Thought Of The Day. May 6, 2016

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Today’s Thought:

Our goal is to wrest control of government from the oligarchs. As it stands both parties are controlled by the same interests.

If Obama’s selection of a jurist to replace Scalia is any indication, we will see a corporatist appointment from Hillary. With Hillary we get Republican light. Sanders may be willing to gamble that he can influence the direction of government under a Clinton presidency, but many of us do not believe it.

Given that she will be seen a failed president with a Republican House obstructing her, a Hillary presidency almost certainly guarantees that Democrats will not be able to win enough statehouses in 2018 and 2020 to control reapportionment.

Hillary means the House stays Republican through 2030.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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2 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day. May 6, 2016

  1. HIlary, at the request of some vegans/animal advocates, has posted a website dedicated to animal welfare/animal rights. It was OK, but kind of sparse and she did touch upon obtaining more resources for ranchers which does not sit well with those who really care about animals??


    • Hillary’s attempt to appeal to animal activists is a farce. She offers no proposals. She hopes a web page will convince us that she cares about animals.

      Her record pf support for trade agreements demonstrates that animals are not a priority of hers. Trade agreements cause the torture and murders of hundreds of millions of animals each year. And if the TPP is enacted, the number will soar into the billions.

      Among the abhorrent policies Barack Obama pursues are the murders of wild Yellowstone bison, the inhumane roundups of wild horses from their homes on federal lands, and the systematic extermination of any and all wildlife complained of by the cattle industry.

      It is difficult to imagine a less animal-friendly administration than the Obama administration has been. The animals have nothing to gain from a Hillary Clinton presidency,

      Animal activists must act in unison to deny her the Democratic nomination.

      And if she is nominated, animal activists must do all in our power to deny her the presidency.

      Our task is to pursue a strategy which will reduce animal suffering and deaths. As the candidates presently stand, only Bernie Sanders has a pro animal voting record and opposes Big Agriculture.

      Should Sanders not win the Democratic nomination, the likely general election matchup will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

      Clinton has vowed to continue the policies of the Obama administration. Obama has been no friend to animals. Obama has continued the Bush program of rounding up wild horses to remove them from lands used for cattle grazing. The Department of Agriculture runs an agency called Wildlife Services, whose entire mission is to kill any and all wild animals that cattle ranchers deem to be inconvenient. The Obama administration also permits the Navy to kill and maim whales and dolphins. The National Institutes of Health murders millions of laboratory animals each year. The Environmental Protection Agency has delisted wolves and supported hunting on federal lands.

      Animal activists must use our voting power to coerce Hillary Clinton to pledge to stop wild horse roundups and to abolish Wildlife Services if she is elected.

      Absent such a guarantee, animal activists should stand as one in voting for Donald Trump.

      The animals have nothing to lose with a Trump presidency. And unless Hillary changes Obama’s policies, the animals will continue to suffer under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

      Unless we work to impact the presidential elections, the animals will have been betrayed by our inaction.

      For those of us for whom animal issues are of paramount importance, we must wield our votes as weapons on behalf of the animals.


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