How Trump Helps Bernie’s Revolution


Leaving Wall Street Democrats in charge of the Democratic party is a much more dangerous course of action than throwing them out. The number one establishment talking point is that we must keep the conservative Democrats in office to keep the conservative Republicans out of office. That line of propaganda is wearing thin.

There are three reasons to vote for Trump over Hillary:

Trump is closer to Bernie than is Hillary on trade, military interventionism, foreign policy, corporate ownership of Congress, lobbyists, and the revolving door between industry and the executive branch.

With the defeat of Hillary, Bernie will be the most prominent and influential Democrat in the party. He will be able to continue his political revolution without opposition and obstruction from Hillary and her cohorts.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats will be shut out in reapportionment after the 2020 Census, assuring Republican control of the House for another decade. Whichever party gains the White House this year will lose statehouse races in 2018 and 2020. For Democrats, a Hillary presidency will be a disaster for the future of the party.

The political establishment is in full panic mode. Normally, no matter if a Republican or a Democrat is elected, the fix is in. Wall Street tentacles extend deep into both parties. Whomever is president is indebted to special interest money and lobbyists. On substantive issues that affect profits to industry, there is usually little difference between the candidates.

Trump has changed the equation. He has tapped into a populist rage against the establishment, and does not need special interest money to seek the presidency. As a result, the establishment has no hook in Trump. They cannot control him. They have no reason to believe he will play ball with them if he is elected.

The result is that the establishment has been circling the wagons, waging a propaganda war against Trump, doing all in their power to derail his campaign and to demonize the man and his message.

The establishment will throw everything behind Hillary if Trump is nominated. We saw the first signs of that resolve with the quasi endorsement of Hillary by Charles Koch. The Koch brothers are perhaps the most prolific financiers of right wing candidates in the country.  They are enemies of the environment, of labor, of social safety nets, of people of color, of government regulation, of the Environmental Protection Agency, of climate science, of voting rights, of taxation of the wealthy. They support the sale of federal lands, mining and drilling in National parks, drilling in the Arctic, the Keystone pipeline, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), corporate welfare, unlimited political contributions, etc.

Bernie voters have the choice of cleaning house in the Democratic party or living with Wall Street Democrats in charge through another presidential term. They can choose between throwing the dice on reapportionment, or assuring a reasonable opportunity to regain the House.

Bernie voters can vote for a neocon hawk or they can vote for Trump.



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4 thoughts on “How Trump Helps Bernie’s Revolution

  1. I say go for it!

    What usually happens when we try to effect change through the corporate world, government bureaucracies, and nonprofits? We get cooptation, capitulation, and caving.

    For example, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has been tasked with protecting animals under the Animal Welfare Act. However, the USDA has been coopted by Big Ag, the industry they are supposed to be policing. Thus the law enforcer is in the pocket of the abusers and criminals. The animals we seek to help suffer and die.

    The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) is supposed to protect and save animal lives and promote their well-being. Yet the HSUS sponsored an event called “”Hoofin’ It” to present dinners of bison, pig, sheep, and cow to supporters in Denver. Thus the HSUS capitulated to the choices of nonvegans, nonvegetarians, and local farmers who kill the animals “humanely.” The lives and well-being of those ON the plates were not protected.

    Then there are the environmental groups who seem to be putting their fund raising above their fight for the earth. The National Wildlife Federation, the Environmental Defense Fund, Conservation International, National Audubon Society, National Resource Defense Council, and World Wildlife Fund formed their own league called the Environmental Coalition for NAFTA to cave to the extractive industries and not appear too radical. Caving in to Coal and Oil, among other polluters, allowed them gain a broader following among the general public and the corporate world and raise more funds.

    For too many organizations money, growth, favors, or survival come at the cost of principle.

    So we see how far being reasonable, nonradical, and inclusive have gotten us. Our last, best choice is revolution.


  2. Ah yes, the anti-establishment movement, it would be a good thing if not taken too far, just enough to stop the (true politicians) make them pause and possibly get their heads out of the A***S of the media, political pundits, special interests groups and listen to the people again!!! Flower Power, the peace movement, and revolutionary animal welfare movement and laws!!!! Anybody who is forgiving is seen as WEAK AND THEREFORE must be eliminated!! We are no longer the peacemakers but the BARRY GOLDWATERS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!


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