Hillary: Worse for Animals than Donald Trump!

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 06: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers remarks after being presented the 2013 Tom Lantos Human Rights Prize December 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. Clinton received the award for her work in the areas of women's rights and internet freedom. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about animals, but of he would be a better president for the animals than would anyone other than Bernie Sanders.

The very worst for the animals would be Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz. Both are corporatists, both are owned by and controlled by Wall Street and Big Agriculture. Neither would cross their financial base with demands to end wild horse roundups, killing wildlife for cattle ranchers, or forcing the slaughter industries to slow their production lines. Neither would oppose subsidies to the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Both would appoint Big Ag operatives to run the Departments of Agriculture and Interior.

Not so Bernie Sanders nor Donald Trump, as neither is indebted to Big Ag.

That single fact alone is ample justification to reject Clinton in favor of either. It means that animal activists would have the possibility of impacting policies under President Sanders or President Trump. Under Hillary we would have no more effect than we have had influencing President Obama.

I support Bernie Sanders for president, as he is the only leftist in the race. If he is nominated, I believe he will be the next president of the United States.

But if Bernie is not nominated, I will be supporting Donald Trump.

Why? Because the animals will fair better under Trump than under Clinton.

Hillary is the status quo. And the status quo is a nightmare for animals.

She has indicated she will continue Obama’s policies. All of them? Wild horse roundups, the killing of wildlife for the cattle ranchers, the drone strikes that kill innocent civilians, the appointing of industry executives and lobbyists to regulatory positions within the government which oversee their very industries, the sell out of the environment to Royal Dutch Shell, the massive deportations of undocumented Hispanics? And the Trans Pacific Partnership?

Trump and Sanders oppose the TPP. Hillary has favored NAFTA, trade deals with China, Korea, and Viet Nam. She called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade agreements until Sanders entered the race against her. Then she decided that there were “problems” with it, not specifying what they are or what she will do about them.

Trade agreements make it easier and more profitable to kill animals. They encourage and reward live export. They make it cheaper to produce corpses. They override US cruelty standards, such as they are. They make it impossible for the US to ban the import of even the most horribly exploited and slaughtered creatures.

And trade agreements cost the lives of hundreds of millions of animals annually!

The differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are fundamental, and profound. And on trade, Sanders voters are much closer to Donald Trump than they are to Hillary Clinton.

Which is why trade will be the penultimate issue in the general elections, and why Donald Trump would be my candidate if Bernie is not nominated.

Until Donald Trump, the GOP was the party of free trade agreements, military adventurism, cutting capital gains taxes, corporate welfare, tax loopholes, trickle-down economics, super pacs, and lobbyist influence in campaigns and government.

No more.

Trump has ignored establishment orthodoxy and repudiated establishment priorities.

Trump has been able to take his message condemning military intervention and perpetual war to the people without the need to raise campaign money from the arms manufacturers, munitions lobbyists, warship builders, and the aircraft industry.

Trump has been able to fight trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because he does not need bribes from multinational corporations, Wall Street, and banking lobbyists.

Trump is too rich to be bribed and doesn’t need to steal.

The political establishment is consumed with angst at the prospect that Sanders or Trump, or both, might be nominated by their respective parties. As Trump is currently the clear leader to win his party’s nomination, most of the fire is directed at him.

We see the political talking heads decrying Trump as a racist, a misogynist, a fascist, etc. We see orchestrated attacks on Trump’s rallies, super PACS are spending billions of dollars in an attempt to force a brokered Republican convention. All orchestrated by those who will lose power and influence if Trump is nominated.

Animal activists must not be distracted from our goal of improving the lives of animals and preventing as much cruelty and death as we can. We must ignore the hysteria and the rhetoric being created by the very enemies of animals whom we are fighting.

Trump is not the issue. The issue is what is best for the animals. I care about the animals who will be saved if he is elected. And the ones who will die if Hillary is.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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40 thoughts on “Hillary: Worse for Animals than Donald Trump!

  1. (1994) James Blair, Tyson’s general counsel, and his wife, Diane, a political scientist, are old friends of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and slept at the White House the night of the Clinton inauguration. Tyson has long been represented by the Rose Law Firm, Mrs. Clinton’s former firm.

    Don Tyson, meanwhile, has been a loyal Clinton backer for years, flying him around Arkansas on Tyson aircraft and picking up the tab for many meals, including a dinner party last year at Nora, a trendy Washington restaurant.

    Mr. Tyson’s company obtained nearly $8 million in state tax breaks for plant expansions during the 1980s, while state regulators under then-Gov. Clinton took a relaxed attitude toward water pollution from Tyson’s plants and contract growers, local environmentalists say. Mr. Clinton received campaign contributions from Tyson executives and family members, including $22,000 for his presidential campaign in 1991 and 1992; they also donated an additional $12,000 to Democratic Party organizations.


    The issue of government inaction in response to a deteriorating water supply is one that should be familiar to Hillary Clinton. In Arkansas, her husband was the target of criticism for standing idly by as the state’s powerful chicken industry contaminated the drinking water supply for 300,000 people with 500,000 tons of chicken waste from northwest Arkansas.

    Tyson Foods, which remains as strong today as it was during the years Clinton was in the governor’s mansion, was seen by many as the cause for the deterioration of Arkansas’ White River.

    The way chicken farmers were disposing of waste was filling Arkansas streams with “fecal bacteria.” It also resulted in high levels of nitrates in the water, known to cause blue baby syndrome and cancer, according to the Washington Post.



    Under the guidance of an attorney representing Tyson Foods, Hillary Clinton made a $98,540 profit from a $1,000 initial investment in less than one year trading commodity futures. While $98,540 may not seem like much money relative to the Clinton family’s wealth today, it exceeded Bill and Hillary’s combined annual income at the time.

    …The factor that makes the cattle futures scandal relevant is that Hillary Clinton received her trading advice from Tyson Food’s outside counsel. Tyson was a major agricultural producer in Arkansas and had numerous issues that Attorney General and later Governor Bill Clinton could affect.
    One such issue involved enforcement of environmental regulations affecting Tyson’s chicken-processing plants. It can be costly for factory farmers to properly dispose of chicken manure, but the failure to do so can cause serious damage. This was demonstrated by an incident at the company’s Green Forest plant in northwest Arkansas. As The New York Times reported in March 1994:

    In 1977, the state pollution control agency reissued the license for Tyson’s Green Forest plant on the condition that the company meet with city officials to work out a plan for treating its wastes. But the state never enforced the order, and in May 1983, the waste from the plant seeped into the town’s drinking water. Residents became ill, and 15 months later Governor Clinton declared the town a disaster area.

    So it is possible to link Tyson’s support for the Clintons to water contamination, an ironic circumstance given Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Governor Rick Snyder’s handling of the Flint water crisis.

    The Times also reported, “During Mr. Clinton’s tenure in Arkansas, Tyson benefited from a variety of state actions, including $9 million in government loans, the placement of company executives on important state boards and favorable decisions on environmental issues.”



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  2. This is some straight-up ignorant blather right here. Trump better for animals? A) He wants to dismantle the EPA. B) He’s all gung-ho about drilling for oil in national parks and forests. C) USE YOUR BRAIN. He is NOT better for animals. This is just an obscene distortion of the facts. Also, D), Hillary and Tim Kaine are anti-TPP. But you can go ahead and throw your vote away on Donald Trump, ensuring if he’s elected that all of your gay, Muslim, African American, Latino, and every other group that isn’t white-straight-evangelical-christian friends get marginalized. Feel good about yourself when that happens.


    • You do not pay close attention to things,do you? Just 2 weeks ago, Kaine was praising the TPP. Hillary had her delegates vote down Bernie’s proposed plank in the Democratic platform to oppose the TPP. Why do you suppose she did that?
      As for “marginalizing” people, how exactly does one do that? Same with dismantling the EPA or drilling in National Parks. Cannot happen without the approval of Congress. Did you take US government in high school? You do know that Congress is made up of the House and the Senate, right? And that both have to pass legislation before the president can sign it? How is that going to work with a Republican House and a Democratic Senate?
      Instead or spewing the establishment propaganda, you ought to look at whom is creating the propaganda before you repeat it.

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    • “Donald Trump is an unprecedented threat to our nation’s democracy, health, wildlife and environment. He must not be allowed to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, gut the Clean Air Act and Endangered Species Act, conduct mass deportations, eliminate regulations protecting poor communities from pollution, take away our reproductive freedom, or force millions to live in fear.”

      from: Center for Biological Diversity–


  3. What bad reasoning. If Trump is elected and the Repubs retain control of the the House and Senate it is very likely many of our animal protection laws will be eviscerated, including the Endangered Species Act (ESA), clean water act and and protections for our wild lands and national parks, to name just a few. It is very possible Trump will appoint Trump Jr. – an avid hunter – as Secretary of the Interior. If you think Trump would be easy to influence regarding animal protection you are truly insane. Most Radical Animal Rights blog on Earth? Not with this kind of reasoning.


    • Statistically it is almost impossible for the Republicans to retain the Senate. In fact, Jill Stein has a better chance of being elected president than the Republicans have of holding the Senate.
      The revolving door between Big Ag and appointments to Interior and Agriculture under W and Obama has given us anti-animal scumbags running both Departments. Donald Trump, Jr, would be no worse than any of them.
      It is my fervent hope that Trump appoints his animal murdering son as Secretary of the Interior. Such a move would place animal protection and animal rights in the national limelight. Never in the history of the modern animal movement have we been presented with the opportunity to command a national debate. A Trump appointment of a trophy hunter should be our wet dream.

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    • Most animal activists love animals. But many do not love them quite enough.
      Not quite enough to stop eating them. Not quite enough to avoid voting for their enemies. Not quite enough to even bother to find out who those enemies are.
      Most animal activists are politically liberal. As such, they tend to listen to liberal pundits and politicians. And they tend to drink liberal Kool Aid.
      A perfect example is the near unanimity of opinion among animal people that Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, etc.
      The beneficiary of this opinion is Hillary Clinton.
      And animal activists who buy the propaganda about Trump do not love animals quite enough to take a hard look at Hillary Clinton.
      Many are swept up in the euphoria of the potential that we will have a woman president. Many just have priorities that are more important to them than are the animals. Many are swayed by family, by celebrities, by the media.
      Few seem influenced by the animals.
      Because if animals influenced how animal activists voted, nearly every animal activist would be supporting Donald Trump.
      Not because Trump cares about animals. He doesn’t.
      Not because he is enlightened about animal suffering and exploitation. He isn’t.
      That is almost a billion animals in his first term.
      To put that in perspective, the entire worldwide animal movement has only saved about 50 million animals over the last 50 years!
      Trump would save 20 times that number with the stroke of a pen!
      Trump has promised to abrogate our trade agreements.
      Trade agreements cause the murders of hundreds of millions of animals each year. Trade agreements make animal copses cheaper to produce and more profitable. US corporations use Third World labor and non-existent food safety and anti-cruelty laws to close American meat packing plants and slaughterhouses and then import the corpses to the US for sale. American workers lose jobs. American consumers buy meat produced in violation of Us labor laws, Us environmental laws, and US anti-cruelty laws. The trade agreements even require that the US ban Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer backlash and boycotts. Last year, the Obama administration passed the ban on Country of Origin labeling!
      Trump’s opposition to trade agreements has been the mainstay of his campaign. And Bernie Sanders’ campaign as well.
      As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton negotiated the Trans Pacific Partnership, the Mother of All Trade Agreements. Clinton called it the “gold standard of trade agreements.” Once Bernie entered the race, Hillary recanted her support for TPP.
      The TPP will cause the murders of several billion animals each year. And it appears Hillary Clinton is positioning herself to embrace the TPP if she is elected.
      Hillary instructed her delegates to block Bernie Sanders call to make opposition to the TPP part of the Democratic platform.
      The Republican are officially opposed to the TPP, the Democrats are not!
      The bottom line for animal activists is that Hillary Clinton will enforce our existing trade agreements, and may well embrace the TPP.
      Donald Trump will abrogate our trade agreements and save more animals than has any person in history.
      Not rocket science, folks!
      If you vote for Hillary you are dooming almost a billion animals to death.
      I doubt the animals would consider you an ally. Because you are not.
      You become one of the animals biggest enemies.

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      • BTW, HSUS does not endorse candidates. You are perhaps referring to a rating she was given while a US Senator.
        Political posturing for votes is quite different once one is taking bribes from Big Ag, Big Pharma, and the multinational corporations that now own her. Hillary’s position on trade agreements now makes anything she ever uttered about animal welfare to be a joke.
        On climate change, Hillary will be as deficient as Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t believe the science. Clinton believes the science but puts fracking ahead of the environment.
        Truth be told, no one would be able to impact climate change as president. Not even Bernie Sanders, who was not beholden to the fossil fuel industries. We can never rein in human destruction of the environment so long as we live under capitalism.
        Trump doesn’t believe there’s a problem. Hillary knows there’s a problem that cannot be solved and lies about it. Hardly the moral high ground!

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  4. I think WTO does have a say in agreements if one party chooses to go to court. Im no expert but I think chinahas the US by the balls so to speak. https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/region_e/region_e.htm . About his military opinion he sucks hes a draft dodger for one thing and he says he would bomb Islamic state areas with nukes! Hes terrible and Hillary would be much better. honestly? They all suck but i choose Bernie or Hillary. We kill millions of animals in our own country without China’s help. lets not even talk about women’s right with Trump.


  5. Trump is for restricting abortion rights which could result in less abortions which would result in more people being born and more animals being eaten

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      • You don’t know what you are talking about. The Supreme Court could overturn the right to abortion by interpreting the Constitution differently. That is one of the reasons why the Supreme Court appointments by the President are so important regarding who you vote for. If Trump gets to appoint enough Supreme Court nominees abortion rights will be overturned. He has already stated he will appoint Justices opposed to abortion.


      • After last month’s unanimous decision by the Supreme Court overturning former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s conviction for corruption, any suggestion that there are progressives on this court has been soundly refuted. The justices endorsed political corruption as the norm, and gave a green light to bribery of public officials. The entire court is made up of corporatists who differ slightly on social issues.

        Basing one’s vote upon any illusion that Hillary Clinton would appoint one or more progressives to the court is laughable. But there is nothing funny about her penchant for military belligerence, her support of trade agreements, her opposition to universal healthcare, her support of the death penalty, and her opposition to legalizing marijuana.

        If Trump is president and appoints a Scalia-type replacement for Antonin Scalia, we won’t be in any worse shape that we were a few months ago.

        It is preposterous to presume that Hillary Clinton will appoint a progressive to the Supreme Court. Neither Bill Clinton nor Barack Obama ever did, and Hillary is substantially more conservative than either her husband or Obama.

        On the most important issue of the day, money influencing government, the Supreme Court is a rubber stamp for the oligarchy. Decisions granting personhood to corporations, determining that money is free speech, that corruption is acceptable, all make the Supreme Court the enemy of the American people, and the ally of Wall Street and those who own Congress.

        The Hillary campaign is using smoke and mirrors to frame the importance of judicial nominations as progressive versus conservative, when in fact, the appointments will all be corporatist, with a little social issue drama as the dog-and-pony show.

        The Democrats will most assuredly retake the Senate, providing an oversight of Trump judicial nominations, at least affording public scrutiny of their positions on social issues. And Trump will almost assuredly be a one term president. Democrats will nominate and elect a true progressive in 2020. If Hillary is elected, we will not be able to elect a progressive until 2024, and even then we will have lost the House until 2030.

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      • This a post-election comment;

        Linda,Pat, Breeze: So glad you & others see through Mr. Vincent’s confused state and outright lies. No wonder he is so enamored of billionaire Trump–he uses the same shameful tactics of denial & truth twisting– and he usually states “you haven’t read my comments” or some other distraction from his real motives on this blog.
        This blog reeks of Orwellian Doublespeak, does it not?

        Vincent has continued to bash Clinton for the very things Trump has and is doing, only Trump is doing it on a much larger and more dangerous scale. Yet, he dismisses this, along with Trump’s close ties to corporate theivery and racism– (Steve Bannon’s Alt. Right & other white supremacists) This blog has also encouraged racism, attacking Muslims. Mexicans, and others who do look quite like blond, blue-eyed Germans.

        Trump has always been tied to Wall Street, and now the truth is out: he is appointing his rich, spoiled Wall St. cronies to his regime. Big Oil and Big Ag will rule, along with privatization of medicare, public schools, public lands, and anything else his corporate cohorts can think of. Women’s reproductive rights will most likely be history, as Trump & his handlers appoint ultra-right Supreme Court Justices. This is reality, Mr. Vincent.

        When I first visited this site, I really thought it was about animals, but soon realized that the author of this blog had another agenda, and animals have little or nothing to do with it. Vincent accuses Hilary of

        As Mr.Vincent sits in his Ivory Tower, he can rant and rave all he wants about how “close we are to his dream of revolution” and how Trump will help animals.” This is unreality, and an afront to all non-humans.

        The reality is that animals and the environment have never done well in wars and other human conflicts. Perhaps this blog is all a smokescreen for something more selfish and delusional?

        We are now facing unprecedented climatic changes which will make life as it currently exists, extremely difficult to survive. Many wild animal populations are on the brink of extinction as we speak. All they need is more human war & revolutionary chaos to push them to extinction. But, Mr. Vincent is so obsessed with this glorious revoluntary idea, he apparently cannot cope with reality anymore.

        This blog is a disgrace, a dishonor to animal rights. If Mr. Vincent had a lucid moment he might just do the right thing and shut it down.



      • Right, Vincent, keep supporting and defending your Neo-Nazi buddy Trump, who is a glaring tool of what you have preached against as you ranted about Hilary: Wall Street. Now you have what you want: Racist, Wall Street Trump. Great Job. Shut your anti-animal blog down and be honest for a change.


      • Lol! Anti-animal blog? Because I supported Trump over the Whore of Wall Street? As a result of Trump’s election, the 2 biggest trade deals in history are now dead. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would have resulted in billions of animal deaths each year. Trump is responsible for saving more animals than anyone in history has ever done.


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  7. This is all bullshit! When Hillary was Secretary of State in Africa she witnessed and sounded the alarm about elephant herds being executed by night vision helicopters and automatic weapons — a herd of 23 elephants in 12 minutes ! She managed to get a million bucks from our government to try to stop the assaults but the ivory industry is too wealthy — so she ended up giving 80 million from her own foundation! CHECK YOU FACTS BEFORE MAKING BLANKET STATEMENTS! She fought for the wildlife in Africa and for your grandchildren that were being robbed of future wildlife! TRUMP ISN’T GOOD FOR LIVING THINGS AND MOST REPS ARE NOT!


    • You obviously have no clue to free trade agreements. Under those agreements (which Hillary supports), hundreds of millions of animals are slaughtered each year. Trump opposes free trade agreements. Hillary is also in bed with Big Agriculture. She has refused to pledge to end wild horse roundups and the killing of wildlife by the Department of Agriculture for the cattle ranchers. There is a revolving door between Big Ag and the federal government which sees industry hacks and lobbyists filling positions at the Departments of Interior and Agriculture. And Hillary is refusing to close that door.


    • Wish I could remember where I read a paper on Dems & Reps animals rights!!!! As it’s said, Hillarys animal rights support was very high!


      • Hillary’s animal positions were mere puffery and bullshit. After leaving the Senate, she became the second most powerful person on the planet. What did she do for animals with all that power and influence? Absolutely nothing. Did she use her influence to change the Obama administration’s horrid record on animals? No! Did she seek to end wild horse roundups or ban live horse export for slaughter. Did she use her wight to stop Japanese whaling, Canada sealing, the dlphin murders in Japan or the wale killers in the Faroes? No! Did she set up interdiction of wildlife trafficking or poaching? Propose sanctions on countries which import ivory and Rhino horn? No!
        Now she supports our trade agreements which cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of animal each year.
        And we are supposed to be impressed because she got some meaningless score while pandering for animal people’s votes?
        Hillary is one of the animals’ biggest enemies.


  8. I’m a human-animal, and T-Rump is worse for me than Hillary!

    T-Rump is a heterosex-supremacist that vows to destroy my marriage to my husband, as vow all GreedyOldPrejudiced candidates and their political ‘party.’


  9. I agree. Hillary is toxic–avoid at all costs. Trump has been downright progressive on many views (foreign policy, trade, etc)-the last I heard him defend gun rights at the Arizona rally–he focused on guns for personal protection–not hunting (in the 2000 debates Al Gore specifically mentioned that he wouldn’t take guns from hunters!). Hillary appeared in duck hunting garb in 2008. She will do nothing good for animals. Also, despite the fact that Trump’s sons trophy hunt, after the Cecil thing he said something like “they get that from their grandfather-I don’t do it and I will have a talk with them.”
    There was also a quote several years ago circulating the internet speaking negatively on factory farming. He’s not someone I would consider a nice guy–he comes across as annoying–but his policies as he has expressed them are much more progressive than the other two party candidates. Even Sanders voiced support for the NRA position on gun lawsuits–he opposed the law suit filed by the parents of the Sandy Hook school massacre!

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  10. Trump has no political history, so all we have are his incessant lies and bullying tactics he excels in as his campaign. Trump says he is for free trade, sounds like a war monger, will definitely push the TPP, and is in general a 2-year-old spoiled brat. Let’s not put any power in his greedy hands. I have respected your point of view, with the exception to your support of Trump over Hillary.


    • Where on Earth do you come up with he “will definitely push the TPP?” Trump has campaigned against free trade agreements since the first day of his campaign. Unlike Hillary, he hasn’t been on both sides of the TPP. And sounds like a war monger? WTF? He is far left of Clinton on foreign policy. He opposes military interventionism and wishes to be a neutral on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

      Hillary is a neocon whose foreign policy is indistinguishable from that of George W Bush.

      The litmus test I use for support of candidates is whether the animals would fare better were they to be elected. Hillary fails that test spectacularly. It is why I support Bernie Sanders. And it is why I will support Trump over Hillary if Bernie is not nominated by the Democrats.

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  11. They will die more under trump, he wears fur supports his daughter fur shop, his wife wear fur, he is blind to the plight of elephants in the circus and his sons trophy hunt also he doesn’t believe climate change is real! he is a hypocrite liar too besides of being a racist etc. at least with Hillary she can change her mind with pressure. Trump wants to nuke to solve terrorism and kill 1000s of innocent people in the process. Hillary did sponsor a bill on factory farming abuse, I’m pretty sure. Trump sucks and he will ruin the country. As soon as he knows the ropes he will support big Ag too he even had a steak company.


      • Trump is an idiot who doesen’t know what that means. The US doesn’t have complete control over our trade agreements as the world trade organization courts do. You think trump will give a crap about any animals? Tyson foods/meat industry had taken the USDA to WTO court to be able to do trade of meat with china and won. At least Hillary did sponsor a bill against factory farm abuse. She can be swayed if the pressure is on. I’m doing a tweet storm tonight to #DumpTrump. Come check it out and then decide.

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      • The World Court has nothing to do with trade agreements. Trade agreements are enforced by tribunals agreed upon by the signatories. Only Trump and Bernie Sanders are advocating renouncing these agreements. Hillary has been in favor of virtually every trade agreement, Trump and Sanders have opposed EVERY one of them.

        The agreements we are party to are causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals every year!

        Hillary is supporting the murders of over a million animals each day under trade deals! That she introduces a meaningless bill about animal abuse is laughable, and proof of her duplicity and political pandering.

        I disagree with almost all of Trump’s positions. He wants a border wall, I favor open borders. He wants to ban Muslim refugees, I favor welcoming all refugees. He is anti-abortion, I am pro-choice. He is a Christian, I am an atheist. He supports hunting, I do not. He is a carnist, I am a vegan.

        But on trade, on military interventionism, and on the appointment of industry lobbyists and insiders to positions in government, we agree. Trump opposes military intervention and adventurism. He opposes the revolving door between Wall Street and the Trasury Department. The one between Big Ag and the Departments of Interior and Agriculture.

        Trump does not give a damn about animals, to be sure, but his policies would save billions of animals. And Hillary’s would cost billions of animals their lives.

        The choice is not even close.


      • also pls see this quote and the link. “TRUMP: Well, the currency manipulation they don’t discuss in the agreement, which is a disaster. If you look at the way China in particular takes advantage of the US–it’s through currency manipulation. It’s not even discussed in the almost 6,000-page agreement.
        Sen. Rand PAUL: Hey, you know, we might want to point out China is not part of this deal.” See hes an idiot. http://www.ontheissues.org/2016/Donald_Trump_Free_Trade.htm


      • Trump was talking about the Permanent Normalized Trade Agreement we have with China.

        But even under the TPP, Chinese companies would be able to exploit the provision which allows them to set up a facility in Japan or Peru and then invoke the Trans Pacific Partnership’s requirement that US law be overridden by an international tribunal if those US laws are deemed to be too burdensome. The TPP and all other trade agreements make US labor and environmental laws inoperable against foreign competition.


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