A Human Extinction Button


In the late 90s I was Director of Campaigns for Last Chance for Animals, a very small animal rights organization based in Los Angeles. It’s founder and head is Chris DeRose, a former actor who gained notoriety by campaigning against vivisection at UCLA.

Turns out Chris and I shared the view that animals and the planet would be much better off if humans did not exist.

extinction button

Chris constantly opined that there should be an extinction button and that if there were one, he would push it.

Given the scope of the Animal Holocaust, and our inability to reduce it in the slightest, the only way mass exploitation and slaughter of animals would end would be if the human race just disappeared.

We seem to be headed in that direction with being woefully unprepared for, and even dismissive of, climate change.

Fast forward, 2016, and what was a crisis is now a disaster waiting to happen. The effect of capitalist destruction of the environment, the fossil fuel industry, and animal agriculture is propelling the world toward human extinction.

Capitalists have a vested interest in denying the reality of climate change, as efforts to curtail it would most assuredly impact almost all corporate activity and would severely tax the producers of greenhouse gases, in particular, and industry, in general.

The logic seems to be limited to short term exploitation of the Earth, with those responsible for inflicting the damage content to profit from environmental disaster while they are living, and damn future generations.

Similar shortsightedness has been a trait of humans over the centuries.

The Animal Holocaust is the single greatest horror in human history. It is a direct product of capitalism, which rewards and promotes unbridled exploitation of the environment and the enslavement and murder of our fellow Earthlings.

Capitalism encourages consumption, rewards production, and is oblivious to the consequences.

And the consequences of animal agriculture are severe.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. It causes more environmental damage than the entire transportation sector, which includes every car, bus, truck, ship, railroad, and aircraft in the world.

Animal agriculture is the single biggest cause of global warming.

It may well be beyond human ability to reverse.


In that regard, humans may have pushed their own extinction button.

If so, the beneficiaries of a planet without humans would be the surviving animals.

The unfortunate thing is that so many animals will die along side the pathetic humans who caused the disaster.

On balance, it would have been better had there been a button for Chris DeRose to push 20 years ago.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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15 thoughts on “A Human Extinction Button

  1. Agreed! Murray Bookchin once noted that “capitalism not only validates precapitalist notions of the domination of nature by man; it turns the plunder of nature into society’s law of life.”

    According to some scholars we have replaced the Holocene with the Anthropocene to indicate our role in changing the planet and causing the sixth great extinction. So considering the wide path of our destruction, we should obliterate ourselves first. That would give the planet a chance to heal and stop the Holocaust of the rest of creation. Where is that button?


    • The planet earth won’t always exist. For those humans who are incredibly offended by the destruction we commit against “nature,” you might consider suicide (why continue inflicting pain on yourself?).


      • That is a ridiculous suggestion. Our intent is to make the planet a better place for the animals. If any of us who care about animals and are working on their welfare, it would be idiotic to abandon them to the rest of the human race. Now, if we would all act in unison, that would be a different story! Lol!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Somebody has set my house on fire. My loved ones are inside and soon they’re going burn if the fire isn’t put out. The house is going to be beyond repair if the fire isn’t put out ASAP.
        I’m incredibly offended that somebody would set my house on fire, soooo…I guess I better commit suicide.
        It won’t save my house or help to save my loved ones, but at least I won’t continue to feel any pain.
        Problem solved?


  2. Don’t I have to grant the gazelle’s recognition of being eaten alive by a lion as “deviant”? Or am I supposed to believe the gazelle who is being eaten alive by a lion experiences this “natural” phenomenon as “morally neutral” or “just the way life is”?

    I suspect a lion would domesticate the gazelle if he had the right anatomy and “know-how” to do so.

    Does this make it right?


    I’m not sure why I ought to favor or support this arrangement of herbivore killing by carnivore “deviance,” because the killing of the gazelle by the lion, though crude, is “systematic.”


    • I mean, how can you have any faith in humans and our “humanity” when we can’t even treat those of our very own species humanely?

      If humans won’t or can’t change their ways in order to help their very own species, and taking into account that what’s causing them to need help in the first place is their very own species, how can we realistically expect humanity to change to help non-human species?

      Granted there those who do actually do what it takes to change their behavior, but this is the exception to the norm of larger society and humanity.

      This is off-shoot of the blog post here, but I just happened to receive in an email from Survival International about how (human) “progress” harms and kills tribal peoples (other humans):

      “Around the world, “progress” and “development” are robbing tribal peoples of their land, self-sufficiency and pride and leaving them with nothing. Taking tribal peoples’ land and imposing “our” model of development is the cause of untold misery and suffering.

      But “progress” is often simply the excuse used by industrialized society to justify crimes of land theft, genocidal violence and slavery.”


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  3. I’ve absolutely no doubt the animals would push that button in a split second the very moment they were given the option. Especially cats… lol 🙂

    But seriously….this world is filled with crazy humans and their “logic”. I actually stopped recycling about six months ago when I had a light bulb moment and realized that by recycling, I was actually helping humans to survive and last longer on the planet, and that in turn will only make the animals’ suffering last longer.

    Good for humans = bad for animals

    It feels wrong to put something in the trash that I could easily recycle, but it feels even more wrong to do it if that’s going to help humans.

    How’s that for crazy logic? But in this crazy world, it makes sense to me if I want to help the animals.

    I agree that, “The unfortunate thing is that so many animals will die along side the pathetic humans who caused the disaster.” But the sooner the humans are gone, the sooner the animals’ suffering at their hands will be gone, too.

    I’m become very tempted as an activist this past year to just say screw it, sit back, and watch humans continue on their merry path off the cliff they know very well is there. Let them take care of the job of destroying themselves that they seem happy and content with, and my activist work is done. Ta da! & Voila!

    My only consolation in this whole mess is that I don’t have any children to worry about and what world they will inherit.

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    • Christine,

      You are expecting a human transformation that may be centuries away. You aren’t the first human to think the way you do. Perhaps your expectation of humans is too unrealistic. Suffering on this planet wouldn’t end with our extinction. Also, I don’t want to hear that it–suffering–would at least occur “naturally.” The idea of “nature” has no bearing on the life that is being consumed alive. The planet doesn’t become a happy place because humans are removed from it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • While predation would continue, prey would continue to eaten by predators as they are now, the role of humans unnaturally inflicting institutionalized horrors upon the Animal Kingdom would be the most obvious benefit to a post-human Earth. But unlike any other “predator” on Earth, the human delights in inflicting pain, enjoys the suffering of other, and kills and tortures for sport and recreation.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I do agree with all that you’ve written, Jerry. You’re right that ” suffering on this planet wouldn’t end with our extinction”…but at least there’d be a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot less!


      • I agree with your assessment, Roland. As a species, we are confronted with a reality, with a cognitive potential so different from other lifeforms, and I say this because you allude to it with your remark about our delight and enjoyment in inflicting harm, pain, and death on other non-human animals. I find the exclusion of all other lifeforms from this descriptive fascinating, and because I find this “fact” fascinating, I tend to view our existence as different in kind rather than degree with the rest of “nature.”

        What does this mean? I don’t know. I do know we have expectations about ourselves, as a species, that may never come to fruition. What you envision may be thousands of years away, and, yes, I suppose we are a “flawed” species, but I have to keep this perspective in context with some of the reforms we have made with ourselves toward other humans and other earthlings.

        You are ahead of the times, and I know this feeling can be frustrating.


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