Corporate Interests Own the US Government

CONGRESSEvery president since the progressive Teddy Roosevelt has been a conservative Republican or a Wall Street Democrat.

The Republicans and the Wall Street Democrats differed on social issues, but were in total agreement when it came to capitalism and to corporate control of government.

In recent years Reagan, Pappy Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama all appointed industry lobbyists and executives to Departments and regulatory agencies that were responsible for overseeing the very industries the appointees came from.

There is a revolving door for bankers to go to Treasury, Big Ag hacks to be appointed to Agriculture and Interior, Wall Street insiders go to Commerce and Labor, Big Pharma lobbyists to the FDA, Big Oil executives to Energy, military contractors to Defense, etc.

No matter who is president, corporate America runs the country.

Those who work in regulatory agencies should be prevented from returning to their posts as lobbyists and executives.

Similarly, Members of Congress, Senators , and their staffs should be banned from becoming lobbyists or working in industries that contributed to their campaigns or offices.

Time for a lifetime ban on any government employee becoming a lobbyist or working in the industry they regulated.

It is time to end the farce. Time for real change. Time to throw the bums out and re-institute actual government of the people.

No more Republicans. No more Wall Street Democrats.

Time for Bernie Sanders.




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3 thoughts on “Corporate Interests Own the US Government

  1. The owning of the government by corporate interests shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Our schools are becoming more and more owned by corporate interests. The value of any human being is the use he may be to business and trade. We could make the same observation about the animals we own. If weren’t able to identity a use for them, we wouldn’t own them. Most people don’t own cockroaches because they can’t determine a use for them.

    Is there a cockroach sanctuary anywhere?

    I think most vegans still crush cockroaches. I guess it’s hard to see a face on a cockroach.


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