Vagina Voters


Probably the most common reason given for supporting Hillary is that she would become the first female president of the United States.

That being a women should not disqualify one from being president is a generally accepted truism, even though women still are fighting for equality that has been denied them since women were prohibited from owning property and voting.

But the argument that Hillary should be president because she is a woman and it is time for a woman to become president is akin to saying that her qualification for office is her vagina.

All other factors being equal, it would be a reasonable call for a vagina to tip the scales in a candidate’s favor.

But those other factors must be equal. Are they?

The most important factors in evaluating the candidates should be their policies, their integrity, and their honesty.

If the candidates are comparable in those areas, a tie-breaker vagina card could be played.

In the race for the Democratic nomination, few of the factors are equal.

Both are feminists. Both support a woman’s right to choose. But only Bernie Sanders believes in the right to reproductive healthcare. Hillary Clinton believes it is a privilege.

Our choice is an establishment incrementalist versus a political revolutionary.

A Wall Street supporter versus a Wall Street reformer.

A supporter of the status quo on healthcare versus a proponent of universal healthcare.

A foreign policy hawk versus a foreign policy dove.

A supporter of Big Banks versus an enemy of Big Banks.

A supporter of the death penalty versus an opponent of the death penalty.

A recent convert to gay rights versus a long term supporter of gay rights.

A supporter of the War on Drugs versus an opponent of the War on Drugs.

A supporter of the private prison industry versus an opponent of the private prison industry.

A supporter of fracking versus an opponent of fracking.

An opponent of GMO labeling versus a supporter of GMO labeling.

An opponent of transparency in government versus a supporter of transparency in government.

A proponent of US interventionism and regime change versus an opponent of US interventionism and regime change.

An opponent of tuition free public colleges and universities versus a supporter of tuition free public colleges and universities.

An opponent of legalizing pot versus a supporter of legalizing pot.

A supporter of taxpayers bailing out Wall Street versus an opponent of taxpayers bailing out Wall Street.

At the very bottom of the list is which candidate has a vagina.



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4 thoughts on “Vagina Voters

  1. Exactly! I can think of several women I would consider voting for as presidential candidates. Clinton is not among them. What do my candidates have that Clinton doesn’t? Integrity. And don’t tell me my opinion is anti-feminist. I was a feminist before most of you were born. I would sincerely love to see a woman president before I die, but not this one. I’d be hard-pressed to think of a worse example to hold up for my daughter.


    • Ditto, charlene4047. Also a longtime feminist who has been in the streets protecting clinics, clinic patients and rallied/protested often in defense of women’s healthcare/right to choose, most notably against slime ball Randall Terry and the vile groups back in the ’80s.
      Women today need to speak up and stand up more. HRC is not the candidate for me. Still Bernie.
      Excellent points, Roland and I agree on all.


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