Hillary Clinton is a War Criminal

drone strike

Using the standard announced by the justices at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals in World War II, Hillary Clinton is a war criminal

Justice Robert Jackson’s opening statement to the court is as applicable now as then

MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: May it please Your Honors:

Hillary Clinton is certainly not the only one, but she is the only one running for president.

Equally credible cases can be made against W, Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld.

Each supported an illegal war in which thousands of American lives were sacrificed for Big Oil, and in which hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were murdered.

Each subscribes to belligerent, interventionist military policy. Each supports an American Empire foreign policy.

Each supports arming the world. Each supports Israel’s occupation and war against the Palestinian people.

Each supports regime change, by force or stealth, where such will benefit US corporate or military interests. Even at the expense of democratically elected governments.

Hillary’s supporters recognize that she is substantially more of a war hawk than Donald Trump. Even the NY Times made that observation.

As Secretary of State, Hillary promoted regime change in Libya, and was actually gleeful about Moammar Ghadafy being sodomized by a knife and murdered.

Hillary supported, and supports, CIA drone strikes against civilians, and is unapologetic about the deaths of women and children she caused.

We have a candidate running for president who has actually murdered Muslims, running against a candidate who has said politically incorrect things about Muslims.

Guess whom the media talking heads think is the bad guy?



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