Dear Hillary

Former US Secretary of State and Senator from New York Hillary Clinton attends a campaign rally for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul in New York, New York, USA, 23 October 2014. The US will be holding midterm election on 04 November 2014. ANSA/ANDREW GOMBERT

It is unlikely Bernie and his supporters will be able to defeat a rigged Democratic primary system.

It is unlikely we will gain enough delegates to overcome the superdelegate advantage built into the election process.

It is unlikely that Democratic operatives, elected officials, and party sycophants will switch their allegiances from Hillary to Bernie.

It is just as unlikely that Bernie’s voters will ever embrace Hillary.

Hillary and the Democratic establishment seem to believe that Bernie supporters will automatically fall in line behind Hillary. That once the primaries are over, we will be good little Democrats and support Hillary if the convention anoints her.

Sorry to bring you the bad news, Hillary, but we will not back you.

The political revolution that Bernie has advocated for is not one that can survive you as our candidate or as our president.

You and your Wall Street lobbyists, bundlers, handlers, and owners are the enemy of the democratic process.

We will not participate in the charade any longer. The Democratic party has become nothing more than a vehicle for corporatists to stop reform, to block progress, to buy their way into control of the US government.

It stops here.

Sanders voters will not give you a pass. We will not allow you to hold the presidency.

We will make sure you and your Wall Street Democrat whores are out of office and out of the party hierarchy.

We may lose this election, but we will win the moral high ground, the hearts of our brothers and sisters in the fight for economic and social justice, and control of the Democratic party into the future.

You do not know whom you are screwing with.

We are not just Democrats. We are democrats. Bill Clinton and the corporatists hijacked the Democratic party with the Democratic Leadership Council, and turned the party into Republican Light in the 90s.

It stops here.




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8 thoughts on “Dear Hillary

      • If we all stand together and vote green (if Bernie doesn’t run independent or does write-in paperwork……which is needed so write-in votes are not trashed) we can join forces with. The Green Party and independents who want neither trump or Hillary in power


      • My support of Trump is solely predicated upon Bernie losing the Democratic nomination and not pursuing an independent or third party bid in the general elections.

        I have been a Democratic political strategist for over 40 years. I believe a Green Sanders/Stein ticket could win the election, and would enthusiastically support it. Even if Bernie were to lose, the result would be the elevation of the Greens to major league status! Bernie would have accomplished what no one in American history has manged to do: to spawn a viable national progressive party to challenge the Democrats and Republicans.

        Much as I would love to see such a campaign, I believe Sanders will honor his commitment to support Clinton if she is nominated.


  1. Because Bernie has led the way with a POLITICAL REVOLUTION, we will be able to defeat a rigged Democratic primary system and rigged Democratic Party from Obama down to the roots and a corrupt National voting system.

    We will we will never embrace Hillary Clinton. Threats that we will elect Trump won’t and don’t work. Jill Stein, Green Party a class alternate.

    Watch out you silent Democratic Funders (The corrupt Wall Street Thieves, American Corporate Bastards who park their money off shore [Panama Papers] to avoid paying fair share taxes. The Result of which is an extra tax burden on We the People that won’t be tolerated.

    We the People will long survive and restore the Democracy the Founding Fathers Intended !


  2. Well said …it is sad to think this is the end result ..that our voices will not be heard and Bernie will not win in the end …we HAVE to be hopeful …I agree with every word you said herein, however, if that does not happen. Bernie or Bust – so we won’t be silenced.


  3. How well you said it! No, the Democratic Party does not deserve our respect, and we will never embrace Hillary. If she is coronated, she will have to move forward without us Bernie supporters. Good luck beating the Republican nominee on your own, $hillary.


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