders is president, based on his pro-animal voting record in the Senate and his opposition Big Agriculture.

But if Hillary is the nominee, there is no reason to support her if your litmus test of candidates is based on the welfare of animals.

Hillary is a political pragmatist, a polite way of calling her a political windsock. She changes positions with alacrity and as frequently as she finds necessary.

That character flaw may afford the animal movement the leverage to tip the scales in this election cycle.

If we can act in unison in November, it is possible that we could force the parties to consider, and adopt, animal friendly positions that they do not currently espouse.

We should demand that Clinton end wild horse roundups and abolish Wildlife Services as a condition of our support.

In fact, we should pledge to vote Republican unless she promises to implement both those positions.

Should she refuse, we make a similar deal with the Republicans.

If the race is as close as it is expected to be, animal activists could make a decisive difference in the presidential race.

And if we are successful, we will save millions of animals’ lives.

To achieve such a goal will require us putting aside our petty personal issues and political preferences.

I would make a deal with the Devil himself if it would benefit the animals. Voting for Hillary would be easy in comparison. So would be voting for Trump or another Republican.

To soften up Hillary’s camp and warm them to the idea, we must keep her feet to the fire as an unacceptable alternative to Bernie Sanders. If Hillary and her handlers perceive that the White House could slip beyond their grasp, I have no doubt she will enthusiastically embrace our demands as her own ideas.

The closer the general match-up appears to be, the more influence we will have.

Let’s make the animals our priority in November. More importantly, let’s make animal issues a priority of those who want our votes.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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19 thoughts on “Dancing with the Devil to Save the Animals

  1. You picked the wrong year, as this election is for the future of the planet. A vote for a Democrat or Socialist will mean the end of America and the end of animals & the end of days! Voting Republican is the only way to save your children, pets and other animals. Obama thinks of animals as most Muslims do, and especially hates dogs as in his “mind,” they are filthy creatures. Why do you think he’s the first President not to include his politically purchased dogs as family? Even in an ordinary year, it’s impossible, because we can’t even agree among ourselves. Animal Rights & Animal Welfare fight as much as Democrats & Republicans. Your Republican votes this year, for President & Congress, will literally save the world and all species in it.


    • I will grant you that Donald Trump’s positions on trade agreements (he’s against them!) are more animal friendly than are Hillary Clinton’s (she supports them!).

      But the Republican advantage ends there. The rest of the Republican pack not only supports trade agreements, they are in universal agreement that global warming is a hoax. Climate change is the single greatest threat to the environment, to people, and to animals.

      My hope is that Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. If he does not, my hope is that we can convince Hillary to end the Obama administration’s wild horse roundups and the killing of wildlife for the cattle ranchers. Should she refuse to pledge an end to those horrific practices, I will be stumping for Donald Trump, and urging every animal activists to join me in the effort.


    • You have no idea what you are talking about. Wow. Yes, Trump and reps really care about animals. No they do not actually, Nor do they care bout the earth. Sanders is taking this office and scores 100 on our issues.


      • Of the candidates for president, Sanders is clearly the most animal-friendly, but even Bernie supports hunting and family farms and the dairy industry. Both Sanders and Trump oppose trade agreements, which cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals annually. They make it impossible to stop live export, they make slaughter more profitable, they encourage the most barbaric animal torture and slaughter in Third World countries, The require member nations to ban Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts (an action already taken by the Obama administration) and trade agreements override US labor, environmental, and anti-cruelty laws. Bernie and Trump are firmly opposed to these agreements, and Trump has said he would abrogate every one of them. Hillary, in contrast, supports these agreements, as she is in the pockets of the multinational corporations and their lobbyists who wrote them. While Trump’s sons are serial killers, Trump himself has never hunted, unlike Hillary, who has. If animals are your priority, there is no way you could support Hillary Clinton.


    • Well Trump was elected and I hope you see what this party represents because we’ve just took100 steps backwards and landed in quiksand! The animals, the voiceless are in the worst place possible, rise up and hope and speak up for him to be removed by any and all means possible! You are a ignorant individual and animals have absolutely no hope with Trump and Obama isn’t a Muslim and he is the best president by far, WAKE UP


  2. I do not know the solution to the question. For me and the world it is important that Bernie Sanders wins the Presidentisl race. He’s the only ethical runner in this race.


    • I fully agree. A Sanders presidency would reshape the political landscape and allow young socialists to begin turning the Democratic party into a democratic socialist party.

      If Sanders is the nominee I believe we should press him to embrace animal issues just as we should make those demands upon Hillary if she is nominated.


  3. I’d go to the devil’s prom if it would help.

    Just some thoughts on Hillary: “We should demand that Clinton end wild horse roundups and abolish Wildlife Services as a condition of our support.”

    She probably would make that promise if it would get her a few more votes. But how likely would a second term for her be? She could make the promise, get the votes, and then forget about it. Not much accountability there.

    Even people who sincerely want to help animals get to Washington, DC, and discover how many entrenched interests hold control. Clinton would have to deal with the Bureau of Land Management to stop wild horse round-ups. The BML manages 18,000 permits by ranchers on 155 million acres of land. The ranchers obviously have lobbyists and legislators on their side and the horses and burros do not. I’m not sure a candidate could stop round-ups without amending The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 or the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978, which states, “the policy of protecting wild free-roaming horses and burros from capture, branding, harassment, or death, while at the same time facilitating the removal and disposal of excess wild free-roaming horses and burros which pose a threat to themselves and their habitat and to other rangeland values.” Who decides which horses and burros pose a threat? Who decides ones are excess? And what are the “other rangeland values”? Anything to do with ranching?

    According to the Huffington Post (02/24/2016), the President’s proposed budget for 2017 contains a provision that permits the BLM to take away protected status for the horses and then turn them over to state authorities. The unfortunate horses would likely end up in “kill plants” in Mexico. The provision apparently requires no oversight. Maybe Clinton could prevent this gift to the ranching community.

    The Department of the Interior is also involved, and under the direction of Secretary Ken Salazar, member of a ranching family, thousands of horses were doomed: “Specifically, Salazar has allowed the BLM to: 1) round up tens of thousands of our wild horses from the patchwork of public and private lands and deposit them into ruinous holding pens in the Midwest; 2) allowed known advocates of horse slaughter to purchase thousands of those doomed horses; 3) refused to publicly discipline one of his deputies, a former BP oil executive, after she seemed to encourage ranchers to sue her own department to gain an advantage over the horses, and; 4) generated no viable plan for the continuing protection and management of these horses, which virtually guarantees their destruction. http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org/media/all-pretty-horses-ken-salazar-leave-interior

    Current Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, is awaiting a study to help determine her policy on the horses.

    We can dance with the devil, but I wouldn’t expect much. He is more personally acquainted and attuned to the officials in Washington, DC. He’s too busy dancing with “them who brung him.”

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    • Sadly, the points you raise are all too true. Which underscores the fact that the Obama administration has been no friend to animals. Nor are there reasons to expect a Hillary or a Trump presidency to be any different. Given that there is nothing to lose, attempting some political extortion is warranted. The worst case scenario is that nothing changes, the best case would be that something does. If Hillary refuses our demands, and wins, we have the status quo. If Hillary refuses our demands, and loses, we will at least have paved the way for progressives like Sanders and Warren to gain control of the Democratic apparatus. And if Hillary meets or demands, and wins, the possibility is that thousands upon thousands of animals will not be murdered by the federal government.

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  4. are you aware MFA has a new post about Bill Clinton being a vegan? It gives implicit support to the Clinton campaign. I commented and encouraged them to rethink posting anything that would support Clinton

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