What is at Stake in this Election is 2020 Reapportionment


Probably the least important consequence of this presidential campaign cycle is who ends up as president.

For the Democrats, the philosophical direction of the party is at issue. If Hillary is elected, progressives in the party will be thwarted for four or eight years. Bernie’s revolution will be stymied and obstructed by Hillary and her Wall Street Democrat cohorts if she assumes the presidency. If she is defeated, Bernie Sanders will become the most influential Democrat in the party, and he will continue to lead the progressives in challenging and replacing conservative Democrats at the national, state, and local levels. With Hillary’s defeat, the progressives can look forward to nominating Elizabeth Warrren, Alan Grayson, or another member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

Another consequence of this election cycle has been ignored by politicians and pundits alike. It is a consequence the Hillary team does not wish explored.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats will not control reapportionment in 2020.

This may be the most damaging to the party of all the consequences. Midterm elections in 2018 promise to be even less successful for Democrats than were those in 2014, wherein we had a popular incumbent Democratic president in Barack Obama. Even under the best case scenario, if Hillary were elected she would face a Republican House and gridlock at least as intense as Obama has faced. If she is elected, she will be the least popular president to take office in over a century. Her coattails would be non-existent in 2020, guaranteeing that Republicans sweep down ballot races and retain control of enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census.

We had to deal with a decade of Republican control of the lower house after Republicans gerrymandered congressional districts in 2010.

If Hillary is elected, Democrats can kiss off the House of Representatives until 2030.

An entirely different scenario occurs with a Sanders nomination.

Bernie handily defeats Trump.

Democrats retake the Senate, and might even gain control of the House.

Under President Sanders, the Democratic party grows enthusiastically. Voters under 30 support Sanders by 80%! Their participation in the process will be encouraged, nurtured, and channeled into midterm victories in 2018 and in the general election in 2020.

Bernie Sanders will hand Democrats not only the White House this year, but a Democratic House of Representatives through 2030.



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