Blacks and Hispanics Are Content With the Status Quo

poor blacks2

Hard as that is to believe, it is a reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the overwhelming votes they provided to Hillary Clinton in recent Democratic primaries and caucuses.

Hillary is the candidate of the status quo. Indeed, a compelling case can be made that she is more conservative than is the status quo.

Blacks seem unfazed by Hillary and Bill Clinton’s support of the War on Drugs, private prisons, mass incarcerations of black Americans, and the despicable welfare reform laws that were a cornerstone of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Hispanics seem oblivious to Clinton’s support of Obama’s policies, which include the deportation of more undocumented Hispanics than any president in history.

Many veterans of the civil rights struggles, who are now supporting Bernie Sanders, are incredulous that any black or Hispanic could support Hillary Clinton.

Staunch allies of African Americans, and other minorities, have been radical white progressives. Many of us are now being repudiated and dissed by the very people we have soldiered for and with over the decades.

Many progressives are so outraged that they are willing to turn their backs on issues important to black and Hispanic Americans, adopting an attitude of “they made their beds, they can lie in them.”

It is an easy, understandable, and emotional reaction to what appears to be betrayal of and indifference to people who worked hard for others for no reason except their belief in justice and fairness.

While this is a an unexpected and unwelcome dissing for Sanders liberals, for animal activists this is situation normal.

Animal activists are champions of universal rights. Women, people of color, LGBTs, labor, the homeless, the poor, etc, are all of concern to animal activists, as the protection of animals and their welfare will always be less important to people than their own plights and troubles. Recognizing that simple fact, animal activists are tireless campaigners for the abused, the exploited, the unfairly treated, the underdogs.

And no matter how often we struggle for the rights of others, a common reaction is that those constituencies we work so hard for are ambivalent or even hostile to animal issues when we seek reciprocal help.

So I say to those white progressives who are pissed off at the black and Hispanic communities, “Now you know how we animal activists feel when you dismiss our concerns about fur, carnism, animal exploitation, trophy hunting, sealing, whaling, rodeos, bullfighting, dog racing, factory farms, the Animal Holocaust, puppy mills, carriage horses, roundups of wild horses, and the murders of wild animals in service to cattle ranchers.”

Don’t misunderstand me, I think you are perfectly justified in being pissed off. And you would be perfectly justified in washing your hands of issues that blacks and Hispanics feel are important.

But I hope you won’t.

Just as I hope you will remember the animal victims of oppression, injustice , and cruelty.

If there is any group of activists who would be justified in turning their backs on ungrateful, selfish, myopic, self-centered people who are oblivious to the plights of others, it would be animal activists.

They alone have the moral high ground. And they alone continue to work for people who do not care about animals.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read an article which explores the issue further, The Hierarchy of Horribles



Author’s Notes:

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5 thoughts on “Blacks and Hispanics Are Content With the Status Quo

  1. Too bad I’m Hispanic and care only about Hispanic causes. I would love to be white and go vegan so I can put animals first, but I’m not, so I don’t. I’ve thought about bringing up the topic at our secret Hispanic orthodoxy meetings, but my randomly determined ethnicity comes first. I’d write more, but I’m busily organizing my next carne asada.


  2. Where I live, the taquerias keep on increasing. I don’t know if there are more realtors or taqueria operators in our small town. The Hispanics set-up large, towable grills outside their establishments, and the odor of burning flesh travels for hundreds of meters. Many people–when they aren’t laboring to feed their large families or increasing the size of their families–care about futbol and beer and barbecues. At the center of weekend celebrations for many people are the pig and bovine.

    Another observation:

    I don’t know how long this auto commercial has been on television, because I actually detest television programing and restrict my viewing of television to select movies, but I saw a commercial this weekend for a particular automobile where the human driver is having a conversation with his two passenger canines who are in the back seat. Obviously, the human is doing all the talking and tells his canine passengers they aren’t having barbecue (for their next meal) because they had it the other day.

    Most people would view this commercial with little moral suspicion. I, on the other hand, see it as a heinous arrangement whereby one human earthling barbecues other food-designated earthlings for the enjoyment of the human earthling and his preferred canine earthlings.

    Final note:

    The message(s) advocated on this website is so fringe, it may as well be star light from a distant solar system.


    • There is no question that our message here is in a distinct minority. Even among animal activists it is rather leading edge. My purpose here is to radicalize the animal movement, to sow seeds of discontent with our progress, our plans, and our purpose.


      • Keep up the work, Roland. I enjoy reading your writings, though it may seem otherwise with some of my bizarre comments. Unfortunately, I don’t see much growth with this imagined (or envisioned) radicalized movement. I often think it will take the “greater” perfection of “analog” meat products (and dairy and egg) at a greater volume in conjunction with the message of animal cruelty before a change in perspective occurs. I don’t know that I endorse analog meat products, because I am unsure of their health benefits or risks. I do imagine this technology really taking off more in the ensuing decades, and when it becomes more cost-effective and profitable to manufacture these “substitutes,” I see this growing industry taking up more starkly the banner of animal cruelty. See, your message won’t be taken up fully until legitimate profits accompany it. Yes, we may be talking about a new capital influence.


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