Anti-Trump Hysteria

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The political and economic establishment is in convulsions over the prospect of Bernie Sanders being the Democratic nominee.

They are having similar convulsions at the prospect of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee.

The reasons are the same. Both Sanders and Trump would wrest control of their parties from the oligarchs, lobbyists, special interests and Wall Street.

The conventional wisdom is that they will be able to defeat Sanders through superdelegates and the black vote. Sanders is currently behind Clinton in delegates, so most of their panic is focused upon Donald Trump, who is winning the Republican race.

What is at stake for the establishment is their ownership of the Republican party. For decades, the Republican party has been led by politicians beholden to Wall Street and billionaires.

Trump is undoing all that.

Anti-Trump forces have spent over $35 million attacking him in campaign ads. Political pundits and media talking heads are hammering Trump on the air. Liberals are being spoon-fed talking points about how racist and misogynistic Trump is, the left is being fanned into a fever that fascism is on the march, the politically correct are puffing their chests in righteousness.

All are doing the bidding of Wall Street, whether they know it or not.

Hillary is a Wall Street candidate, firmly in the pocket of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Wall Street would love her as president.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz is in bed with Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, as is John Kasich.

Wall Street would love one of their own, either Cruz or Kasich, as president as well.

Who are jeopardizing Wall Street owning the next president? Sanders and Trump!

Who is their current target? Donald Trump.

Only problem for Wall Street and the oligarchs is that the voters are not buying their propaganda.



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3 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Hysteria

  1. When it comes to Germany and Europe what is missing is an honest discussion in the middle ground between xenophobia and racism and the very real concerns about how to deal with thousands of migrants/refugees of a different culture that are arriving quickly with different levels of education and language skills and the effects this will have on the host country. There will be a huge social service commitment that must continue even if there is an economic downturn in a country that is doing well but still has unemployment. There is also the issue of a population that is not always eager to assimilate. Just playing the race card and xenophobia card is unfair and simplistic.


  2. It is not just liberals who recognize Trump as a misogynist. A conservative super-PAC has starting airing ads, using Trump’s own words, exposing his attitudes, which give conservatives a bad name and threaten to reduce the appeal of Republican candidates.

    You have been justifying your support for Trump by describing him as a populist. Clearly the 19th-Century movement of farmers victimized by real estate speculators has nothing in common with Trump, whose fortune mostly comes from real estate speculation. So I assume you are referring to the rise of anti-immigrant parties in Europe, which are often described as in English as populist, and, like Trump, are running against the conservative establishment. For example, the Alternative for Germany, which recently did well in German state elections, descibed as follows by Der Spiegel:

    “You don’t have to like the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the country’s rising anti-immigrant, right-wing populist party. You can repudiate their positions and fight against them. You can even call into question the veracity of the party’s name: Thus far, the AfD hasn’t offered up much of an alternative at all, at least not one that goes beyond churlish negation. The party is against [German chancelleor Angela] Merkel, against refugees, against the media, against the euro and against Islam.”

    The German Volkspartei can be translated as populist party, but in German politics the term Volk can mean not just people, but one’s own ethnic group, as in the notorious National Socialist slogan Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer. It may be premature to describe you and other Trump supporters as full-blown fascists, but the connection is there.


    • You seem to be doing an admirable job of carrying water for the anti-Trump crowd. It is in vogue amongst the easily agitated to come up with the most tenuous and vague parallels between Trump and European fascists. And it is no surprise that the far right is trying to take Trump down to clear a path for that fascist lunatic Ted Cruz. But Cruz is off limits for attack by the establishment because he is owned by Goldman Sachs. Citigroup, Big Oil, and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).

      Trump is a problem for the political establishment and its owners because he cannot be controlled by them or forced to do their bidding. He is an economic populist in a similar vein to George Wallace and Huey Long. He is not a conservative as understood by dogmatic right wingers. He is certainly appealing to their xenophobia and conservative social concerns, but unlike the zealots on the right, he is not holding their social values hostage to the economic interests of Wall Street.

      It would be helpful if you actually defined what you mean by fascism. It certainly isn’t funny salutes and brownshirts. But neither is it political discourse you find unpalatable. According to Mussolini, a rather reliable source of information on the subject, fascism is the merger of state and corporate power. By that definition, we became a fascist state under Woodrow Wilson.


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