WTF is Wrong with Liberals?


The dog whistlers can certainly get liberals stirred up! One need only observe the vitriol being heaped upon Donald Trump.

Apparently, suspected xenophobia and politically incorrect comments by Trump are far more grave offenses against humanity than are the murders of innocent civilians under the direction of Hillary Clinton.

Liberals have an odd system of values. Offend some ethnic or religious constituency and one is deemed to be following in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler, but support murdering people in civil wars or bombing innocent civilians and one is considered to be experienced in foreign affairs.

The attacks on Trump by liberals are even more baffling considering whom Trump is running against in the Republican primaries: Ted Cruz.

Cruz is a right wing ideologue, opposed to government in general and socialist government in particular. He is as indebted to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street as is Hillary Clinton.

Unlike Cruz, Trump is indebted to no one. He opposes cronyism, lobbyists and special interests owning the government.

And on the two issues that should be the most important to the political left, trade and military interventionism, Trump is further to the left than is Hillary Clinton.

Trump opposes trade agreements. Hillary supports them.

Trade agreements have done irreparable damage to the environment, closed 60,000 US factories, cost Americans millions of jobs, overridden US labor and environmental laws, and dramatically increased the slaughter of animals by making it easier and more profitable to do so without the inconvenience of complying with US animal cruelty standards (such as they are).

On military interventionism, Trump opposes the US inserting itself in foreign civil wars, skirmishes and disputes, while Hillary Clinton has been a cheerleader for a neo-con US foreign policy that is indistinguishable from that of George W Bush.

Hillary’s fingerprints are to be found on regime changes in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. All of which cost American treasure and foreign lives, many of whom were innocent women and children.

That liberals overlook the conduct of Hillary Clinton to focus upon the conduct of Donald Trump would be humorous were it not so troubling.

What do liberals actually believe in? What is important to them?

Liberals now seem to embrace political correctness rather than philosophical substance.

Liberals seem to accept the most heinous atrocities and violations of human rights so long as they are committed by those who claim to be their leaders.

How else can one explain liberal silence about drone strikes, the Patriot Act, murdering Moammar Qaddafi, the slaughter of innocents in Syria and Libya?

How can one explain the Trans Pacific Partnership except to acknowledge that multinational corporations write America’s laws and conduct America’s foreign policy?

My differences with Donald Trump are substantive, not ridiculously trivial matters of political correctness.

Trump is a Christian. I am an atheist.
Trump is a capitalist. I am a socialist.
Trump wants to build a border wall. I favor open borders.
Trump opposes Muslim immigration. I favor embracing refugees.
Trump opposes abortion. I believe in choice.
Trump wants to build the military, I want to reduce it.
Trump supports hunting. I oppose it.

That said, Trump is closer to the political left on trade and military adventurism than is anyone running for president as a Democrat or a Republican except Bernie Sanders.

But perhaps the most important issue of all is corporate ownership of the US government by Wall Street, the Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex, et al.

As Jimmie Carter has observed, the US is now an oligarchy. Almost entirely due to campaign bribes and gifts to public officials,

Trump was one of the bribers, he knows how it works, he has names, dates, favors! And he is calling out his fellow crony capitalists on the whole system. He threatens the existence of the corporate state.

That threat is fueling the reaction of the establishment to the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican nominee. Trump taking over the Republican party is a disaster in itself for Wall Street and the special interests, but that he might become president has them apoplectic.

Trump is far to the left of Clinton on this, and he is very close to Bernie Sanders on the issue of special interests buying politicians and the government itself.

I am supporting Sanders for president, as he is the most viable leftist seeking the presidency.

But if Hillary Clinton is nominated, I will be supporting Trump.

Politically incorrect. But correct on trade and foreign policy.

And if liberals would stop vaping political correctness, they would see that Trump is closer to them than they ever realized.

Or maybe they already realize it, and are terrified that their own prejudices are just below the surface as well.



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9 thoughts on “WTF is Wrong with Liberals?

  1. You referenced the “sovereignty” of the United States in a previous post, yet you “favor open borders.”

    What does it mean to “favor open borders”? How does this affect the sovereignty of the U.S.?

    I actually believe the world may be borderless in future, but many things would have to happen before this occurs, which includes the installment of a federal international government.

    We aren’t ready for open borders–whatever this means–and most people aren’t ready for veganism.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I support a world government. I would require veganism if I could. I also would abolish the ownership of real property. None are likely to occur in my lifetime. Humans will probably go extinct before such radical ideas gain a toehold.


  2. RV- another Trump advantage: he is neutral on Israel/Palestine and hopefully wont cater to the ISRAEL lobby and help those in occupied territories. BUT, if Sanders doesnt get it, i will probably vote for Stein.


    • Whom one votes for depends on what one wishes to see accomplished. I would hope the voting public’s priority were to be voting in the best interests of the animals. Of course, that is unlikely to happen, as even animal activists are not likely to vote in the animals’ interests.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with your observations on Trump, and that Cruz is actually a more frightening candidate. I’m a member of the Green Party and support Bernie Sanders whole-heartedly. I have been a follower of Bernie since I lived in Massachusetts in the late 90’s – he would give weekly “conversations” on our local public radio station and his political stance has not changed in those 20 years. I’m glad he’s getting his message out to the masses now. But I’m also frustrated that here in CA we don’t vote until June and even if I were to register as a Dem in order to vote in the primary, will it matter?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I would urge you to register Democrat. But not just to vote for Sanders. The American political system is rigged to make third parties impotent, and nowhere more so than in California. Third party nominees do not even appear on general election ballots! The top two vote-getters in the primaries are the only candidates from whom general election voters may choose. Usually, that means just the Democrat and the Republican, but in heavily Democrat and Republican districts, the top two can be of the same party.

      Registering as a third party candidate in California, or anywhere in the US, is to deal oneself out of the process. It is to throw away one’s vote.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You must have heard my conversation with my grandson yesterday. We must be on the same dimension, Roland. This is exactly what I told him yesterday. Thanks for posting..

    Liked by 1 person

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