Hillary will Throw Debbie Wasserman Schultz Under the Bus


Complaining about Debbie Wasserman Schultz is akin to complaining about bleeding, but not mentioning the person who shot you.

DWS is a political hack, serving the interests of, and following the orders of, Hillary Clinton.

Berners are outraged at the blatant favoritism Debbie Wasserman Schultz has demonstrated since the beginning of the primary season.

Her favoritism for Hillary has been so obvious that even political pundits have called on her to resign as DNC chair.

But demanding that Debbie be removed as DNC chair is providing Hillary with a lever she can use against Bernie and his delegates in Philadelphia,

I have no doubt that Hillary will throw Debbie under the bus in an attempt to placate Bernie’s outraged followers.

Rather than rail against DWS or the rigged system she set in place, Berners should be raising Hell about Hillary’s neocon foreign policies, about her penchant for military adventurism, about her role in the Honduras coup, about arming the Saudis, about regime change in Libya, about the bombing of civilians, her opposition to universal healthcare, about her tepid condemnation of the TPP, about being embraced by Charles Koch and Bush money.

Let’s not give the media a story about DWS. Let’s give them a story about Wall Street and war hawks, about trade deals and multinational corporations who write them, push them, and expect to profit from them.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz would only be replaced by another Clinton sycophant or Wall Street crony.

If Hillary thinks ousting DWS will win over a single Bernie voter, she has not been paying attention.



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10 thoughts on “Hillary will Throw Debbie Wasserman Schultz Under the Bus

  1. Wasserman Schultz is a minion of #HerRoyalCorruptness. He all means behead the minion, but that does not deal with the problem. Don’t be distracted by the small changes, but look for the substantial ones. If HRC is made the nominee it will be because the super-delegate would rather see Trump over Bernie in the White House.


  2. Well I’d actually consider voting for Hillary if DWS was eliminated AND someone replaced her who made commitments not to take corporate financing. I’m open to unifying the party, but the changes the party makes have to be more than symbolic. They have to visibly upset the establishment that controls it and convince me that things will be different.


    • The position of DNC chair is totally unimportant in the scheme of things. I find it absurd that anyone would vote for Hillary merely because some party operative were replaced. Makes no difference if the DNC chair committed not to take corporate bribes, Hillary still does and refuses not to.


  3. This article appears to say only two things. “Please don’t attack my friend Schultz” and second, “Hillary will just throw her under the bus in the end anyway, so what’s the point. Just do nothing”.

    This article sounds like it’s written by a fish with the same laime distractions as to why not to attack.


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