“Bernie or Bust” vs “Vote Blue No Matter Who”


Hillary doesn’t get it. The Democratic establishment doesn’t get it. The political pundits don’t get it. The media talking heads don’t get it.

But almost everyone under thirty does get it.

The movement to elect Bernie Sanders is not a political movement!

Let me say that again. Politics has nothing to do with the support for Bernie. Those supporting Bernie do not give a damn about the Democratic party or politics as usual.

We care about fairness, about democracy, about providing healthcare and education to everyone. We oppose plutocracy, oligarchs, corporate control of government. We believe government should work for everyone, not just those who can buy Members of Congress.

We think the current system of private funding of campaigns is obscene.

And we will not support anyone who is part of that obscene system.

All the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” rhetoric is falling on ears deaf to Hillary’s propaganda. Attempts to bully us into supporting Hillary because the great big bogey man Donald Trump might win are unpersuasive.

We do not care which corporatist is president, because we oppose all corporatists.

The political revolution that Bernie has ignited may succeed this year. Or it may not. But it will never be served by embracing the poster child of Wall Street instead of Bernie.

Mickey Kantor, former US Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce under Bill Clinton is a personal friend. Mickey is one of the most connected Democrats in the country. He has the ears of presidents and is respected for his political acumen. Speaking with Mickey is akin to speaking to the entire Democratic establishment. He is that influential, and that prescient.

I called Mickey last week. We discussed the state of the presidential race. He is convinced that Hillary will be the nominee, and that Sanders should rein in his criticism of Hillary in the interests of party unity in the Fall.

I offered that many Sanders voters, especially environmentalists and animal activists, would take a pass on Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee.

Mickey dismissed my prognostications as being unrealistic. He mentioned the acrimony between Obama and Hillary supporters in 2008, and pointed out that it took a mere two weeks for them to join forces and unite behind Barack Obama.

And he is certainly correct that Democrats have united behind the party nominee as a general rule in typical campaigns.

But this is no typical campaign. And Bernie Sanders is not a typical candidate. Nor are his supporters typical.

vote blue

Bernistas (or Berners) fully embrace the idea of a political revolution. They understand that the status quo is the enemy. And that there is no one more the status quo than is Hillary Clinton.

The writing is on the wall for the Democratic party. Young people are not buying what Wall Street Democrats are selling. Over 80% of under 30 Democrats are supporting Sanders. They are the future of the party. The future of the country. They are unafraid of the word “socialist.” Indeed. most are open to the concept.

They see the Democratic establishment as indistinguishable from the Republican establishment. They see no appreciable difference between Hillary Clinton’s and the Republican’s positions on trade, military interventionism, appointing industry insiders to their administrations, Wall Street, corporate welfare, and private financing of campaigns. Ditto on the death penalty and legalizing pot.

For most Sanders voters, this is a fight between liberalism and corporatism.

And we have no interest in voting for the lesser evil. Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil.

Eugene Debs, the great American labor leader and socialist, is quoted as saying: “I would rather vote for something I want and not get it, than to vote for something I do not want, and get it.’

That sentiment lives in the hearts and minds of Sanders voters who yearn for a fundamental change in America. Those who believe a political revolution is necessary to bring about that change. And they will not abandon their dream. They will not sacrifice all they wish to occur on the altar of political expediency. They will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Many will write-in Bernie Sanders. Some will stay home. Others will vote for Jill Stein of the Greens.

My advice to Bernie supporters, if he doesn’t win the nomination, is to vote for whomever the Republicans nominate.

Defeating Hillary Clinton should be our priority. Ending Wall Street control of the Democratic party should be our goal.

I think Millennials are the future. And they are not buying Hillary.



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140 thoughts on ““Bernie or Bust” vs “Vote Blue No Matter Who”

  1. How’s that whole Bernie or Bust thing working out for ya! Only 2 years in to Trump’s presidency and we’ve got immigrant kids being kept in cages, a conservative majority in both houses of Congress and the supreme court is about to tilt right. And by all measures Republicans are about to expand their majority in the 2018 midterms.

    Good call not voting for Clinton….. morons.


    • Trump is governing to the left of Obama. No TPP, renegotiating NAFTA, tariffs on foreign steel, major investments in US factories, corporate inversions stopping, peace with North Korea, detente with Russia, pulling out of Syria, fewer deportations than under Obama. And with Hillary not in the White House, progressives successfully taking the fight to the Democratic establishment.


  2. I don’t know of ANY rational Bernie supporter who would EVER say “I recommend you vote for whoever the Republicans nominate.” Are you effing INSANE? Have you taken leave if your senses? Are you seriously suggesting that ANY Sanders supporter would vote for a knuckle-dragging Republican? I will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee, or I will write him in, or if he takes Jill Stein up on her offer and runs for President on the Green Party ticket I will vote for him accordingly. I am not a millenial, I am a thinking adult, and I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. Ever.


    • Trade agreements costing US jobs is the result of US corporations using near slave labor in third world countries. The average factory worker in Viet Nam, for example, earns 55 cents per hour. To his credit, Trump has threatened to abrogate all our trade agreements, which is a primary reason that the political establishment is terrified of Trump. They do not own him, have no hooks into him, and cannot control him.

      Trump is way more intelligent than he is given credit for being. He communicates in monosyllables to his incredibly unsophisticated base. He makes things simplistic on purpose. People are pissed at China and don’t like the fact that trade agreements have cost 5 million US jobs, so he beats up on China while trying to torpedo the TPP.

      For me, his anti trade agreement positions alone make him the second choice to Sanders.

      Equally important are the effects which a Trump presidency would have on Bernie’s revolution (it would allow it to flourish in the absence of a Democratic president to block Sanders at every turn) and the effect a Trump presidency would have on control of the House of Representatives.

      If Trump is elected, Democrats will sweep in 2018 and win enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census. If Hillary wins, Democrats will be swamped in 2018 by an even greater margin than we were in 2014. Republicans will gain in the House, Senate, governorships and state legislatures. They will retain control of enough states to control reapportionment, and will gerrymander the House as they did in 2010


  3. Great right untill the third paragraph from the end. My advice join the revolution and get our choice in office, not the choices they are giving us.


  4. “But this is no typical campaign. And Bernie Sanders is not a typical candidate. Nor are his supporters typical.”

    Bernie’s supporters may not be “typical” in some sense, but they will do the typical thing come November.


  5. Excellent precis! With you all the way. The establishment isn’t listening. Worse, they’re so concreted in their calumny and corruption, they believe it to be the only position. Whether through the Dem party or as an independent candidate, if we can get Bernie on the November ticket, he’ll win by a landslide. Hillary’s “votes” are a figment of ‘fuzzy math’-they use the count of constituents of each super delegate and project the vote number based on it. Talk about complete disconnect from reality.

    There’s also a petition on FB with the goal of 8 million signatures to help make the point. Based on other petitions, not sure if the potential there, but I say what the hell, sign ’em all!

    And I agree with the comment about not voting for Trump and vote for anyone else instead. I’d say we all need to write in Bernie. None of the others have the support he does and by writing in Bernies name, we create our own mandate.

    Power to Bernie Nation!


  6. The way I see it, avoiding Clinton and voting for Trump would just tell the Republicans they have your willing support! They would LOVE to say they have a “Mandate from the People” to carry out their changes.

    Voting for anyone BUT the Republicans drops their percentage. Greens, independents, Mickey Mouse, or any other write-in candidate (YES, you can vote for anyone, “candidate” or not, real or not.) They can’t claim a Mandate if they barely managed to get someone elected, and they know it. Don’t help the bastards by voting for Trump.

    By voting for someone else, ANYONE else, the talking heads will see you still cared enough to get out and vote, but didn’t want to vote for EITHER Clinton or Trump.

    [WORD OF WARNING on electronic voting machines. Do NOT leave the booth until you see the machine reset for the next person. There have been numerous election frauds where the actual Election Officials backed up the machine and changed the vote, because the voter didn’t hang around to confirm their vote and let it finish completely.
    Do not let anyone tell you to leave the booth until YOU see it has completely gone back to the original starting screen.
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-friedman/ky-election-officials-arr_b_177468.html ]

    Liked by 1 person

    • As I will be campaigning for Trump, making as much noise as possible about how vile and corrupt is Hillary Clinton and the Wall Street Democratic leadership, I do not think my motives need explaining. To defeat Hillary it is important to vote AGAINST her. That means voting for someone who can BEAT her. Throwing away one’s vote is a ridiculous abdication of power. As for the talking heads? They haven’t gotten anything right about this election cycle at all. They never saw Trump or Sanders coming. They still think Hillary will win, they don’t understand the political left or the populist right. When Trump is elected, we can all explain to them why it happened.


      • My, arrogance is wonderful. Why would you think the media will come ask YOU what happened? You are nobody. Just like the rest of us 99%. The losing party will be either ignored, or made to look like crap, per their owners orders.

        If we all follow your advice, the media will just report a clean Republican sweep, and never ask anybody. Trump will become the duly elected POTUS with a “Mandate from the People” to go do God’s work for the Republican Party.

        You say that’s not what you want, but that’s what I see happening, if Trump gets into office with BOTH high voter turnout AND a high percentage of the vote going to him.

        Trump will be too busy pocketing his money to worry about anything he said during the election (if he even remembers). After the election, he will just do and say whatever the Republican Party leaders tell him. His boasts of being rich and independent of the party’s will are just that… boasts.

        People MUST vote,– but hell, no. Not for Trump!

        And Please–“Throwing away your vote” is bull. It’s a Scare Tactic, a phrase intended to frighten us little children into being good and doing it your way, and nothing more.

        The trick is to go MAKE YOUR VOTES NOT COUNT TOWARD TRUMP and the disgusting policies his party and himself have come to represent.

        Or, you can blame yourself for all of the lovely changes that will come into play under a Trump presidency.
        You might not have too many more years to regret it; but some of us will live a lot longer, we hope.


      • My, you have Hillary’s talking points down! The problem with Hillary winning the election is that it will allow her to thwart the progressive takeover of the Democratic party. An incumbent Democratic president has tremendous power over the party’s personnell and agenda. Look at the current DNC, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the helm and lobbyists controlling the convention. That is thanks to Barack Obama.
        As to the merits of the candidates on the issues, even though neither will be able to get any substantive or controversial measures through a divided Congress, Trump is actually far more progressive than is Hillary on a host of issues. On trade, corporate welfare, the revolving door, regime change, foreign policy, universal healthcare, legalizing marijuana, military interventionism, etc, Trump is far to Hillary’s left.
        The Trump you are demonizing is a product of establishment propaganda. And you parrot it so well!


      • “The problem with Hillary winning the election is that it will allow her to thwart… yada yada yada”

        Who the heck said Hillary would automatically win the presidency if people do as I advocate and vote for someone besides Trump?

        You are changing the subject, and adding in something that is irrelevant.

        The simple question was, and is: Do YOU want to hand Trump and the Republican party the presidency with a “Mandate from the People” by making look as if the nimrod actually has YOUR massive support?

        If you are a actually Trump/Republican supporter, then, your changing the subject makes sense, by trying to misdirect people away from what they should actually do. Good luck.

        I think people are generally more intelligent than your argument itself.


      • I wish to defeat Hillary Clinton, to deny her the presidency. To keep her from controlling the Democratic party and further entrenching Wall Street hacks, lobbyists, and shills in positions of authority in the party ad government. Losing to Trump by one Electoral vote would suffice, but we cannot risk that she might win by pissing away our votes on candidates that have not a prayer of making a difference in the final outcome.


  7. I’m not under 30, I’m 68 years old. And I believe entirely in every word written here. Heck, it all brings me a little back to the good part of the 60’s generation and what we stood for; we may have failed in part but we did effect tremendous change. Regardless,
    and with respect, I’m voting for Bernie. Period.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Against “corporatist” but then you give the advice to go with the Republican candidate, who will enshrine even more rapid deregulation in favor of corporations than even Clinton would will while putting more extreme corporate cronies on the Supreme Court, and dismantling civil rights issues in the process.

    FFS that doesn’t make sense and is terrible advice. At least with Clinton, as much as I dislike her from her cozy with corporations standpoint and her former years as a Goldwater girl, at least she’d dismantle regulations slower than the Repubs and keep civil rights moving, ever so slowly in a tolerable direction.

    How much booze did you drink before blogging about supporting Republicans, because that is the only logical explanation for this.


  9. I’m not young enough to be a Millenial, but I can see that simply switching a vote for Bernie Sanders to a vote for Hillary Clinton is throwing away the considerable political momentum he has built up in his campaign. Momentum that would make it possible to make actual, substantial, necessary changes to the anachronistic and hidebound US political and economic systems, without resorting to a violent overthrow.

    As for switching to Republican: I can’t stand Trump, and I don’t believe he will do anything to make positive changes, either. Once elected he will simply open up his pockets, and accept the highest payoff he can negotiate with the Pols in actual charge behind the scenes.The status quo will be preserved.

    There is no better choice, unless you actually like the idea of a future US civil war occurring between well-armed haves and nearly helpless have-nots.

    Millenials and People of Vision from all generations: the future US is yours to make or destroy with your votes; this has never in my lifetime appeared more obvious nor more essential.

    Damn what the Democrat leaders want, damn the Republicans while you’re at it, and go Vote Bernie, in the primaries AND in the general election this November.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think of no greater waste of one’s vote than to cast it for someone who is not running and to be sure it is not even counted.
      Bernie has said he will support Hillary if she is nominated. In doing so. Sanders is motivated by the long term benefits of the Democratic party being the vehicle for his political revolution. While an independent or third party run would provide short term enthusiasm, there is little to no likelihood such a campaign would be successful. More importantly, he would have to surrender the considerable influence he presently commands as a Democrat.
      The best case scenario (aside from Sanders being nominated and elected, of course) for the future of Bernie’s revolution would be that Hillary Clinton is defeated for president in November.
      Consider: Half of all Democrats in the country support a democratic socialist for president, an unbelievable accomplishment of the Sanders campaign. The revolution has achieved half of its objective to change the political system.
      It may take several election cycles to fully transform the Democrats into a democratic socialist party.
      Fewer if Bernie is not obstructed by a President Hillary.

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