Meat Eaters and Pedophiles. Kindred Spirits


It is difficult to make a practical or a moral distinction between someone who satisfies their sexual appetite at the expense of an innocent child and someone who satisfies their dietary appetite at the expense of an innocent animal.

Indeed, a rational case can be made that the meat eater is the more cruel and callous of the two, as his victim is murdered so he may satisfy his appetite.

The outrage such a comparison evokes from meat eaters is as predictable as their victims are dead.

Were I able to choose a world of meat eaters or a world of pedophiles, I would infinitely prefer the latter. Such a world would be infinitely kinder than the one in which we live.

Meat eaters are only able to continue their barbarity because of human societal norms and man made laws.

An alien observing human society would no doubt be as horrified as vegans are. What kind of a perversion drives people to murder innocent creatures? To rape females, steal their babies, murder them? Cut them into pieces and sell them? And what depravity makes people who eat those corpses think it is perfectly fine to do so.

The roots are in human society and in religious dogma, but that alone can hardly explain or justify such conduct.

Human forbears murdered and pillaged neighboring tribes. Raped women. Took slaves. All now considered amoral behavior, and rejected by modern society.

But modern society justifies carnism and animal slavery as being human traits that are rooted in our DNA.

As that is patently ridiculous, we must resign ourselves that changing human conduct is either impossible or is so far off into the future that it is a practical impossibility.

Which means that our efforts to change human conduct are doomed to failure.

Educating the public, recruiting vegans, teaching compassion is pissing into the wind.

The only way to stop human exploitation and murder of animals on an industrial scale is through dismantling the system that permits, condones, and enables the Animal Holocaust.

Even then we may only succeed in reducing the size and scope of the genocide, never entirely ending it.

And human cruelty and indifference can only be prohibited at best. Just as cruelty and murder are proscribed by society, such conduct occurs outside the law.

The scope of the Animal Holocaust is astounding. We humans murder 10,000 creatures per SECOND in slaughterhouses. We murder an additional 50,000 sea creatures in ships’ holds, dredges, and nets every SECOND as well.

And the numbers increase every year, regardless of our efforts to halt the horrors or even slow them down.

For the 60 Billion animals that have their throats cut open every year it is as if there were no animal movement at all. For them it is an “eternal Treblinka.”

Those hung by their legs to painfully bleed out, or rendered unconscious by a bolt shot into their skulls, are the lucky ones. Many are still conscious when their legs are chainsawed off. They gurgle screams through their gaping throats as their skins are ripped from their sides.

All this horror is acceptable to most people as necessary to put meat on their tables.

Most people,of course, know nothing of the slaughter process, and industry goes to great lengths to disabuse them of knowing.

But when the facts are irrefutably presented to someone who then continues to be a meat eater, all pretense of innocent participation in the crimes against animals is dispelled.

And that person, stripped of excuse and unable to feign ignorance, is morally no better than a rapist or a pedophile.

Most animal activists are not vegan. Most are even more culpable than the general public in their crimes against animals, as THEY KNOW what they are doing to innocent life when they eat meat, eggs, or dairy.

We rationalize their crimes because they rescue dogs or cats, they sign a petition or donate to animal causes.

And the fact is that a meat eater who rescues dogs is better than a meat eater who doesn’t.

And a pedophile who doesn’t eat meat is better than a non-pedophile who does.



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31 thoughts on “Meat Eaters and Pedophiles. Kindred Spirits

  1. Here’s a question, if you had to choose between your kids (hypothetical or not) being sexually abused for an ongoing period,
    developing complicated mental disorders for the rest of their lives, becoming dependent on medications or developing potential drug addictions, battling homelessness, becoming abuse towards other people and/or their children, potentially committing suicide OR eating meat?


  2. I think there are more points to include, in order to make it more accurate:

    First, pedophiles do not destroy the earth, they do not cause hunger and so on.
    Plus, on the other side, pedophiles cause often/mostly long-term damage, since the persons concerned are traumatized forever

    That means also, that they become pedophiles themselves in some cases.

    There are some other things to put in perspective, i just want to add something more:
    The term “pedophile” is a bit displaced on that point, since it includes/means love, it basically means so much as “love to the younger”

    Love looks different


  3. Pissing them off should be one of our duties. Getting their shorts in a knot focuses their attention and shakes their complacency. Comparing one great evil that is acknowledged—pedophilia—with a great evil that is ignored—animal abuse and slaughter—reveals our moral schizophrenia.

    Let’s abandon the political correctness and politeness that supports the belief in God-given human supremacy and the right that supremacy confers to terrorize and kill the rest of creation. Let’s offend the self-righteousness behind it. Whether it is comparing pedophiles to carnists or suggesting vigilantism to deal with Dr. Palmer, slayer of Cecil, or saying that Harambe should not have died, let’s go for it every chance we get. Stir up the outrage. Undermine the norms. Comments sections are a good place to start.

    Will challenging the hypocrisy and the moral schizophrenia change the world and stop the harming and killing of the innocent? Maybe not now. Maybe not for a long time. Pedophilia has not been eliminated either. But the pedophiles are hunted down and punished.

    Right now the transport trucks are pulling out and the slaughter lines are readied—all “moral” and legal.

    That is the difference.

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    • Comments and #VeganChalkChallenge since Spring Break is on and and pastel sidewalk chalks are out. What’s the slogan? “Carnists = Pedophiles.” Oh wow. What a good burn.


  4. I dont think comparing meat eaters to paedophiles is going to bring anyone to veganism. Vegans are hated because of hate articles like this and progressive vegans are endlessly battling the damage your type causes. Guess what? I am nice. I am rational. People respect my voice, are reasured that vegans are not all poisonous fanatics and they listen. They adjust their diets because I am not abusive.

    This kind of rant and hate is to soothe the ego. It doesnt help animals. In fact, it entrenches people against veganism.

    You really really are not helping and I am sure some vegans found it soothing. But its not about our feelings. Its about the planet and about the incredible suffering.

    Do you really think omnivores will read this and think “oh no I am like a paedophile. I am so glad you pointed it out. I am vegan immediately!”

    No, they will read the first paragraph in disgust and walk away, and refuse to listen to vegans again.

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    • This article, like every article on animal issues on the Amory, is aimed at animal activists. Our mission is to radicalize the animal movement. It is to prod critical thought, to provoke sensibilities, to shake activists out of their comfort zones.

      We are at war. This is not some touch-feely, fuzzy wanna-be-liked blog. I do not care how many people I piss off, I care about how many people I wake up. For every half assed, wishy-washy-maybe-I’ll-cut-down-on-meat-but-don’t-insult-me-please type out there there is a potential Barry Horne waiting to be awakened.

      I am vegan. But we cannot win by recruiting vegans. We can’t change the world by one-on-one proselytizing. The only hope the animals have is chaos and social revolution. We must radicalize out own troops and form broad alliances with other enemies of capitalism and the government.

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  5. I once got into an argument on Facebook about who was worse: Michael Vick vs. Jared from Subway because of this image:

    This argument also centers around sports culture and race, which makes it harder for me to talk about as I come at it from an animal rights perspective and blanket-hate sports. But an argument from the Michael Vick side was that “He’s served his time” and should therefore be forgiven. I counter argued that Jared from Subway will serve his time, but do you ever think that people will forgive him for what he did?

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  7. Wow this is disgusting, do some research on the trauma victims of rape go through, especially as children. This is a very cruel way to look at the world.


    • If you had to choose between a pedophile raping your child or someone murdering your child, i am sure you would rather they survived their attack.

      The purpose of the comparison was to put meat eaters into perspective, not to exonerate pedophilia. The pedophile sticks his penis into someone, the meat eater sticks his knife into someone. Both are reprehensible.

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      • Are all pedophiles male? Also, I don’t think the moral comparison of a carnist with a pedophile is necessary. You say a meat-eater who rescues a canine is “better” than one who doesn’t. Well, this depends on what the meat-eater is feeding his rescued dog. If they are both chowing on steak, then the one meat-eater who doesn’t rescue canines equals one carnist, while the other two equal two carnists. I would argue the dastardly duo of meat-eating human and meat-eating canine is more destructive than the lone meat-eater who doesn’t own a rescued canine.

        As the world now stands, I don’t differentiate between the dastardly duo and the lone meat-eater (actually, I deem the dastardly duo more reprehensible).

        I would prefer to hear what you really mean by animal rights, because I am not convinced the idea (or ideal) of animal rights is equally applicable to all animals. I don’t believe humans are capable of treating all animals the same way. Would entitlements be the same for all animals?

        Let’s not be silly. We are prejudiced critters who will continue to vouchsafe more entitlements to those we most cherish.

        Which non-human animal did you share a meal with today?


      • Plus, the law is a lot tougher on murder than rape, even though both are violent felonies. Inserting (pun intended) a “homicide” element into the definition of “murder” doesn’t exactly change the concept.


      • Honestly, I would have wanted my child to die. At least if they did they wouldn’t have to remember the very moment someone pushed through all their personal walls. Someone invaded their space, disrespected it and I can’t even begin to understand the torment they get to go through for the rest of their lives because of that horrid experience. At least there is peace in death.


    • It is a way to point out that at least some cruelties–such as pedophilia–are acknowledged and punished. Other great cruelties–factory farming and slaughter–are ignored and justified. Both are evil.


  8. I have had many conversations with people over the years about what seem to be choices in life in regard to lifestyle, and whether some of the choices people make are about the expression of genes or the influence of culture, or a confluence of the two. It is understood most people who practice homosexuality are by nature homosexual, but there are those who choose to engage in this activity for other reasons. I think pedophilia is more an expression of genes than culture. Why would any “adult” person want to bear the stigma of pedophilia?

    Now, I am wondering why carnists are being compared to pedophiles.

    I am confused by the following assertions:

    “And the fact is that a meat eater who rescues dogs is better than a meat eater who doesn’t.

    And a pedophile who doesn’t eat meat is better than a non-pedophile who does.”

    Do you really believe these two assertions? I believe for the “adult” in our culture, meat eating is a choice and pedophilia is a curse.


    • ya i eat meat but come on how do you compare the 2 thats nuts so what they are saying if you eat meat you are or can become a pedophiler fuck you thats crazy i do think there are animals ment to eat and some are ment for pets and none of them are meant to be torchered thats my thoughts and sorry for bad spelling thats all i got to say no debate here


    • Meat eating is a choice, but it is a moral choice because it relies on the suffering and death of the animals who become the steaks and bacon. It is not like the choice of deciding on a blue or red sweater.


  9. Well, I think pedo is worse because some things are worse than death. Also you’are missing the part that most humans don’t consider an animal and a human equals. How is it possible when women are not even considered equal to men, black to white etc. animals have no chance. Factory farming definitely needs to be dismantled. small family farms torture free are much better. Where the animals are treated well and one day suddenly, killed as fast as possible.


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