Hillary Has Brought Blacks “To Heel!”


One of the most disturbing comments ever made by Hillary Clinton was in support of her husband’s crime bill.

She called black youths “super predators” and announced that they should be “brought to heel.”

The black political establishment is choosing to forget those ugly words in exchange for positions of influence and access in what they hope is a Hillary Clinton presidency. To help assure that outcome, professional black activists and black political hacks are beating a drum roll to drown out those progressive activists who see Clinton for what she clearly is. And what she is not.

What she is is an opportunist.

And that is the most generous description she can be accorded. More critical observers will opine that Hillary Clinton is not just a political windsock, but an instrument of the people and interests which own her.

The most troubling and suspicious of all are her ties to Wall Street.

Clinton raises millions from banks, lobbyists, hedge funds, and billionaires. She received $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three one hour speeches! She refuses to disclose what she said in those speeches.

She is an apologist for Monsanto, she sold fracking to the world as Secretary of State, she sat on Walmart’s board while the company exploited third world children in horrific factories.

Her political allies conveniently overlook or excuse her record, ever mindful that money flows from her backers.

Somehow, for some reason, African American voters seem all too willing to be controlled by the political leaders who have made careers and fortunes out of being black.

We saw the result of the black political establishment shutting out Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. We observed the circling of the wagons against the progressive voices of Nina Turner, Cornel West, Dick Gregory, and Ta-Nehesi.

Clinton has actually brought black Americans to heel.

The irony is that it is not African American youth who are being brought to Clinton’s heel, it is older black Americans who should know better.

Black Americans who lived through the War on Drugs, through mandatory minimum sentencing, who witnessed American jobs vanish under Clinton’s NAFTA scam, who were helpless to keep friends and family from plummeting into poverty caused by Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform,” who saw an entire generation of African Americans incarcerated on an alter to Bill Clinton’s ambition.

Black youth, like white youth, are the future of the country. Like most young people they will have to break free of the blinders and shackles imposed on them by older generations.

For the first time in my life the prospect of a political revolution is possible.

But a lot of old black and white folks need to die off or get out of the way for it to succeed.

The millennials will not agree to be under anyone’s heel.



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5 thoughts on “Hillary Has Brought Blacks “To Heel!”

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  2. Reblogged this on My TrustJacker blog and commented:
    There is only one person running for president that has the good of the other 99% of us as his motivation. This may be out last chance to save what is left of democracy in America. His name is Bernie Sanders. Vote!


  3. Armory of the Revolution will be launching a campaign to convince the Democratic nominee to pledge to end wild horse round ups and to abolish Wildlife Services, the Department of Agriculture agency which kills millions of wild animals annually for the cattle industry.

    If Bernie is the nominee, I am confident he would take such positions. If Hillary is the nominee I have grave reservations that she will.

    Our campaign will urge animal activists to vote Republican if Hillary refuses to take those pro-animal positions.


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