FDR Must Be Turning in His Grave


Hillary is first and foremost a political windsock. She diverges from her Wall Street owners on policy only when it is politically expedient to do so.

Before Bernie entered the race, many of us were concerned that Hillary would try to chart a right of center course to the White House, having no challenger from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

True to form, once engaged in a primary fight with Bernie Sanders, Hillary began to parrot much of Bernie’s programs and concerns. A casual observer would think the Democratic nomination is being fought between two progressive candidates.

Now that Hillary and her handlers believe they have all but cinched the Democratic nomination, she has begun her march to the right.

It is as predictable as it is enlightening.

Hillary Clinton has no moral compass, only a political one.

Once Donald Trump stomped his opposition the Republican primaries, Wall Street and their lobbyists panicked. They cannot afford Trump in the White House. They have no control over him. No hook in him.

One of the biggest donors to right wing Republicans and conservative causes in Charles Koch. The Koch brothers spent almost a billion dollars opposing Barack Obama in 2012. They deny climate change, the wish to privatize Social Security and the US Postal Service. The oppose environmental regulations and labor laws. They don’t believe their should be any minimum wage, and they want to abolish the Departments of Energy, Labor, Heath and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency and the Veterans Administration.

Last week Charles Koch endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, sending a message to the establishment that she is their candidate.

Hillary immediately began raising money from the Republicans opposed to Trump, and has her bundlers soliciting donations from Republican superpacs.

Hillary is now exposed as the Wall Street candidate, the darling of the Koch brothers, of Jeb Bush’s donors, of the enemies of the environment and the enemies of working families

What has the Democratic party come to when it’s front-runner is endorsed by the big business interests of the Republican party?

FDR must be turning in his grave.



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