Dear Senator: If You Supported Hillary in the Primaries I’m Voting Against You in November

US Senator Al Franken, Democrat from Minnesota, speaks about net neutrality for the Internet during a discussion hosted by the Free Press Action Fund on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 8, 2014.    AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

This applies equally to governors, Members of Congress, state legislators, and any other supporter of the Democratic establishment.

I’ve had it. And so have hundreds of thousands of grass roots Democrats. Perhaps millions of us.

The Democratic party has become a mirror image of the Republicans on economic policy. On trade agreements. On military adventurism and intervention in the affairs of other countries. They have the same revolving door for industry alums and lobbyists to be appointed to their administrations. They both suck at the teat of Wall Street, they both take money from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the military-industrial complex, insurance companies, Big Banks, and lobbyists.

They both support killing civilians in drone strikes, both support pouring billions into the Israeli treasury and back Israel’s mass murders of Palestinians.

We are supposed to overlook these atrocities because the Democrats say nice things about Hispanics and Muslims? Because Democrats are now sorry about the mass incarceration of blacks? Because Hillary changed her mind about gay marriage?

For the first time in almost 50 years, liberals and progressives have the opportunity to fundamentally change the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders has called out the Wall Street leadership of the party for what it is. And there is no returning to the status quo.

Either the Democratic establishment goes or we go.

The first step is to vote against anyone who supported Hillary against Bernie.

Goodbye, Senator!



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201 thoughts on “Dear Senator: If You Supported Hillary in the Primaries I’m Voting Against You in November

  1. The super delegate vote will determine the healthy survival or possible death of the Democratic party! Hillary or Trump are both unacceptable candidates and would be disasters for the country! We should not be forced to choose between them! Polls show that most Bernie supporters will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances and I am one of them! Hillary may survive her legal woes past the primary but Trump will use them to win if she is the candidate. To avoid that probability please vote for Bernie Sanders as president! Super delegates have a serious decision to make. Vote for Hillary with the likelihood of a Trump presidency and a drastically shrinking party or vote for Bernie for a certain win against Trump and open the doors to millions of new Democrats with a revitalized and growing party! The life or death of this party depends on you! Thank you”


  2. In states that don’t have more progressive challengers, refusing to vote for these people will likely backfire. Seeing as most senate races are still dominated by the 2 parties, if you don’t help reelect your given democratic senator you will have a Republican in his place. Here in Montana that’s what we face every.single.year. and I might add, this disavow several truly progressive members of the Democratic party whom have simply offered support or endorsements for Hillary.


    • Which is exactly my point. If they were “truly progressive people” they would have supported Bernie. The best that could be said of them is that they sacrificed their principles for political expediency and their own careers. The next Democrats to run for the seats they will lose will likely also be “truly progressive people.” But ones whom will remember they cannot be Wall Street shills and stay in office.


  3. I love this letter! I have been thinking the same thing! I was hoping that everyone would send this sentiment to their representatives at Primary time. So many are Superdelegates, too! Who pledged their support, publicly, for Hillary Clinton! I wish you would make this into a downloadable graphic or text, so people could print this out, sign it, and send it to their gov’t reps! THANK YOU.


  4. This is a prominent sentiment among Bernie people. No matter how you cut it, people are damned mad about voter suppression and dirty election tricks. Calling them names only makes them more angry. I’m personally taking names and I will vigorously campaign to remove every Hillary Clinton super delegate from office. They won’t ever forget how many people they disrespected because we won’t let them. Forty one million registered democrats minus Berniecrats versus 38 million registered republicans minus establishment republicans does not automatically guarantee the White House to either party. Not when 62 million registered independents are pissed off about how it all went down.

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  6. My God!! When will the whining stop? He lost. Move on, If you all are so disgusted with the Democratic Party, leave! No one is forcing you to stay. You obviously are more concerned with your revolution than you are will the state of the country. By all means. Deliver the election to the Republicans. I’m happy to hear that you are so privileged to be able to withstand four years of Trump. I am not so fortunate. Please, please, please do all us REAL Democrats a favor and take your ball and go home.


    • The “privilege” talking point is straight out of Hillary’s playbook. The sheer gall of asserting that those who wish to see economic justice and democratic socialism prevail over the Wall Street greed of Hillary’s major backers are “privileged” is almost comical, except that there are so many stupid people who believe the propaganda.

      I have been a Democratic activist longer than you have likely been alive. I worked on my first Democratic campaign in 1958 in Brooklyn. I have been a professional Democratic political strategist since 1976. I have never voted Republican in my life, but will do so if Hillary is nominated. For all practical purposes, Hillary is a Republican. Her foreign policy is that Henry Kissinger, her views on military interventionism are indistinguishable from those of Dick Cheney. He positions on trade mirror George W Bush’s. She supports the death penalty, opposes marijuana legalization. She has actually murdered Muslims, while Trump has merely insulted them. She and her Wall Street cronies are a cancer in the Democratic party. We aim to take the party back to the principles of FDR. First to go must be Hillary Clinton. The, any and all who supported her candidacy. Time to clean house. Or burn it down.

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      • So if Hillary is a republican in your view, you rather want to vote for the other Republican Trump? How can you take the party back to FDR, if you will not fight it from within? How can you change the Constitution to a parliamentary system from the outside even?


      • There is no way to take the Democratic party back from the Clintons and their Wall Street owners without stripping them of power. As president, Hillary would control the Democratic party apparatus and further entrench corporatists in government and party leadership positions. With Hillary defeated, the progressive wing of the party will be much more influential, Bernie’s revolution will continue unabated, absent the obstructionism to be expected from a Hillary presidency.

        Of much greater import for Democrats than winning the White House are the prospects for the House of Representatives through 2030. If Trump is president, the great likelihood is that Democrats will sweep the 2018 midterm elections, including winning statehouses and legislative chambers in sufficient numbers to deny Republicans the opportunity to gerrymander the House in 2020 as they did 2010.

        The very opposite result can be expected if Hillary is elected. Democrats will do even worse in 2018 than they did in 2014 under Obama. Hillary will be a failed president, having to work with a divided Congress and having been elected as the most unpopular newly elected president in American history. Democrats will be unable to win enough states to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census, and Republicans will control the House for another decade.

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      • I’m not voting for the other republican I’m voting for the only true democrat I have seen since the first clinton administration got voted in! I know the word progressive scares most of you vote for my party no matter what people! I will not vote for a criminal or someone who stole the primary! I will not support the rise of queen hillary if she does take the nomination and loses to trump you will realize you supported the wrong candidate! Well you probably won’t you will blame all of us who chose not to vote for either evil but some people fallow their conscious!!


    • We have only begun. If you are hanging on to the corruption, cronyism, greed and gluttony of the Clinton Democratic Party, understand this: the World is changing. You can be a part of it or risk being a pillar of Salt. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.

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    • You think of it as privileged because you have no idea what courage is you whine that we are handing over the white house to republicans but we know that’s exactly what is happening no matter who wins between trump and Hillary! If they are so worried about trump being out of the white house they should not have rigged the election for queen Hillary! Keep throwing out the party lines no need to think for yourself when they will tell you what to think!!


  7. I am totally in the same page… We need to vote in Bernie supporters so if the worst happens and H or T get into office… They will still have to deal with the public.. Hopefully Bernie will end up being the real leader of this country through the power of the people’s representatives-in the house and the senate- elected in by the people.

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  8. Sounds like BILLY above needs to go back to school! Socialism comes in a FEW different forms. IF he knew ANYTHING about the country he lives in HE WOULD KNOW THAT there are over 100 Socialist programs that I bet he uses on a daily basis! Unless he doesn’t drive, or ride the bus,use public transportation, or the subway, then there’s the water, gas, and sanitation, or if he’s used any GPS device, ALL oh them are socialist programs! Many of which were started by FDR! Public works , highway dept, libraries, museums. Like I said there are over 100 of them. FDR found that capitalism UNCONTROLLED tends to take advantage of the people and will charge as much as will be paid, the problem comes in when it is applied to medication and medical treatment! There are thousands who have come out of the hospital bankrupt! Back under FDR that wouldn’t happen, the same with education! Before Reagan college was free, even Arnold Schwarzenegger went to college and recieved his degree at free college! ( which isn’t truly free ) there are some administrative fees that come out of pocket Arnold wound up paying a total of $18.75 for his degree! That was all!

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  9. If you voted for Hillary then you are weak and have aided and supported the vast criminal organization that she and her husband control. You know what it is, we know what it is, Ray Charles can see it.

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  10. Yes. I vote today (CA). I contacted all of my state reps for election earlier to get an idea of where they stood with this mess. I’m not voting for the ones who support her. Nope.

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  11. There’s only one error in your statement.We Are not trying to defeat capitalism.

    Under Sanders Policies The United States will remain a capitalist economic system. You will still be able to buy shares of Coca Cola and own the means of production.

    Social democracy Works within capitalism to ensure that all citizens benefit from its blessings fairly.

    #FeelTheBern is a Social Democrat, not a Socialist. Huge difference as he said in the SNL skit.

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    • There are those who believe capitalism can be controlled, as does Bernie. But Bernie does not call himself a capitalist. Nor does he call himself a Social Democrat. He is a democratic socialist. Others of us do not believe capitalism is a sustainable economic system, and our goal is to end capitalism. That may require social revolution in the future. We focus on political revolution in the present.

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      • please try revolution please , that’s about the only way to fix our problem in our country , to kill off the stupid folks. Socialist is just that another form of communist , you can add a word in front of it or behind it . Doesn,t matter. Show me just one country that is a socialist base run , that has reach what the USA has ? I can tell you …” NONE ” No one is entitle to anything unless they work for it , you kids to read up on some history , you people are making the very same mistakes


      • You wrote: “No one is entitled to anything unless they work for it, you kids to read up on some history , you people are making the very same mistakes.” I completely agree. But you are thinking of capitalism, not socialism. Under socialism, everyone works and shares. Under capitalism, a few do not work, but own the fruits of everyone working.

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    • Absolutely right, there’s a big difference between true socialism and democratic socialism.. What most people do not realize is that there are OVER 100 socialist programs in our country that the people benefit from on a Dailey basis, all types of . Police, fire, IRS, all military branches, museums, libraries, hospitals , city water, highways, bridges, sanitation, pest control, even our governmental groups, the senate, congress, judicial, public atty, ALL are socialist programs! And these are just a tiny few of them,OHand if you boat, fly travel or just like driving and looking the GPS system is one of those as well!

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