Down-Ballot Democrats: Support Hillary and We Vote Against You in November

super delegates

Make no mistake, I am in it with Bernie to win it. Should Bernie become the nominee, it is almost certain that he will become the 45th president of the United States.

Many of my posts address the course of action we Berners should take if Hillary is nominated, which is a very real possibility. My reasoning is twofold. We should have plans in place if needed, and it is helpful if Hillary trolls are reporting our resolve not to support her.

While the Hillary camp is unimpressed with talk of write-in votes for Bernie, Berners voting Green or staying home, they terrified of the possibility that Bernie supporters are so pissed off that they will vote for Trump over Hillary.

The Hillary machine is basing their calculations on the 2008 primaries. Obama led Hillary going into the convention, and Hillary folded. She expects Bernie to do the same. She made a deal with Obama (he wouldn’t select a female running mate, she would become Secretary of State) and everyone got happy.

The difference is that Bernie has substantive, philosophical differences with Hillary, while her differences with Obama were that she didn’t have the votes to beat him. She was a political animal posturing for her own political future, while Bernie is a principled advocate concerned about the future of his movement and the Democratic party.

The Democratic party is corrupt. It’s leadership is working for Hillary. It’s superdelegates are hand-picked to be a firewall against any insurgent campaign. The primary schedule was set up to thwart any lesser known candidate from gaining momentum against an establishment candidate. The convention Rules Committee is hand picked by the DNC chair.

But the entire rigged system is a house of cards if rank-and-file Democrats do not support the Democratic establishment and refuse to vote for the Wall Street Democrats who control the party and hold most offices.

There are over 500 superdelegates hand picked by Hillary’s cohorts. They are her firewall against Bernie. They are lobbyists, political insiders, Wall Street hacks, and sycophants, all looking to get something out of Hillary if she becomes president.

But there are thousands of Democrats running for office across the country, from US Senate candidates to state legislators to county commissioners and city councilmen, whose electoral success is dependent upon a unified Democratic party.

It is to those candidates whom this article is addressed.

Because if you have anything to do with Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee, we Bernie supporters are going to vote against you in November.

This is not a threat. This is a promise.

The smartest thing you could be doing right now is contacting the Democratic superdelegates and urging them to support Bernie at the convention in Philadelphia.

If Bernie loses, so do you.



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6 thoughts on “Down-Ballot Democrats: Support Hillary and We Vote Against You in November

  1. I agree – and will vote for Trump if everything stays as it is now. Considering Hillary is just 4 more years of Obama (I doubt she will get a reelection, if she gets the first term by the second the GoP will have rallied enough to overthrow her) (Obama’s first few years were hopeful but he negotiated too much to keep the corporations involved where they don’t belong, and now we’re stuck with the half ass ACA)…

    … as I was saying Considering Hillary is just 4 more years of Obama I would rather just have 4 years of Trump. Give the DNC some time to re-think their ideals… or a 3rd party time to consolidate against them to full 50 state representation.


    • Writing-in Bernie is wasting your vote. It will likely not even be counted, as most states require that the candidate declare himself a write-in candidate for office for votes to be tabulated. Writing-in Bernie is mere mental masturbation. It accomplishes nothing. It certainly doesn’t help Bernie or his revolution. The only person it helps is Hillary.


      • Thank you for the link to the article on Counterpunch The Push To Make Sanders The Green Party Candidate. The article is certainly passionate, but is very short on analysis. The Green party is only on the ballot in 25 states, according to the article. Let’s assume for the purpose of discussion that it is on all state and territories’ ballots. Or assume Sanders could cobble together ballot positions through an assemblage of minor parties in states where the Greens are not on the ballot. Assume Bernie has no problem in being ballot qualified everywhere asa third party or independent candidate.

        Now what?

        The wisdom being shared in the Counterpunch article conveniently avoids discussing the mechanics of the election process. Our electoral system is not even close to being democratic. To win the presidency, a candidate must win a majority of the votes in the Electoral College. Even were Bernie to perform spectacularly, the likelihood of his being able to assemble the 270 Electoral votes necessary to win is negligible in a three way race.

        With no candidate is possession of 270 Electoral votes, the election is thrown into the House of Representatives. Each state has one vote in the presidential election process. And each state’s vote is determined by the votes of the state’s congressional delegation. The Republicans control the majority of state delegations and would elect the next president. Bernie might win Vermont.

        In that effort, Bernie will have forgone any chance of being the most important Democrat in the country, which he would be if Hillary loses the presidency and Bernie remained a Democrat.

        The upside of the Bernie third party effort would be a vitalized Green party. The downside would be abandoning the Democratic party.

        With the defeat of Hillary, Bernie’s revolution would continue unabated and unchallenged by Wall Street Democrats. Progressives would control the party, grow its base, attract new voters, primary conservative Democrats, and nominate a true progressive in 2020.

        It is infinitely easier to take over an existing national party than it is to create one. With Hillary’s defeat, the Democrats will become the new progressive party, and would openly embrace the Greens, Peace and Freedom, Socialists, Humane party, etc.

        The Democrats have the opportunity to become a party of the left. But only if we ensure that Trump beats Hillary.


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