Mexicans Bringing Abuse to the US

HorseTrippingRodeoMXcityThe US has quite enough of it’s own, thank you. We don’t need more!

by Marcia Mueller

We have discussed the abuse of horses as manifested by the Bureau of Land Management’s round-ups to accommodate the needs of ranchers for more grazing land. However, there are other horrendous abuses of horses taking place, and one of them is charreria, or horse tripping. This is an incredibly brutal “entertainment” that has found its way into western rodeos in the USA.
According to a description from, “Charreria is the official national sport of Mexico. But more than just a sport, it represents Mexican culture, tradition and history as it involves equestrian competitions in which horse riding, roping and cattle handling come in to play.”
And according to Charros Federation USA, that organization promotes “the art of charreria in the USA where culture and tradition is [sic] shared, bringing family and friends together in sportsmanship, honor, and animal welfare.”
So what is abusive in celebrating a national sport that brings family and friends together?
Basically, the event goes like this: A horse is shocked out of a chute and forced into a full gallop by the cowboys, or charros. Then the horse is lassoed by the hind legs (“piales en lienzo”) or the front legs (“piales en lienzo”).


Being jarred into a stop after being in full gallop brings the horses crashing to the ground. Not unexpectedly, the animals receive multiple severe injuries. Those include lacerations, dislocated joints, fractured bones (included spines), teeth, neck, as well as shoulder injuries. Along with those injuries is the unfortunate fact that the horses used for these rodeos are underfed, overused, and repeatedly roped. Some horses have been found with rope burns down to the bone. When horses try to escape by running and jumping fences, they are captured and returned to the arena as the crowd cheers.
There is more to the story. The horses used and abused for these events are often leased from the lots where killer buyers get horses for slaughter. If they survive a rodeo event, they may be sold for a few dollars and pushed onto transport truck, injuries and all, for a long trip to the slaughterhouse. If that trip is to Mexico and if they survive the journey, they are destined for an exceptionally brutal form of killing.
Fortunately, horse tripping has been banned in 11 states, including Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. However, attempts to circumvent animal cruelty regulations continue at county and local events, according to the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee. The ban to stop tripping is being fought by other groups such as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the American Quarter Horse Association, who claims a “voluntary” ban but does not want “regulation” involved.
All rodeo events involve animal cruelty, but charreria is one of the worst, and it needs to be permanently and universally outlawed in this country. Yes, it is a cultural tradition, but that is no excuse for the cruelty inflicted. Diversity brings many good things that our country can be proud of, but diversity in the form of more animal abuse is no cause for celebration.



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26 thoughts on “Mexicans Bringing Abuse to the US

  1. This cruelty has to stop !! My GOD !!! How can these cold hearted pieces of trash do this to a defenseless animal ??? And how can people actually watch it ??? May they ALL rot in HELL ….!!!


  2. Absolutely no horse tripping should be allowed in USA. I don’t give a damn what the Mexico culture is. It is barbaric, cruel and deadly to horses and should not occur in any country. But NO in USA!

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  3. I hope that the spirit of these horses vengeance comes hard on these people. No animals need this heart less treatment heartless human beings that dont deserve to be called humans.
    Mh sympathy and compassion goes out to them. 😂 😂 😂

    So sorry


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    • Rodeo commits similar atrocities. Calf roping is just as cruel as is horse tripping. Bull riders and bronco riders torment and hurt their rides as a matter of course. Horse tripping is particularly horrific because of the many deaths and injuries it causes.


  5. Culture and tradition are 2 convenient excuses for ongoing animal abuse, not to mention human rights issues. Most people don’t know of the existence of this “sport”, and many would deny it exists. We’ve all talked to people who think undercover videos are fakes. Closed eyes and closed minds; who needs ag-gag laws when the populace is so complacent. Canada is proud of the Calgary Stampede, and politicians fall over themselves to get photo-ops dressed as cowboys, denying that any thing is wrong with rodeo practices. It’s good for the economy, so bring on the chuckwagon races, and put up a tarp when horses are killed or mangled, and feed the people watching another cheap burger, and on to the next event. My theory has long been that the brutal exploitation of horses over centuries is partly a result of our subconscious knowledge that they are so much better than humans in every way. No matter how much we try to extract their beauty, grace, strength, nobility, and inner goodness, we remain pale shadows of what we try to be. Animal abusers of all types are psychos, but their seems to be an extra strain of savagery in those who torture horses, as if they’re trying to compensate for their deficiencies or show how strong they are. How else can you explain this treatment of the animal that allowed human progress to happen so much faster than it would have without their enforced servitude. Another case of no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to humans. No species deserves the treatment humans mete out, but you’d think equines would have built up enough goodwill to at least be spared the worse of it, but instead things seem to get worse for them. Swift had it right, the only decent society Gulliver visited was th one ruled by horses. Now that would be my idea of heaven.

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    • I totally agree. The people who organize these horrific “entertainments” do so for the profit. But the mindless audience who can’t seem to recognize abuse when they see it are equally guilty. The history of human abuse of horses is sickening–everything from overworking them to causing their suffering and death in the wars they didn’t start. We need to get the information out and recruit more people who will not tolerate it anymore.


  6. By taking part in horrific torture for entertainment they are demonstrating their woefull lack of I.Q. And E.Q., their utter degridation and outrageous selfishness, to allow it, is to become the catalyst for the spreading of the sickness.

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    • Yes Angie I agree, and it is up to people like you and me who have been there to help educate the masses, then welcome them with open arms. There is nothing wrong with a culture as long as it DOES NOT involve abuse of animals!!!!


  7. There is just more and more cruelty and torture by filthy human scum. Is there a petition we can sign and share to raise more awareness and get something done.


    • I do not put much stock in online petitions. To make an analogy, if a signature on an online petition were a bullet, a physical letter or a phone call would be a tactical nuclear weapon. Petitions are lazy activism and lull people into thinking they are actually accomplishing something. Moreover, most petitions are scams, designed to mine for personal data and build email and mailing lists.

      The purposes of this and other articles on the Armory blog are to define issues, motivate activists, and provide tools to educate allies and the public.


  8. Say NO to animal abuse. This is not a sport! We need advocates in “rodeo” states to bring this to their legislators and demand that it be outlawed, state by state. I too wonder where the Humane Society is.

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    On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Armory of the Revolution wrote:

    > Roland Vincent posted: ” by Marcia Mueller We have discussed the abuse of > horses as manifested by the Bureau of Land Management’s round-ups to > accommodate the needs of ranchers for more grazing land. However, there are > other horrendous abuses of horses taking place, and on” >


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