Help! I Need Comrades to Share Articles on Facebook!

i hate facebook

Facebook employs a computer algorithm which blocks users from posting to groups if they exceed some unknown threshold.

Facebook does not do us the courtesy of telling us what constitutes excessive posting, they just drop a hammer on you if you trigger their algorithm.

I have no idea if the algorithm is content sensitive, but I do know it has lowered the threshold whereby blocking users is triggered.

I am now blocked for three days. This is the third time in as many weeks that this has happened, each time seeming to be triggered by fewer and fewer posts.

I believe Facebook should be regulated as a public utility. It is outrageous that a medium relied upon by millions of people as their primary means of communication can be arbitrarily abused by Facebook management. Imagine a phone company limiting the number of calls you can make or to whom, and how frequently! That Facebook may even be screening content is frightening.

But that is a battle for another day. Right now, we are under tremendous time constraints due to the upcoming California primary and the Democratic convention. Our ability to communicate with other Bernie supporters is critical.

Likewise, this blog addresses animal protection issues and critical rescue deadlines.

All are impaired by the assholes writing Facebook’s algorithm.

Will you help?

I need friends to share upcoming articles with their friends on Facebook, and with every Facebook group that might be even remotely interested in our articles.

Please take a few moments to share this to help recruit others!

Thank you so much!




13 thoughts on “Help! I Need Comrades to Share Articles on Facebook!

  1. Facebook is taking advantage of us by collecting data on us. But some Facebook users think they keeping their information “private,” so they will not claim vegan Samplers because they are afraid of compromising their private info.


  2. Always share but have not accumulated that many friends who are avid activists. I would also like to know if the algorithms are content driven. There have been reports that Zuckerberg has told Angela Merkel he would block posts critical of her migrant policies/migrants. That sounds like a freedom of speech issue for an American Internet site.


  3. I tweet your articles quite often and will now share on FB, don’t have that many friends though! I was recently suspended from Twitter by some silly algorithm – it is ridiculous! The whole point of these networks is to communicate.

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  4. Yes Roland; in Principal I do agree with you. I will support you; I will help you where I can – with the ‘proviso’ that you will appreciated that I will not help to promote what I do not see as ‘fit and proper’. OK.

    I am experiencing the same ‘problem’ with my ‘post’. I think you have high-lighted a very important ;issue’. Do you agree that this ‘blocking thing’ is also directly related to those who disagree with you and who then lodge ‘Complains’ with Facebook, and, at the same time, get some of their ‘pals’ to do likewise – in order to get the numbers that will ‘tip the scale’ into a ‘blocking’ of your ‘post’ ? If so then Facebook should be encouraged to at the very least ‘see through’ and recognise this ‘plot’ by your adversaries. Hope I have explained what I ‘see’. I ‘don’t talk so good’ hey.

    Good luck pal; Lord Bless, Michael. (heart)


  5. Roland I already share your blogs but not on Facebook. In fact I don’t even have an account. I do post your terrific blogs on my website with your full credit. Check it out someday. Dick Warren

    Voting is People Power that Kicks Corporate America out of Congress



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