The Psychopaths Who Kill Your Bacon


There is no moral distinction between a grunt who works in animal agriculture and a grunt who worked in the Nazi death camps. Animal rights activists consider all sentient life to be equally valuable, and the only distinction between the two are man-made law and human mores.

No economic deprivation could possibly have justified being complicit in the murders of innocent Jews, Poles, and Gypsies.

And no economic deprivation can be proffered to justify participation in the enslavement, torture, and murders of innocent animals trapped in the food system.

Most slaughterhouse workers are impoverished or undocumented Hispanics, many recruited by Big Ag to enter the US illegally to become employed in animal agriculture. For every one of them who works for Big Ag, there are dozens who would take their place if a vacancy occurred.

Studies have been done on slaughter workers of the psychological effects of killing and dismembering animals as a vocation. There is more than ample evidence that engaging in brutality against animals makes brutality against humans easier to embrace and less likely to be controlled.

Domestic violence, spousal abuse, rape and violent crimes in neighborhoods surrounding slaughterhouses is well documented. Slaughterhouse workers are much more likely than are members of the general public to engage in violent crime.

Personally, my sympathies are with those who must live with the psychopaths who kill animals for a living. The wives, children, neighbors who must deal with their aggression and brutality. And of course with the animals that they murder.

Even more evil than are the workers in animal agriculture are the monsters who hire them, the businessmen who own the feedlots and the slaughterhouses, the capitalists who own the factory farms and the packing houses, the bankers who finance the misery, and the advertisers who mask the horrors to a gullible public.

The only impediment to raining down hell on all these criminals is practicality. Were we to employ vigilantism against Big Ag, the targets must be the most highly placed and consequential in carrying out the Animal Holocaust. Merely attacking the grunts and linemen would do nothing but see them replaced as fast as we eliminated them.

The goal should be to make sitting on the board of directors of a Big Ag corporation a very risky thing to do. It should be more risky to kill animals than not to kill them.

The enemy of animals is business. Profits. Capitalism. And the lobbyists who buy Members of Congress and Senators, who write legislation for them to sponsor, who set legislative agendas and create policy. And those same lobbyists and their owners are regularly appointed to positions and agencies which oversee their very industries. Among those appointees are Big Ag hacks running the Departments of Agriculture and Interior, running the Bureau of Land Management and Wildlife Services, which conduct the horrific wild horse roundups and the killing of wildlife for the cattle ranchers, respectively.

There is little to no chance that animals will be served by voting. Some minor impact on a few animals here and there might be achieved. But for most animal victims of Big Ag and human greed, there is no animal movement. There are no animal activists. There are no advocates. No saviors.

If it were children being brutalized and murdered, there would be no question of the moral imperative to intervene. But most people are speciesists, and believe that animal lives are unimportant, and that animals are here for humans to exploit.

Animal Rights activists believe animals have the same right to live, the same right to be free of slavery, exploitation, torture, and murder as we humans claim for ourselves.

For us, direct action to save animals is a moral imperative. The cautionary tale is in success to fight again. To avoid capture. To exponentially amplify our personal impact on those who murder animals.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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5 thoughts on “The Psychopaths Who Kill Your Bacon

  1. From the greedy CEOs to the savages who beat crippled pigs to death with a pipe, they defile the planet by their presence. Unfortunately, they’re so replaceable. They’re dime-a-dozen bipeds as a species and product of capitalism.

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  2. Animal advocacy remind me of the saying “the seed never sees the flower.” Activists will never see the revolution, the results of our work, in our lifetime. But we will do what it takes to create a better world for other animals. If, in our arrogance and greed, we destroy the planet and take all life with us, then at least humanity will cause no more pain.

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