Hacker Group Anonymous Endorses Bernie Sanders


Anonymous Announced Their Candidate – It’s NOT Who You’d Think!

Source: usanewsflash.com


The hacker group Anonymous just announced their choice for the next president of the United States and it is not Donald Trump! The hacker group is supporting Bernie Sanders!

In their article, the group gives out 10 reasons why Bernie Sanders deserves more coverage from the mainstream media and, ultimately, your vote:

1) He supports a new Glass Steagall act- hell he even detailed 5 reasons explaining why it’s important; passed over 80 years ago, it had prevented commercial banks from participating in investment banking. It was repealed in 1999, and banks used this new-found ability  to plunder the savings of their depositors by making extremely risky “investments” for their own profit. This is the primary reason for the 2008 financial crisis, and the reason why the big banks had to be bailed out by taxpayers.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to reinstate Glass-Steagall while Trump wants regulations on Wall Street to be weakened.

2) He wants to break up the big banks; no more of this “too big to fail” nonsense- he also voted against the bailout of Wall StreetHillary, on the other hand, receives money and support from Wall Street. She has also voted multiple times for the bailout despite “evolving” on the issue. Trump wants to maintain the size of the big banks. He also wanted to bail out the banks.

3) Sanders opposed NAFTA and the TPP: two “trade” agreements, the first causing the loss of up to a million jobs in America and the second a formerly-top-secret agreement which would hand sweeping powers to corporations. Hillary was for the TPP and supported it a dozen times- only recently has she “evolved” on the matter. Trump hates the TPP too… but only because he thinks China would somehowbenefit from it.

4) For his entire political career Sanders has stood against the for-profit prison industrial complex and the practice of over-criminalization. This issue has had Clinton “evolving” towards prison reform since… a few months back… but before entering her higher form, she lobbied in 1994 for a crime law that had increasedprison funding and sentences. Trump wants to “get a lot tougher” on crimedespite police killings being the highest in two decades and despite the fact that violent crime is also down.

5) Sanders voted against the Iraq War, and is against a war with Russia. Clinton voted for the Iraq War- she also has a neoconservative war-mongering foreign policy. Most Republican candidates, besides Rand Paul, do not seem averse to war. Trump’s claim that he opposed Iraq’s invasion at the time it was debated is baseless, though he too is against conflict with Russia; China’s his whipping boy.

6) Sanders voted twice against the Patriot Act, which allowed widespread mass surveillance to be used against the American public. Hillary voted for it twice and Trump is all for reauthorizing it.

7) Sanders doesn’t degrade racial and religious minorities, nor does he inflame the majority- he comes right out and tells us that the elite are to blame. He said this at a rally: “they’re always playing one group against another. Rich got richer — everybody else was fighting each other. Our job is to build a nation in which we all stand together”. Hillary has an “abysmal” racial justice record and Trump… well, he’s said enough about that topic to fill a phone book.

8)  Sanders wants to decriminalize the use of marijuana. Clinton is against decriminalizing it and Trump seems to favor legalizing it for medical uses.

9) Bernie refuses to take money from the super rich…  or the corporations. Hillary receives money from everyone who has it- bankers, corporations… she doesn’t discriminate. Trump is already one of the super richand admitted that he has manipulated the system for his own benefit.

  1. The corporate mainstream media hates Bernie and censors him, attempting to make it look like he endorses HillaryTrump gets WAY more mainstream coverage than Bernie despite both polling similarly. If you want to choose someone who wasn’t handpicked for you, then Bernie is your best best.
    Bonus!) Whenever someone tries to come up with a top ten list NOT to vote for Bernie… it comes out convincing MORE people to vote for him- just read those top comments. On the other hand, one of the most popular search result for the top ten reasons TO vote for Trump is satirical.


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11 thoughts on “Hacker Group Anonymous Endorses Bernie Sanders

  1. don’t know much about Anonymous but anyone who supports Bernie Sanders has intelligence and ethics – that is a good start in a country full of clever frauds – hope we can all evolve to the level where we respect all animals and living things like we do our own lives – hope we survive the damage inflicted on our environment here – earth will sluff us off if we don’t change.


  2. 10 Reasons NOT to vote for Bernie:

    1.) Taxes
    2. Couldn’t find Israel to save his ass.
    3. Free college (more taxes)
    4.. Honeymooned in Russia, his brain is still there.
    5. More taxes.
    6. Free health care (you guessed it, more taxes)
    7. Third graders know more about world events than he does.
    8. Lot more taxes.
    9. Doesn’t want to defend the U.S from barbarians, or anyone else, for that matter.
    !0. Lots more taxes.


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    • Bernie has a 100% approval rating from the Humane Society of the US, he’s the only candidate who is opposed to corporate welfare for Big Ag, and the only one to have a whole page devoted to animal issues on his website.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The HSUS is not for AR. They are for animal welfare and promote the myth of “humane meat.” Still it is better that they are for Sanders- he needs all support he can get. if nominated I will vote for him but if Clinton gets the nomination, from previous things he said, I fear Sanders may support her. I hope not.-Rich Peppin


      • Aside from Steven M Wise, who leads the Nonhuman Rights Project, there are precious few people or organizations actually working toward Animal Rights. From ALF to Sea Shepherd to vegan activism to animal rescue, all are forms of animal welfare.

        As you know, none of the candidates for president support AR, with the exception of Clifton Roberts of the Humane party. While I respect and admire Roberts, I am opposed to wasting AR resources, funds, and energy, on a Quixotic political statement that will accomplish absolutely nothing. For those reading these comments who are unfamiliar with the issue, here is the link to The Humane Party: Wonderful People Wasting Their Time

        Sanders will likely endorse Hillary if she is nominated, unfortunately. In doing so he will seek to force her to the left. My hope, and the focus of my own efforts, is that she will be defeated in November.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lots of groups are for AR and might not be effective. I agree. BUT HSUS, and it’s followers PROMOTE humane meat, making people feel good about eating the spoils of slaughter.

        If Sanders supports Clinton, he is not much better than her. I’ll vote for Trump or Stein. As to him drawing her to the left- Ha! We thought Obama was semi-progressive, he even promise to get a shelter-pet when running. Of course he bought from a breeder. -Rich Peppin


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