Dear Superdelegates: It’s Bernie or Bust the Democratic Party


This election cycle is unlike any in modern history. There exists a chasm in the party that cannot be bridged by invoking the specter of a Republican winning unless we unite.

This year affords liberals and progressives the first opportunity in 50 years to nominate a candidate who truly represents their interests and beliefs. And a great many value that prospect much more than they care about the Democratic party capturing the presidency or retaking the Senate.

Hard as it may be to accept, many Bernie Sanders voters are unmoved by the argument that Trump will win if they do not support Hillary. Not only do they not care if he does, many will support Trump to deny Hillary the White House.

What should be of even more concern to elected Democratic officials, is that there is a growing movement to vote against Democrats in November who endorsed Hillary over Bernie in the primaries.

In tightly contested Senate and House races, such enmity could threaten Democratic plans to control the Senate and to reduce the Republican majority in the House.

Superdelegates were created to assure Democratic leaders a role in the nomination process. That pro forma role has now become much more important than the DNC ever envisaged. Superdelegates now hold the future of the Democratic party in their hands. They can continue to circle the wagons for Clinton, hoping to weather the fallout of her nomination, or they can vote as their constituents did in their own states and districts.

Many party regulars and elected officials are dismissive of the possibility of rank and file progressives abandoning the Democratic nominee or of working for Donald Trump. Years of political experience and hackneyed support of whomever wears a Democrat label ill-prepare them to recognize a political earthquake in the making: Nominating Hillary Clinton will be tantamount to lobbing a grenade into the Democratic party. Many of us will do whatever necessary to end Hillary’s career and the careers of those who support her.

What is at stake is much more than is immediately evident.

If you nominate Hillary, you will be presiding over a deeply divided Democratic party, one much less likely to win the presidency.

If you nominate Hillary, you risk down ballot repercussions.

If you nominate Hillary, Democrats will not control reapportionment in 2020. This may be the most damaging to the party of all. Midterm elections in 2018 promise to be even less successful for Democrats than were those in 2014, wherein we had a popular incumbent Democratic president in Barack Obama. Even under the best case scenario, if Hillary were elected she would face a Republican House and gridlock at least as intense as Obama has faced. If she is elected, she will be the least popular president to take office in over a century. Her coattails would be non-existent in 2020, guaranteeing that Republicans sweep down ballot races and retain control of enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census.

We had to deal with a decade of Republican control of the lower house after Republicans gerrymandered congressional districts in 2010.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats can kiss off the House of Representatives until 2030.

An entirely different scenario occurs with a Sanders nomination.

Bernie handily defeats Trump.

Democrats retake the Senate, and might even gain control of the House.

Under President Sanders, the Democratic party grows enthusiastically. Voters under 30 support Sanders by 80%! Their participation in the process will be encouraged, nurtured, and channeled into midterm victories in 2018 and in the general election in 2020.

Bernie Sanders will hand Democrats not only the White House this year, but a Democratic House of Representatives through 2030.



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5 thoughts on “Dear Superdelegates: It’s Bernie or Bust the Democratic Party

  1. These are exactly the scenarios I have been anticipating if the Dems don’t nominate Bernie. Part of me wonders if it would be worth the lesson for Trump and the down ticket GOP candidates to win. Might make for a better ’18 house race. They could even remember long enough to participate in 2020. The theme could be 2020 Vision: Vote for Democrats.


  2. Ultimately if voters don’t want a party controlled by the Clinton patronage system they have to vote against it. But, more so, they have to field candidates against it or you will have NOTHING TO VOTE FOR. That means aggressive Democratic primary challenges and simultaneously supporting General Election alternatives like the Green Party (who have many fold more ballot lines than any other “progressive” party and easier ballot access than “independents” in most states). One must do BOTH because many of those progressive primaries will fail. Such Primary candidates, if they fail, should be ready to offer support to such General Election alternatives like the Green Party.

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  3. This election cycle is confounding nearly everyone.

    The cluelessness of the pundits and The Establishment is astonishing. Maybe their Washington, DC, echo chamber blocks out real life in the rest of the country? Or maybe they have no real interest in anything beyond themselves.

    The candidates all started out with their usual promises, the ones we’ve all heard before: The Republicans call for lower taxes, less regulation, more jobs, open markets, and an end to Roe v Wade. The Democrats promise better jobs, higher pay, improved education, access to healthcare for all, and comprehensive immigration reform. After the election no one delivers–at least for the majority of the electorate.

    Wealth inequality and the power of corporate America have never been greater, aided by Wall Street dealings, free trade, and globalization. In the meantime, millions of Americans have given up looking for jobs, new college graduates end up underemployed, while even some with computer and science degrees compete with H-1B visa workers and computer programmers in India. Poor rural areas still struggle, as does the Rust Belt, and the middle class slides further downhill. The poor, being always with us, are mostly ignored.

    Business and political leaders deny climate change as hideous wild fires consume trees, wildlife, and homes. Tornadoes stalk the midlands. Droughts dry up rivers and reservoirs in parts of the country while people tread water in other parts.

    Not concerned with climate change or the part our economy and our greed play, leaders continue the quest for fuel and energy for more growth: strip malls, housing developments, McMansions, and the multitude of hulking vehicles that fill the streets of gated communities and blighted areas alike. Fracking for the dirtiest oil
    turns landscapes into barren waste and lakes of toxic water.

    Europe struggles with hundreds of thousands of migrants from war zones and overpopulated, poverty-stricken countries and failed states. The tribal societies of the Middle East that Bush, Cheney and the neocons tried to turn into democracies disintegrate into hotbeds of terrorism that threaten the rest of the world.

    Could that picture just possibly account for the Trump phenomenon? Maybe his followers don’t care about tone and political correctness. Maybe they just want something done for a change. Maybe they seek salvation from an American strong man, no matter the consequences.

    We’ll have to see where Bernie, Hillary, and the superdelegates fall in the end.

    NOTE: For anyone who wants to explore some of the problems we don’t see enough of in the media, I recommend Chris Hedges’ and Joe Sacco’s book, “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” and their description of some of the “sacrifice zones” of the country.

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