Hillary is More Conservative than Trump and W on Trade and Foreign Policy


The Democratic National Committee, Democratic officials, and the lobbyists and political hacks who support Hillary Clinton are unanimous in calling for Democrats to rally around the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination. They, of course, presume and expect that nominee to be Hillary.

Sanders supporters are unimpressed with the call to eventually support Hillary. They have been fighting Hillary’s owners since Bernie entered the race, and have no motivation to embrace Hillary and her lobbyist friends.

They propagandists for Wall Street and the political establishment are churning out apocalyptic scenarios of a Donald Trump presidency to frighten and coerce progressives, and to convince them to throw in with Hillary because the alternative, Donald Trump, is too scary a possibility to contemplate.

The Republican political establishment is already panicked at the prospect of a Trump nomination. Unlike Ted Cruz, who is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, Big Oil, and the pharmaceutical lobby, Trump is beholden to no one.

A Trump presidency offers no guarantee that the revolving door between Wall Street and the US government will continue to be open. That it will continue to revolve under Clinton is a certainty.

For decades, the Republican party has been a reliable mouthpiece for Wall Street, Big Oil, the military-industrial complex, et al. Rank and file voters had little control over the party or its leaders, and were frustrated that the only voice they had was through establishment politicians who paid lip service to their conservative social agendas.

Trump has profoundly changed that dynamic. And in doing so has made enemies of all who cannot bribe or control him.

Substantive evaluation of Trump’s positions has been obliterated in the rhetoric of establishment generated hysteria at the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican nominee, or, even worse for the establishment, the next president.

The establishment has enlisted unthinking and easily manipulated people to protest Trump, disrupt his rallies, demonize his supporters, misrepresent his positions, and attempt to thwart his candidacy.

For Hillary and the people who own her, it is in their interests to obscure Trump’s positions on the two issues most important to progressives and liberals, the issues that have driven Bernie Sanders meteoric campaign: trade and military interventionism.

On both issues, Hillary is substantially to the right of Donald Trump!

Trade agreements have done irreparable damage to the environment, closed 60,000 US factories, cost Americans millions of jobs, overridden US labor and environmental laws, and dramatically increased the slaughter of animals by making it easier and more profitable to do so without the inconvenience of complying with US animal cruelty standards (such as they are).

On military interventionism, Trump opposes the US inserting itself in foreign civil wars, skirmishes and disputes, while Hillary Clinton has been a cheerleader for a neo-con US foreign policy that is indistinguishable from that of George W Bush.

Hillary’s fingerprints are to be found on regime changes in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. All of which cost American treasure and foreign lives, many of whom were innocent women and children.

In light of Hillary’s record as a neo-con hawk, and a supporter of almost all trade agreements she has weighed in on, any liberal support for Clinton is a mystery.

Whether the establishment machine will be able to succeed in coercing Sanders voters to support Hillary is, fortunately, not yet an issue. Hillary hasn’t won the nomination yet.

But it would be very helpful if Democratic officeholders who are up for re-election, and prospective Democratic challengers to Republican Senators and Members of Congress, were put on notice that liberals and progressives will abandon Hillary if she is nominated. And in doing so will likely dim the prospects of Democrats down the ballot.

Liberals and progressives have absolutely nothing to gain with a Hillary Clinton presidency, and nothing to lose if Trump is elected.

Bernie Sanders political revolution has just begun. Growing the revolution will not be possible if the Wall Street Democrats are allowed to retain control of the Democratic party. It is in the interests of women, people of color, environmentalists, occupiers, the middle class, the working poor, veterans, students, teachers, veterans, unions, to throw Hillary and her owners under the bus.

For decades both political parties have been owned and controlled by Wall Street and special interests. This year it is possible that neither of them will be. But only if we do not buy the Democratic establishment’s propaganda.



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