Sporting Weapons Kill Animals, Assault Weapons Kill Paper Targets

assault weapon

Speciesists rail about assault weapons having no purpose other than to kill people, the unmentioned implication being that it is perfectly alright to own other weapons and to kill animals with them.

No one hunts animals with assault weapons, but hundreds of millions of animals are murdered with shotguns, rifles, and bows.

Doesn’t that suggest something to animal activists and those opposed to allowing psychopaths to commit serial killings of fellow Earthlings?

It should suggest we must redefine our goals in seeking gun control, gun safety legislation, and the purpose of the Second Amendment. I have no problem with laws restricting hunting, carrying, and purchasing of guns.

I do not believe we should restrict people from purchasing and owning guns. But I think the guns that people should be able to purchase and own should be assault weapons.

The NRA and most gun nuts are fond of advancing the idea that the Founding Fathers crafted the Second Amendment to provide the people with the ability to withstand and oppose tyranny. In that, they are perfectly correct.

But logic would dictate that if opposition to tyranny and self defense are the constitutional rationales for possessing firearms, restrictions on other uses of firearms are constitutionally permissible. And that is certainly well settled law.

For example, it is illegal in most jurisdictions to shoot people.

The shooting of wild animals could similarly be banned. And such bans would neither contravene the US Constitution nor infringe on the intent of the Founding Fathers to provide the people with the tools to defend themselves, their families, and their communities.

And for those of us who see revolution as the only answer to ending capitalism and the Animal Holocaust, we believe it would be extremely helpful if there were a well armed public!



Author’s Notes:

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6 thoughts on “Sporting Weapons Kill Animals, Assault Weapons Kill Paper Targets

  1. What makes you think “No one hunts animals with assault weapons”? There are lots of articles in hunting magazines on this subject. Here’s an example:

    “AR rifles have grown immensely in popularity, and with good reason. These light-recoiling, durable semiautos make sense not only for military and law enforcement applications, but also for self-defense, competition and target shooting. ARs also make excellent hunting rifles, and there are a growing number of hunters who rely on their ARs to put meat in the freezer.

    “Today, many companies offer ARs that are great for hunting deer. They offer adjustable stocks, different sighting options and the fastest follow-up shot in the business. If you’re thinking of purchasing an AR for your next deer hunt, there are plenty from which to choose.”

    Read more:

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    • ARs are semiautomatic rifles, distinguishable from other semiautomatics only in their cosmetic appearance. True assault weapons are fully automatic. While currently illegal, I support their legalization, and at the same time would ban all rifles shotguns, and handguns.


  2. These are my exact thoughts. I’m ex-US Army Infantry and I tell people, “I have guns, but I don’t kill animals.” Unfortunately, there are very few vegans and even fewer who put animal liberation at any cost above their own karma. They are happy to be passive, morally superior vegans who believe/hope humanity will somehow evolve.

    We need an animal liberation Che Guevara.

    Just yesterday, I was checking out weapons systems online and taking perfectly good tactical advice from people who hate vegan AR/AL “hippies” like me. I’m not shocked and dismayed to find that they eat meat, and I leave no “shock-and-outrage” comments. We can’t wait for Gary Yourofsky or Banana Girl to eventually show us how to modify a Colt Model 6920.

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  3. II believe in the Second Amendment and it should be left in place and allow law biding citizens to protect themselves and their families from any harm!!!! I BELIEVE that if ANYBODY crosses the threshold of my home WITHOUT my permission should be issued a warning shot in the air first, and if they continue their aggression I should have the right to shoot that perpetrator with NO FEAR OF REPERCUSSION FROM THE LAW!! I ALSO BELIEVE thorough background checks are necessary, but we also need vigilantes on the streets regularly to stop any intrusions!! We need anybody who enters this country to be detained until they are thoroughly checked and not allow people to cross our borders unless legally!!!! Ellis Island should be the only point of entry!!!!!!! We need to educate our police properly of the correct way to approach an animal!!!! One shot in the air would more than likely scare ANY NORMAL animal (unless deaf)!! BOTTOM LINE WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BEAR ARMS but we all must realize GUNS KILL and we must respect their deadly consequences!!!!!!!!!


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