Vote Fraud Could Cause Sanders to Run Third Party

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, gestures as he speaks at the Californi Democrats State Convention in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, April 30, 2011. Sanders called on Democrats to work together to stop what he calls the GOP's attack on the middle class.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Source:Justice Gazette

Hundreds of New York Sanders Supporters File Suit After Finding their Voters’ Registrations Were Illegally Altered

Who Benefits from the Vote Fraud?



April 16, 2016, New York. Today, thousands of New Yorkers filled 20 New York blocks to let the world know that New York belongs to Bernie Sanders if the voters of that state have their say in Tuesday’s election.

Yesterday, hundreds of New Yorkers filed suit after finding that their voters registrations had been altered without their consent. A similar phenomenon has been happening in various states across the country.

All Sanders supporters are being advised to go to the polls to vote, regardless of whether or not their registrations are accurate. If possible, voters should go online to obtain a cell phone screen shot or photograph of a copy of their voters registrations in case they are declined at the polling place. It should be available online at the Board of Elections, If voters can’t find can’t find online or it is altered, they are advised to go to the polls, anyway. If it has been altered, they can vote an affidavit or demand to obtain a court order from the judge on call. There is a good chance they will be allowed to vote a regular ballot if they choose the court order option. Voters are being advised that requesting a court order from the judge on call is the preferred option. In any case, they should also take a photo of their ballot or affidavit. This helps document the number of votes Sanders receives. .

Every Sanders voter is being told that their vote is critical.  Their neighbors or family members may be among those disenfranchised and a voter may wind up being the only one whose vote counts in their neighborhood.

The real question lies in who altered the registrations? Why were the registrations of Sanders supporters altered and not those of the Clinton supporters? The easiest way to alter the registrations would be by computer. Last year, NGP Van, associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign and with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, made the Sanders data available to the Clinton campaign and visa versa. The Sanders campaign blew the whistle on the problem and the Democratic National Committee temporarily confiscated Sanders’s voting data, which included the names, phone numbers and addresses of supporters known at that time. It turns out that one of Sanders campaign’s software people, who was fired following the incident, may have been a plant from the Clinton campaign, which would likely mean additional access by Clinton to the Sanders data files. More than once the Sanders voter information data bases have been hacked. Executives for certain software corporations capable of engaging in hacking have contributed large sums to Clinton’s campaign. Of course, that doesn’t mean they engaged in such hacking operations. All that speaks to is opportunity.

What about motive? Surely winning New York and the nomination wouldn’t be a motive for someone to rig an election? And a candidate already on the possible verge of indictment for numerous other possible crimes against the country surely is above reproach, right?

For years, Americans have been warned about the ease of computerized election rigging by programmers who have said they have written and could easily install programs that could flip election outcomes. In the case of closed primaries, the easiest way to rig an election is to make sure none of your opponent’s supporters can vote.

Sanders supporters have been calling for a Justice Department investigation. It was primarily Sanders supporters who also discovered their registrations had been illegally altered in Arizona a week after the Sanders voter data bases were hacked. Hmmm.

Making things more complicated, many polling places in areas where Sanders is expected to win big in New York have cut six hours out of their voting hours, making it harder for working New Yorkers to vote. Under the law, voters must be given time off work to vote, but many voters aren’t aware of this.

One thing is certain. Any victory by Clinton in New York will be instantly suspect and attributed by New Yorkers and Americans to the disenfranchisement of Sanders supporters. Some suggest that Americans count each New York Sanders vote double to determine the correct percentage of the support he would obtain if half his supporters hadn’t been disenfranchised. The DNC, which is backing Clinton would never do this, but it cannot stop Americans from speculating what the total would have been if all Sanders supporters had been allowed to vote in New York state.

Oddities like this only fuel the anger against Hillary Clinton and add to the likelihood that most Americans, especially Democrats, will refuse to vote for her in the general election. A majority of voters already have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, making it unlikely she could could win if nominated. Polls show the best chance for a Democratic victory in November is if Sanders is the Democratic nominee. Additional polls show that Sanders could beat both Clinton and any Republican nominee in a three-way race, something that is becoming more and more likely with each rigged primary.


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25 thoughts on “Vote Fraud Could Cause Sanders to Run Third Party

  1. Next time the GOP yell “voter fraud” about half of these yahoos are going to agree using this article’s definition and example of the phrase ‘voter fraud’. This is Election Fraud. No amount of picture id’s, birth certificates, new voter i.d. cards, will help because….this isn’t voter fraud. It’s voter suppression, and the GOP will allow this misconception to continue while they suppress more voter rights. Please using the right words matters. Election Fraud.


    • I disagree, but the question is moot, as he will not do so. I think the prospects for reforming the Democratic party are contingent upon the defeat of Hillary in the general (assuming, of course Bernie is not nominated).


  2. If he does that:
    a) The Democrats WILL LOSE. Hugely.
    b) His career is over, what little remains of it for a 74 year old.

    There is zero reason to assume “more democrats voting” would have happened in such a way as to hand him more votes, especially in places where he lost hugely like New York. Enough with the conspiracy theory, ENOUGH with going out of your way to help the Republicans win the election. Grow. Up.


    • My comrades in the Bernie or Bust camp are going to be very disappointed if Bernie does not win the Democratic nomination. Many are going to be disappointed in Bernie when he endorses Hillary if she is the nominee. Most would rather see Bernie run as an independent in November if he doesn’t win the nomination in Philadelphia. Many have pledged to write-in Sanders even if he endorses Clinton.
      We all need to get on the same page.
      First, we all need to understand exactly what is going on and why.
      Bernie entered the Democratic primaries pledged to support whomever won the nomination. There was little likelihood that Bernie would be anywhere as successful as he has been. Nor did we expect questionable conduct by the Clinton campaign involving vote irregularities in many states.
      Even so, Bernie made a promise.
      If Hillary wins the nomination, many, such as yours truly, have implored him to renege on that commitment and to opt for an independent or third party run in the general election against Hillary Clinton. It is a safe bet that such a move is not going to happen.
      There are significant obstacles to Bernie running as an independent, even if he were disposed to do so. Deadlines have passed in many states. Some forbid one running as an independent if the candidate competed in a contested party primary. Running on a third party ticket would require being the standard bearer of several minor parties across the country, as none is ballot qualified in every state.
      In the wake of losing four states on Tuesday, Sanders is now focusing on winning delegates for the purpose of forcing the party to adopt a progressive platform which would incorporate much of Bernie’s message on wealth inequality, universal healthcare, tuition free public colleges.
      For progressives, such a platform is mere puffery and sleight of hand. Hillary will still be Hillary. The DNC will be unchanged. Wall Street Democrats will continue to serve their masters.
      The Democratic party platform is a joke. It is not binding in any way. And fighting over it is a waste of time, money, energy, and the souls of progressives.


  3. You need to just stop these unfounded and outta context conspiracy theories. The truth is the people are overwhelmingly voting for and supporting Hillary – at all levels … Women, seniors, persons of color, LGBTQ, persons with disabilities – every group except white men under 30. In every capabilities she is better qualified, stronger, savvier, more intelligent, better grasp of conplex issues, more foreign policy experience, more viable and implementable solutions, better feminist, and most important better record of results that actually advance women, POC, working class, etc. this is age-old story of much Kich lessor qualified old white guy getting support from white guys over a much much better qualified female. She has endorsements and overwhelming support from civil rights, feminist and labor organizations. When someone who has no record of success, who lies and breaks every campaign promise (superPacs, canpaign fraud, bashing Planned Parenthood and HRC, parroting right wing Tea Party lies aboutHillary, spending campaign monies on himself, misrepresenting endorsements, filing frivolous lawsuits when he doesn’t win, etc, etc) and promises solutions that aren’t well thought out, or lack the influence needed to get them passed. Yet white guys Jew trying to shove him down our throats – when the will of the people is obviously in her court – the last thing I think is democracy or qualification – I seen the 2016 version of 1950s good ole boys club. Hillary prioritizes and has for more than 3 decades the concerns and issues of the other 60%. She is not perfect but she is best for continuing to make incremental change while actually giving voice to concerns of women, working class, POC, LGBTQ, seniors, vets, persons with disabilities, education, equal pay, feminists, etc. the real revolution, in case you are missing it, is out first female feminist president. And women and persons of color saying enough! Enough ehite men trying to tell us what’s in our best interest. Stop this whining and political purism that will end on the election of a Republican. You guys can be cavalier about reproductive rights – you don’t get pregnant, equal pay – you guys make more, criminal justice reform – the system is rigged for you, etc, etc. we can’t and we won’t. 200 years in the making. Hillarys got this. #Imwithher and considering the white techie guys are mostly Sanders supporter this theory stated above is both incredulous and improbable. Not to mention Hillary won by a huge margin. Guys forgot to register as democrats – stop whining.

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    • The ignorant are voting for Hillary. The informed are voting for Sanders. On every issue you mentioned, Sanders is the more progressive.
      Criminal justice? The Clintons pushed mandatory minimum sentences that incarcerated an entire generation of African Americans. She pushed the War on Drugs, she opposes legalizing pot. She favors the death penalty. She rakes in money from the private prison industry. She only recently changed her mind on gay marriage. She is a political windsock, and has been on both sides of every major issue since 1992.

      She used to support universal healthcare, then it started raining money from Big Pharma and the insurance industry. Now she opposes universal healthcare.

      She supported the draconian Defense of Marriage Act that Bill signed into law, then lied to us that she only supported it because there was a push for a constitutional amendment that would have been worse. Only problem was the constitutional amendment hadn’t even bee proposed at the time.

      She has no regard for the truth and will say anything to anyone. Remember her bullshit story about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire? Her visit to Bosnia was recorded by all the networks, and shows her and Chelsea being warmly received and not a bullet fired.

      She sucks at the teats of Wall Street. She has been in public service yet managed to acquire millions in gifts, bribes, and speaking fees. As Secretary of State she approved arms sales to countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation.

      She is everything wrong with the country and the system.

      I have nothing against voting for someone with a vagina, but having a vagina is not the most important qualification for office. Not being a criminal rates right up there.


  4. I think it is an eye opening dilemma we are witnessing right now. The amount of voter suppression going on in NY, Arizona, and other states that are not as known is proof that this delegate system is flawed.

    For instance, I am from SC, it has not been made mainstream, however I know of a few people whose voter registration was changed without their knowledge. One in particular, Jessica Watson, a close friend of mine showed up to vote in the primary to find her ballot had been cast as an absentee ballot for the Republican primary. She was outraged and spoke out that she has never voted Republican before in her life, so why was her registration changed? She stated she had been open on social media as a Sanders enthusiast months prior to the primary elections.

    The inspiring thing is we are looking at what might be the largest voter turnout in history and the largest voter write in/ green party vote count in history.


  5. BTW, they did not cut six hours from voting time in some places. Primaries in upstate N.Y. are usually only 12 noon-9 pm. The general election is the only one that’s 6 am to 9 pm.
    #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern

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  6. Sure America, lets VOTE 4 More of This>>
    $HILLARY’s SENATE RECORD & Other Facts:

    (allows millions of $ from corporate
    interest to pour into the political process
    to fund campaigns by SuperPACs)

    (hillary advocated/lobbied for big
    cuts towards the needy & homeless
    in ’96 to reduce gov.spending. Military
    spending increased by 9 billion afterwords)

    DOMA ………………………………….VOTED FOR IT
    (Defense Of Marriage Act, prevented
    equal rights for alternative marriage)

    (hillary advocated/lobbied for it,
    resulted in lost U.S jobs by
    companies out sourcing for
    cheaper labor abroad)

    (hillary advocated hard lobbying
    up many votes on capital hill for the
    “Crime Control & Law Enf. Act of ’94”
    amping up Reagan’s ‘War On Drugs’
    black/hispanic hoods turned into police
    states by random stops/searches in these
    hoods sparking the mass incarceration
    we see today. till this day hillary’s against
    lighter sentencing for non-violent offenders
    like marijuana users, Prison Donors fund HRC)

    (will result in emanate domain,
    taking lands from citizens so Oil
    Companies can profit, hillary has
    recently flipped on this issue for
    political convenience)

    (to avoid another “too big to fail”
    fallout scenario like in ’08 Crash.
    millions of lost jobs, lost homes,
    401K’s, Billions lost in tax-payer $.
    hillary says trust ‘Dodd Frank Act’
    to police Big Banks into doing the
    right thing on Wall St…. basically
    saying if they crash it again there’ll
    be penalties……..Really?)

    (lost more U.S jobs… companies
    profit on cheep labor by out
    sourcing more american jobs)

    (along w/ relaxed provisions and
    regulations so oil companies can
    save $ by drilling on the cheep,
    resulting in the gulf of mexico
    oil spill of 2010… fracking has
    resulted in minor quakes,
    property damage, water pollution,
    suspected in derailment of trains
    because changing ground levels
    due to fracking)

    UNIONS…………………………………….. AGAINST IT
    (while on the Walmart board of
    directors, hillary did not support
    her employees efforts to unionize
    for livable wages & equal wages
    for women)

    (made it harder to fix & get good
    credit, big banks & credit card
    companies rake in record profits
    by keeping customers in the “Red”
    longer to pay high penalty fees
    & high interest rates)

    (regulation passed by FDR to
    prevent another great depression,
    deregulated by the Clintons in ’99.
    would have prevented the ’08 Wall
    St.Crash.. today hillary defends the
    banks by claiming there’s no need
    for glass steagall because ‘Dodd
    Frank Act’ will police the big banks
    into doing the right thing…”Trust the
    Banks Again!?” ….Really?)

    (cost the tax payers 1.7trillion,
    destabilized the middle east,
    leading to ISIS today.. 700,000
    esti. arabs dead, 4500 alley u.s.
    soldiers dead, countless more
    dismembered or suffering from
    postpartum war symptoms,
    Corporations like halliburton
    make $Billions off Iraq War)

    (as if Iraq wasn’t enough,
    sec.of state hillary backed
    overthrows in Libya, Yemen,
    Egypt, & now Syria furthering
    mass chaos in middle east)

    (bi-partisan free-trade agreement
    expanded tax-loophole havens
    where $ can be hidden to
    avoid paying taxes …also resulted
    in more out sourcing of american
    jobs as in other free-trade deals)

    (the taking over of gov. funded
    Genetically Modified Organism
    companies in the farming sector
    pushing out family farmers,
    the non labeling of GMO’s
    in packaged foods in stores)

    (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether,
    a chemical used by Big Oil &
    Gas discovered to be toxic to
    the environment & local water
    supplies causing cancer)

    (Hillary was a “Goldwater Girl”
    worked for the Barry Goldwater
    campaign which was anti-new deal,
    anti-welfare, anti-unions,anti-gay rights,
    anti-abortion, pro mass deportation..
    Goldwater voted against
    The Civil Rights Act of ’64)

    ^google it/ yahoo it/ wikipedia it/ youtube it…
    these are facts easily found all over the internet
    Bernie Sanders Was On The Opposite Side Of
    These Issues.. PLEASE VOTE BERNIE 4 PREZ

    PASS the Truth…. cut /copy /paste /share

    a “Short-List” of HILLARY $PEECHE$
    click on this pic/link below, then click on pic to expand

    “The Hillary Victory Fund” google it /yahoo it /wikapidia it. it’s a SuperPAC setup w/ in the DNC to lure super delegates to support Hillary through a joint fundraising committee that receives thousands of dollars in donations from wealthy and corporate interests…. the Super D’s have all taken OR been promised $ to help thier re-election through this fund …. EXPOSE the Takers, Call them out, VOTE Them out.
    2015 BRIBE LIST

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