Trump Can Change His TV Persona, But Hillary Cannot Change Her Character

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As the primary season draws to a close, much speculation is being bandied about concerning the prospects of the current front runners should they meet in the general election.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have disapproval ratings unlike any measured in the history of presidential politics.

Pundits predict that Hillary will defeat Trump based on her negatives being less than Trump’s, and that the deep schism in the Republican party will yield disaffected Republicans flocking to the polls in her support.

It’s possible. But I think it much more likely that Donald Trump will clean Hillary’s clock.

Here’s why:

People outside of Trump supporters don’t like Trump. They think he is bombastic, insensitive, misogynistic and bigoted. Each of those concerns can be addressed and rectified by Trump softening his tone and explaining his positions. American voters need only see a softer, more empathetic Trump to give him the benefit of the doubt and to revisit their opinion of him.

Not so with Hillary Clinton. Most Americans do not trust Hillary. One cannot earn trust by changing one’s persona in front of cameras or on the campaign trail.

Hillary’s negatives are not going to come down. Her trust levels will not increase.

Add to the equation that Trump will not be as restrained as was Bernie Sanders in criticizing Hillary, or broaching subjects untouched by Bernie.

Trump will take the fight to Hillary on her Wall Street ties, her Goldman Sachs speeches, her pay to play scheme for foreign governments to be approved for arms sales, the connections the Clinton Foundation had to the Ukraine coup, her cozy relationship with the Saudis, her role in the coup in Honduras, her serial support of trade deals, her lies about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, her support of the Defense of Marriage Act, of private prisons, of incarcerating an entire generation of African Americans, her support of the Iraq war, her support of regime change in Libya and Syria.

And the number of civilians who are dead because of her.

The innocent Iraqis who died in the war she supported. The innocent Libyan civilians, The Syrians. The Yemenis. All those who were murdered by Hillary’s CIA drone strikes. The women and children. All of the victims of Hillary’s war crimes.

Add to the mix those Sanders voters who will never support Hillary.

Many will write-in Bernie, vote Green, or stay home. But those who will vote for Trump instead of Hillary will be instrumental in her defeat.

Writing-in Bernie will accomplish absolutely nothing, as those votes will not even be counted if Bernie does not declare as a write-in candidate. Votes for Dr Jill Stein of the Greens would be mere protest votes, and have no impact on Hillary’s prospects. Staying home is the most cowardly course of action, and the laziest.

But those who vote Trump will be changing the Democratic party. Bernie’s support spanned all age groups and all demographics. But the most impressive has been that 80% of people under 30 support Bernie.

That statistic describes the future of the Democratic party, the future of the progressive movement, the future of the nation.

As those young people move into positions of influence and authority in society, politics, and government, they will replace and displace the old guard of the Democratic party. They will throw out the Wall Street Democrats, the political hacks, the corporate sycophants, the opportunists, and the political whores who have been running the Democratic party for 50 years.

In just a few election cycles, the Democratic party as we know it will be unrecognizable. And that achievement will be much quicker in accomplishment if Hillary Clinton is not elected president.

Electing Hillary would seriously impede the progress of Bernie’s political revolution. Politics as usual, Clinton loyalists and operatives running the DNC and the party apparatus in Washington and in states across the country would be aligned against meaningful change in the party. People indebted to Hillary and her owners, people who will actively work to thwart any attacks on the status quo, are more of a threat to Bernie’s revolution than are the Republicans, who do not care what is happening within the Democratic party.

But if Hillary were to be defeated, the progressive displacement of the Democratic establishment would occur at near light speed. Bernie would be the presumptive leader of the Democratic party, and his political revolution would be the primary influence within the party.

Ironic that the most radical elements within the Democratic party will bring about a democratic socialist party by voting for Donald Trump!



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3 thoughts on “Trump Can Change His TV Persona, But Hillary Cannot Change Her Character

  1. This might be the most logical and understandable account of the present political climate I’ve read, and I’ve read a bunch of them. Is it ok if I share this with some facebook groups – with credit, of course? My groups are all closed since the paid Clinton troll attacks, but they’re also all Sanders groups.

    Liked by 1 person

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