Establishment Republicans Won’t Back Trump? So What?

king don

After defeating a field of establishment Republicans in the primaries, after winning more votes than any Republican candidate in history, after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and other Republican Wall Street hacks are not supporting Trump.

Duh! Why would they? They are the very people Trump campaigned against and defeated.

Why would Trump want to embrace them?

The overwhelming majority of Republicans rejected the Republican establishment.

The establishment is now irrelevant.

The establishment is much more in tune with Hillary Clinton than they are with Donald Trump.

And the people are much more in tune with Donald Trump than they are with Hillary Clinton.

Trump has effectively ended Wall Street control of the Republican party, at least in the short term. He will have done so permanently if he is elected president.

The establishment is in full panic mode. They have called on every recipient of special interest largess to join in the attacks on Trump. We see Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives alike, all parroting the establishment line that Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a fascist, dangerous, etc. What do all those critics have in common? They are sucking at the teat of Wall Street.

One of the biggest players in the game is Charles Koch. He has bankrolled right wing Republicans, financed efforts to fight climate change legislation, worked against environmental issues, fought labor and working families, wants to abolish the EPA and the Veterans Administration, favors privatizing Social Security and the US Postal Service, and supports drilling, mining, and logging in National Parks.

Charles Koch prefers Hillary Clinton in the White House over Donald Trump!

Koch has signaled the establishment that Hillary is acceptable.

The people do not think she is acceptable.

The people are supporting Trump, the establishment be damned.


2 thoughts on “Establishment Republicans Won’t Back Trump? So What?

  1. You’re right on the money. The sad thing is that Bernie Sanders is out there. My belief is that Bernie when elected would bring balance to our system which is something definitely missing. Balance will serve everyone better in the long run.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom daily. Your insightful journalism is what I prefer to watching the type MSM offers.


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