Political Correctness Run Amok. Denying Others the Right to Speak

trump+rally+attack+plannedPolitical pundits and media talking heads are making much of the demonstration that forced Donald Trump to postpone a rally in Chicago on Friday.

They are complaining of racism and divisiveness. Of fascism and intolerance. And all are quick to suggest that Donald Trump himself is to blame for the clashes of Trump supporters and protesters,

Curious that the discussion has not lead to concerns about free speech, the very cornerstone of American freedom and democracy.

Social media has been filled with rants against Trump and politicians pointing fingers at each other over the deteriorating public discourse, but I have yet to see any commentator or political leader frame the most basic issue these demonstrations present: who gets to exercise free speech in America?

“Politically correct” opponents of Trump engage in the most vile descriptions of him as a Nazi or a fascist as justification for attempts to silence him.

Few seem to remember the adage “I may disagree with what you say, but I would defend to the death your right to say it.” That sentiment exemplifies an underlying principle of American political thought and is a basis for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is a defining characteristic of American decency and fairness.

And it is in short supply among liberals and progressives who should know better. One would expect the troglodytes on the right to be the ones restricting others from speaking.

I am a former, and occasionally current, protester. I was part of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, I was in the streets fighting the Viet Nam war, I was savagely beaten by police, clubbed, arrested, jailed. I locked arms with Cesar Chavez. I marched with the UAW. I protested fur, vivisection, slaughter.

At no time did my comrades and I try to prevent others from speaking. The right of all to share their opinions is the cornerstone of freedom. We recognized that 45 years ago, and we recognize it today.

I am ashamed of anyone who would try to stop others from speaking or holding rallies.

Some have argued that it was Trump who postponed the rally and that he could have spoken had he wished.

That is entirely beside the point. The protesters went to the rally with the INTENT to deprive Trump the right to speak. They advertised that as the goal of the demo. They leafleted the campus asking others to join them in shutting down Trump’s rally. That he shut it down himself in the interest of preventing or provoking violence is hardly an excuse for achieving the very result intended.

Protesters cheered when the rally was cancelled. The bragged about it to the media, they have been crowing about their success online.

My take is that what they did is worse than whatever they were complaining about.

The political left seems to have elevated the idea of political correctness to a level that requires unacceptable speech to be violently opposed, or at the least, prevented.

The idea that being politically correct is more important than free speech is becoming the norm on the left. Such a position is substantially more dangerous than any free speech could possibly be. Being politically correct now approaches tyranny.

That message is far more draconian than anything Donald Trump has ever said. It borders on being evil.



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5 thoughts on “Political Correctness Run Amok. Denying Others the Right to Speak

  1. A pro-hunting troll on the VegNews Facebook page, Nicole Perry, tried to be politically correct by name-calling people for calling Sarah Gibson (a pro-natalist bully) a “retard.” So, animal killers oppose the word “retard” because they want to be politcally correct.


  2. It is amazing how effective and complete the brain washing of the American population is. The “accepted narrative” now is that Trump is a racist and a bigot and he needs to be shut down and not allowed to talk, and that is ALL he has done so far, talk, On the other side , there is no outrage or a call by the “progressive liberal” and “social justice warriors” , to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s events or shut her down, who by any definition of the term is a war criminal, as bad, maybe worse than her old boss Obama and on the payroll of Wall Street.

    Everyone is outraged that Trump has said he will deport immigrants while Obama administration, when Hillary was secretary of state deported immigrants at a much faster rate than Bush

    Or everyone is outraged that he again, just talked about killing “terrorists families”, which is really odd since Obama , while Hillary was his secretary of state and continuing to this day, expanded the drone wars beyond any neocons wet dream. A group of drone pilots turned whistle blowers, in an interview at Democracy Now! said that they referred to the children they killed as “Fun Sized Terrorist” or “cutting the grass before it gets too long”. Where is a the progressive liberal outrage there? Oh yeah, I forgot, that is done by the people that we like, so that is OK, besides why let facts get in a way of a good moral outrage.

    We no longer have a political discourse in this country, everything is about good vs. evil, oppressed vs the oppressor, advantaged vs the disadvantaged, and it is by design as it simplifies things and relieves people from the burden of thinking. And when you start from the premise that you are fighting pure evil, of course you would excuse any act and claim that any action, however vile and despicable, is justified no matter what the reality or facts are.
    It maybe useful to at least consider the following analysis by Noam Chomsky on the rise of Trump.

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