Wall Street Backs Hillary and Cruz. Follow the Money.

wall street donations

For all their apparent differences. Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are very much alike.

At least Wall Street thinks so.

Wall Street banks and financial organizations have poured almost equal amounts of cash into Ted’s and Hillary’s election coffers.


Because campaign donations are nothing other than legalized bribes, and both Hillary and Cruz are for sale.

Donors fully expect a sizable return on their investments. Only the naive and the stupid believe that politicians with their hands out are not trading influence for money.

Wall Street is only interested in monetary policies and legislative goals that will result in more money for Wall Street. Corporate welfare, government contracts, tax rates and loopholes, legal immunity, avoiding prosecution, etc.

On social issues that do not effect their bottom line, candidates are free to pander to their bases. So we see Hillary rallying women, gays, and people of color, with dire warnings that wholesale discrimination will result should she lose. Cruz is invoking a near Armageddon should a liberal justice be appointed to the court. An end to religious freedom, confiscation of guns, abortion clinics on every corner.

That the American body politic does not see through the ridiculous charades is astounding.

Politics is all about money and power. Those who have money and power against those who do not.

And there is no better way to gauge who has the money and power and what they are trying to do to those of us who have neither, than to follow the money.

Voters would be much better off, and much more informed, if they ignored the candidates campaign rhetoric, ignored the political pundits, ignored the media talking heads. If they instead read campaign reports that campaigns are required to file with the Federal Elections Commission.

The money trail is there for all to see.

The millions of dollars from the oligarchs to the candidates. The special interests, the billionaires, the banks, the insurance companies, the hedge funds, the military-industrial complex, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Coal, the healthcare lobby, the private prison industry, the aircraft companies, the shipbuilders, the arms manufacturers, the munitions dealers, the defense contractors, the industry trade associations, the law firms.

If you want to vote for the little guy, for the poor, the working poor, the middle class, the teachers, students, vets, the elderly, for minorities and those who have no voice, the strategy is very simple:

Vote Against the Money.

If the establishment is giving a candidate money, it is a very safe bet that that candidate will do what the establishment wants done.

If a candidate is not getting money from the establishment, odds are they have no control over that candidate.

Not rocket science.



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