We Need Right Wing Militias


You know those crazy right wingnuts who play soldier on the weekends? The Ammon Bundy types who storm bird sanctuaries? The inbred duck hunters? The Second Amendment types?

Sure you do.

If you are at all like I am, you are appalled by their politics, their blood lust for hunting, their religious zealotry, and their seeming ignorance of history and philosophy.

Believe it or not, those right wingnuts may be a key to Animal Rights,

Here is my reasoning:

Animal Rights is so antithetical to law and governments that it will not be possible for Animal Rights to be achieved without a change in the status quo. And by change I mean a radical social and political upheaval which will destroy the corporate control of government.

Animal Rights requires the end of the ownership of animals. The reason that the Animal Holocaust can occur is because the victims are legally considered private property and are owned by capitalists to do with as they please.

Animal Rights will not be won at the ballot box, it will be won, if at all, in the aftermath of social revolution.

Whenever that revolution comes about, Animal Rights advocates will only be a small part of the rebellion. As a practical matter there are all too few animal activists to prosecute a revolution and success in overthrowing the capitalist state will require a broad coalition comprised of all enemies of the state.

And those right wingnut militias will surely also be enemies of the state when insurrection breaks out.

Regardless of their dogma, xenophobia, and racism, militias will be targets of the forces of government.

The very first line of defense for the state are local police. Should revolutionaries avoid being crushed by the police, the next wave of defense would be state National Guards, called out by governor’s. Only if revolution is on the cusp of success would federal troops be deployed against the public.

Insurrection will result in martial law, curfews, confiscation of weapons, bans on travel, and other draconian measures that will exacerbate opposition to the government.

In that environment, our comrades will be right wing militias.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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4 thoughts on “We Need Right Wing Militias

  1. ” I will work for Donald Trump’? Do you really believe that Donald Trump and his racist cohorts will save any animals? Trump just a week ago, proudly paraded and applauded his two evil Trophy-Hunting sons on stage, and said “Here is the hard-core NRA,” as he pointed to these serial animal killers. And, Mr. Vincent, what about your going after right now, Trump’s lack of any position on animals in general, and if you think he is at all interested in your only animal concern, which is domestic animals, think again.
    Your pro-Trump position is part of the extremist Neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim trend, which, just as in early Nazi Germany, was about “armed populace” thugs, burning, looting, beating and killing people (and, by the way animals as well, in their Reign of Terror against other ethnic groups deemed their “enemies.”

    The FBI website’s comments about Right- Wing Terrorists:
    Domestic right-wing terrorist groups often adhere to the principles of racial supremacy and embrace anti-government, anti-regulatory beliefs. Generally, extremist right-wing groups engage in activity that is protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. Law enforcement becomes involved when the volatile talk of these groups transgresses into unlawful action.

    Federal public lands moocher and Right Wing Militia organizer, Cliven Bundy, also has close ties with the Neo-Nazi/Fascist Movements.

    If this blog supports such violent pro-White Supremacy ideology, then it in NO WAY supports any animal protection. Study early Nazism, and it is very clear as to where this dangerous mob ideology is headed. Animals, non-aryans had no place in this Reich, and women were relegated to baby-making machines.

    So, you support Donald Trump if Bernie does not “win”? Very twisted logic, which is reminiscent of Hitler’s National Socialist Party in the 1920’s.


    • It would be helpful if you focused on what I said as opposed to your take on Trump.

      Let me be clear. I disagree with Donald Trump on almost everything. But the twp points I agree with him on I consider to trump all his other positions: trade and lobbyists. Hillary Clinton has supported every trade agreement over the last quarter century. The results have been catastrophic for American workers, the environment, and for the animals. The mother of all trade agreements is the Trans Pacific Partnership, which Hillary called the “gold standard” of trade agreements until Bernie Sanders rallied the Democratic base, and Hillary changes her position it based upon some unspecified issues she cited. There is no doubt she will embrace the TPP once elected, and the other trade agreements which are in various stages of being drafted by lobbyists and lawyers for multinational corporations which will make billions of dollars on these sweetheart deals. Trade agreements kill more animals than would be killed absent trade agreements. Trade agreements make it easier to kill animals and make animal corpses more profitable to those who kill animals.

      Trump opposes trade agreements, including all those supported by Hillary, and the TPP, as well.

      Trump also condemns the role of lobbyists in government and the political bribery by which they buy the souls and votes of government officials and candidates for office. It is that process which has handed ownership of the government over to Wall Street and special interests.

      Hillary supports Obama’s policies and is embracing Obama to win support from black Americans. Among the policies the Obama administration has pursued are the roundups of our wild horses and the killing of wildlife for cattle ranchers.

      We hope to persuade Hillary Clinton to pledge to end both the roundups and the killings. If she does,I will support her and urge animal activists across the country to join me in doing so.

      If she does not, I will walk precincts for Donald Trump.


  2. This explains your support for Trump. It has nothing to do with trade agreements, which both Clinton and Trump currently claim to oppose. While Clinton (unlike Sanders) has consistently opposed the NRA, Trump supports the NRA as part of his campaign to insure that armed racist thugs are capable of launching attacks on immigrants and Muslims. You may welcome this as part of your effort to shut down slaughterhouses, especially halal slaughter, but this sort of political activity is not likely to do much for animals.
    When you claim that the Obama administration has never done anything worthwhile, I assume you are upset that the Bundy gang is now in prison, where they belong.


    • I support an armed populace because I see it as essential to successful revolution. I do not support the NRA, which is nothing more than a lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers. I think the Second Amendment outlived its usefulness a hundred years ago. All that said, I do not support Trump for president, I support Bernie Sanders.

      If Sanders is unsuccessful in being nominated, I will not support Hillary Clinton unless she pledges to end Mustang roundup and the killing of wildlife for the cattle ranchers. We will be launching a campaign to urge her to do just that.

      Should she adopt such positions, I will enthusiastically work for her as should every animal activist. Should she not, I will work for Donald Trump and urge animal activists to join in doing so.

      On trade policy alone, Trump’s positions are more animal friendly than are Hillary’s.

      The animal movement has been politically impotent and totally ignored by mainstream media and both political parties. Should we have the opportunity to punctuate a Hillary victory or help effect a Trump one, depending upon the Democratic nominee’s animal positions, we will become politically relevant overnight!

      As for your comment about slaughterhouses, there is no way slaughterhouses will be ever shuttered absent a social revolution and chaos. Vigilante action may be tried occasionally and might meet with limited, short term successes here and there. But the state will always intervene to protect the capitalists. Only by overthrowing the state could we end the slaughter industries. And even then they would be reopened under a revolutionary government, but likely on a relatively tiny scale.

      The only way to assure humans do no harm to animals would be to assure there were no humans.


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